Let's-- let me go with you.

Let's-- let me go with you.

"Let me go with you" Wen /Yanbo people Chang'an in 201X, I worked as an intern in a TV station. It is said that it is an internship, but in fact, there is nothing to do. A late-night program

A late-night column group, the staff seriously exceeded the standard, and there were two interns under each teacher in charge of topic selection. I was later, so no one took it, and no one took care of it. I helped to do some chores every day.

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Come on.
there is another girl who is usually assigned a small number of jobs, basically full-time in charge of helping people clean the table and sweep the floor, and there is no drinking fountain in the office, so she goes to the boiled water room three times a day to hit Scald and pick up six kettles at a time. I'll pick up four for her when I'm all right.
the girl thinks and shakes her head.
You, too.
a boy is sitting on my right hand. He is a senior. He only comes here three days a week, but every time he arrives half an hour earlier than others. In the evening, everyone leaves, and he gets off work. At first, I thought he had a lot of work, but then I learned that the work he did could be done in half a day, and the rest of the time, he sat in his seat and waited.
.Can you say something else?!


again, Liang Yeh is secretly hiding a small bottle of Erguotou under the table.
Then give me a sip. I threatened him.
hen it was almost time to get off work, Liang Yeh had a whim and said he wanted to teach me something.
this way, you can cut the material. Master Liang spoke very seriously with both hands. If you drag it here, you can put the material together.
What I did today. It's not saved. Master Liang said.
he and I stared wide anLiang Yeh smiles every time.
I nodded. Well, you haven't got your license yet.
.Did you lose your hukou book? I asked.
Liang Ye fell silent and did not speak.


for such people, I have a simple way to drink wine.
at that time, I hid a bottle of wine in my bag every day and assumed that I would not go back until I got drunk. After drinking for a week, I almost died in battle.
fortunately, the results are remarkable. One day Master Liang drank too much and told me a story.

her family is well-off and she is also beautiful. Liang Yeh took a sip of wine and said that she could have found a better one.
or. Try to convince her parents. I said carefully.
What does it matter about age?! I'm a little upset.
I shut up and listened. "br rgb=", "font-family:=", "arial=", "helvetica=", "sans-serif=", "font-size:=", "line-height:=", "white-space:=", "pre-wrap=" and "background-color:=" /> We have been in love for eight years. I can't say anything to her, or should I at least reassure her? Liang Ye said, in fact, every time Xiaoyu comes to bring me food, I feel sorry for her. I also want not to work overtime, spend more time with her, and earn more money by the way. But I can't. You see, I am the only editor in the group now, which seems to be very important. one day I quit, they can still find someone to replace me, and they may ask less than me. What can I do?
Then don't say no!


I tried to ask Liang Ye, but he said nothing.
It's not a ghost this time, is it?!
rubbed past to open the door, and Xiaoyu stood in the doorway. Without even looking at me, she rushed in and dropped her cell phone on the table.  what do you mean? She stared at Master Liang.
Liang Ye is like a dog who has made a mistake, standing against the door of the cabin, lowering his head and not looking at her.  you tell me that you are confused and want to think about it alone. Xiaoyu already has tears in her eyes. Is that what you think? "I'm not right for you, you should find a better one"? If you want to break up, you can tell me directly, dare not send a text message!
Liang Ye said nothing. I'm afraid to come out.
 A girl who was so quiet before, it was so terrible to get angry.

Liang X, have you ever seen a hundred thousand yuan? She asked suddenly.
So you're here to show off your wealth?!  I have seen more money than this. 'i just want to say that I don't need money, and neither do my parents, 'Xiaoyu said. It doesn't matter whether you are a billionaire or who you are now.
they are just worried that I will suffer losses and that I will be poor in the future. But not everyone has money. We can prove to my parents that you may not have that much money, but you care about me and care about me from the bottom of your heart. Do you know? I'm not in pain at all. Because my parents just think you have no money, but they know that you are very nice. I prefer character to money.
Liang Ye still looked at her blankly.
Mr. Leung still does not speak. He kept such a posture that I almost wondered if he was deaf.

I don't know how he persuaded Xiaoyu's parents.

I just want to be with you.
if you want to go to Darshan Fire Sea, I'll go with you. If you want to go to the ends of the earth, I'll go with you. I'll follow you wherever you go.