May we always have a reason to raise our glasses.

May we always have a reason to raise our glasses.

In the past two years, people especially like to recall the youth, and every stroke in my youth has your name written on it. I have thought of holding your hand all the time and walking into the willow and the dark flowers at the end of the mountain and the river. But I have never regretted that I let go of your hand at the intersection of each other.

"I wish you a happy bridegroom. Everything is fine. " I seem to have breathed a sigh of relief after sending a text message. I've always thought that everything needs to have a sense of ritual. After being separated for such a long time, you didn't really leave until today.

We have been together for six years, from the canteen to the kitchen, from the nervousness of the college entrance examination to the rush of internship, from the school playground to the delivery box downstairs of the community. Time trotted past you and me, happy, is really happy. until near graduation, you chose to study abroad, you said that on the other side of the earth, there is another kind of life waiting for you. You want to study, to work, to venture, you ask me if we can join us. I shook my head. I said I couldn't go with you, and I wouldn't stand there waiting for you. We talked all night, quarreled, broke down, and then wiped each other off as if we had shed tears all night. I said, after so many years of happiness, even if we broke up, we could not cry out and quit.

you nodded and said, OK, the day before you left, call everyone out and drink more cases of beer happily. As the ancients said, we will not sue who cries and who is the grandson.


coincidentally, a large group of us rushed into KTV to practice for you on Christmas Day. When we entered the door, we saw a table full of beer, snacks and that particularly ugly super cake carefully prepared for you by Kai. He said that he was afraid that the foreign moon was too round to come back, so he might as well celebrate your birthday today in advance. Dazhi stood in the innermost position of the box, and we didn't seem to listen carefully to his song "Bon voyage", which is more moving than the original song. Xiaomei is holding a candle while reminding you, make a wish, birthday boy. As for me, I sat next to you, patted you on the head and said, "strong> Hey, ex-boyfriend, is it customary for me to wish you a bright future and drink this glass of wine together?"

you hold up the half-drunk beer bottle, grab the Mike's microphone, bend over and blow out all the candles. You look at me and every friend who is very important to you under the eaves. I still remember every word you said to this day, and I have never blamed you, because from the first day I met you, I knew that your brilliance in my eyes would not just illuminate this place. I know you have to go wider, and only in this way, you are still the upperclassman standing on the podium. As for me, when you say this, I seem to be back in the auditorium full of echoes in high school. I wear my school uniform and look at you from a distance. Just like now.


We all hear you say, "Today, everyone has to fucking laugh out loud. Big men are all over the world. There is nothing to do with this. People don't live or die, but even if they die, you have to go on partying and drinking after I walk out this door, outside of me."No, no, no. If I hear that you are still so happy, the coffin boards will be happy and giggling. " You gave gifts to everyone, and you toasted the whole house. Everyone was having fun, some were dancing, some were hiding and their eyes were red.

you leaned on my shoulder and looked at the empty wine bottles on the table, and you said, "that's great. We used to love to play a game and tell the truth or dare. In fact, no one cares too much about how much truth is mixed in those truth games. But the expression that everyone has something to rely on is an adventure worth taking regardless of the cost. It's worth the risk as it is now. I used to rely on you, but from tomorrow I can only rely on myself. Hey, ex-girlfriend, dry this glass of wine. I wish us both to be dishonorable bastards, not sad for a day, not sad for a day. What do you think? "

I know you're crying. I don't know if it's tears or snot dripping on my arm. I said, all right, let's celebrate our breakup. Cheers, grandson.

  We are all lively, but we didn't expect that even the breakup would have to be lively. Maybe it's because I've watched too many American TV dramas, so I always feel that I, you, and they all have to sit together and have a meal with their companions during the festival when Santa Claus comes riding reindeer, just like the protagonists and heroines in the plot. if we all have a destination together, we will not shoot bad luck and prank.

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just sitting together and drinking, I can really feel what "family" is. We have lost interest, revelry with our lives, and talk to each other when we confide in each other at ease. We have to have a drink, but we always have some emotions in our life. Without a little effort, it is difficult to lift the mask that we wear on our face. But after taking off the mask, the imprint we left behind is a more real self. That's why we always take one or two bottles of beer to put down some and get some back. What is memorable is the beer, and every time you say a toast, someone is willing to accompany you.


* *

in the past two years, people are particularly fond of reminiscing about youth, and every stroke in my youth has your name written on it. I have thought of holding your hand all the time and walking into the willow and the dark flowers at the end of the mountain and the river. But I have never regretted that I let go of your hand at the intersection of each other. I thought you said you liked a beer brand called Stella Artois era Beer. You told me that "Stella" means "stars" in Latin. You also said that it went through a long time like you, unstained with dust, and came to me from the distant stars in the moonlight.

We spent our youth together and spent the whole time together.The collective memory of the 20th century is that the Olympic Games are over, the snowstorm on Earthquake is over, the end of the world is over, and even Mr. Chen's porn photo door is gone. So I know that the fog in my eyes when I think of you will dissipate sooner or later.

We met at the best age, drank up beer bottles all over the floor, sang a lot of touching love songs that almost resonated with everyone, and accompanied each other through countless difficulties. Even if we don't break through to the end, it's not a pity. because of the memories we already have, they are all like Stella (stars) in the night sky falling in time., Stella Artois beer keeps us by each other's side every time we raise our glasses.

I hope you have a chance to have a romantic Christmas dinner, and I hope you have a chance to hold her hand and go to Santa Claus's hometown to see the aurora you've always wanted to see.

in Fast and Furious 7, Brian says, the best decision I've ever made in my life was to walk into your store and buy my first sandwich.


I loved you and let you go.

think about it, this is probably the best decision I've ever made.

I know that the world is so big that when people stop and walk, it is hard to avoid getting lost and difficult to retain. but no matter where you are, ten meters, four hundred meters, or across the hemisphere, I want to see you still waving the light at thousands of troops, drinking up the wine and loving people enough. Never ask whether you are right or wrong all your life, but only ask if you have no regrets.

if you see this sentence, remember to laugh out loud. You said, who cries and who is the grandson? you have already been a grandson once, don't be a second time.  
  Happy bridegroom, goodbye, I wish you a happy life across jet lag and endless coastline.   when we meet again one day,  

may we always have a reason to raise our glasses.