Master, please stop the car.

Master, please stop the car.


the motorcycle convoy has gone far away.

I insisted on jumping off the white car in the distance and running so far to take this picture.

in the car, I looked up and swept the view.

I think I may never cross this road again if I don't get out of the car and shoot.

so be sure to insist on the driver stopping.

everyone thought I was crazy,

but because they were used to tolerating a photographer's obsession with a photo.

so I am grateful for leaving this fork in the road.

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once I missed two unforgettable scenes because my hands were too slow.

those two pictures have been in my mind in a dynamic form.

I still feel heartache when I think about it.

the recording has become a habit rather than a profession.

is someone who tells me that I will have a chance to see things I will never see again. I will never see each other again.

A nostalgia.

so if you want to do something, do it right away.

meet someone you like and hook up immediately.

when you meet a beautiful scene, don't hesitate to shoot it right away.

the decisions you make subconsciously may feel silly at the time.

that's better than a sigh when you regret it.