Love and wine are such happy things.

Love and wine are such happy things.


Life is like this. Bring wine.

I never drank alcohol before.

my mother and I have the same physique. After drinking, my face will be very red after two drinks, and then foolishly happy, so I used to drink very little. But once during the holiday at home, when I received a bottle of Hennessy V.S.O.P from my mother's friend, my mother asked me to take it to Beijing to drink.

later I went back to Beijing. since then, I am used to playing music in the room in the evening, turning on the warm lights in the room, quietly reading, watching a movie and drinking a glass of wine. I fell asleep in a slightly tipsy state, and when I was slightly tipsy, I would not lose sleep and have good dreams that I wanted to dream.

Music and warm lights can instantly relieve pressure and fill the room.

like love and wine, it can instantly warm the whole body.

everyone is intoxicated when they are not drunk.

Love and wine are both so enjoyable things.

are all ordinary images that occasionally pour into dreams. How many novel tricks have changed.

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are all ordinary emotions and words.

bump into a poet by chance, and

how many novel verses come out of


you don't know how strong the wine is until you are drunk, and you don't know it until you love it.

you can't write my poems, just as I can't dream your dreams.

Dreams and Poems by Hu Shi

when I dream of getting a suitable love, I know that love is like wine, sober and addictive. Beautiful love is a good wine and a hot dream, which can make me feel at ease. All the sweetness, all the silkiness, all the thoughts, all the obsession are flowing in the lover's blood. Wine is a very good thing, when happy, drink some wine even the face in Rest dream is pink, when you are in pain, drink some wine, cry, all the pressure can evaporate away. When you are alone, drinking can inspire people as much as love. When you are alone, a glass of wine becomes an ambiguous catalyst. When you break my heart, my blood is spirits; when I love you, I want you to taste my blood, because it is sweet.

in soju and Love, there is a story in which Apolinel loves a girl and the girl loves him. Good stories always begin with love and end with separation. They all say that they love each other until death do them part. Two people often drink and talk about life in the night, gambling books to spill tea, it is only common at that time, they are so common hobbies and language, and even their blood can be merged. But one day his girl died, and he was as miserable and afraid as if he had lost his life. Every day he looked at the stars on the balcony where he used to be, drank her wine one by one, and unexpectedly saw her soul appear by his side. From then on, he had a cup of cognac before going to bed every day, and he and she would meet in a dream.

if his blood can make wine,

the person who drinks this glass of wine will surely shed tears.

A pot of fine wine needs to be processed repeatedly before the taste of the wine can be blended.

when two people have a good feeling, it is like the original pulp of wine, and their personalities have the unknown flavor of questioning and disharmony with each other. The patterns of feeling and getting along are full of rough edges, rough and cold, and need to be fully run-in. Love moment, the character has been reconciled many times, is the taste of two people after changing each other, fragrant and mellow nature, involving the details of the nerve touch. Just like cognac, brewed from the water of life, just like people who love each other, they embed each other into their own lives and flow into blood. Wine can only be drunk after blending, love and blending can last for a long time.