May you be a shining person.

May you be a shining person.

We will meet countless people in our lives, most of whom are ordinary.

I met a good friend the other day. An introverted and shy girl has become lively and talkative, and her whole face is glowing. These changes are brought about by her new relationship. I thought she was enjoying love wholeheartedly, but I still felt that she was worried about gain and loss from the conversation, because the reason why her boyfriend liked her was so simple-she played the piano very well.

"he is too good, I am too ordinary, because I play the piano well, like me? It always makes me feel unreliable. " She said.

to tell you the truth, I think her idea is cute. Perhaps in everyone's eyes, she is indeed an ordinary girl, born from a well-off family, graduated from an ordinary art school, worked as a piano teacher in a training institution, and is of medium appearance and height. But there is a bright spot on her, ah, for that person, she plays the piano well, and this bright spot is enough to attract him who likes music and makes him feel that she is different.

some people will be like this friend I mentioned because they are ordinary and worry about their gains and losses in front of love. There are still some people who "can't figure it out" because of the mediocrity of others. I heard this more than once-"I don't understand, then who is so ordinary, how can he find such a handsome boyfriend?" Well, am I prettier than her? How come there is no such fate? " At this time, I want to say, "just go to her house and know that every ornament is arranged and every potted flower is trimmed. She is a girl who can turn a boring life into a poem." Do you have such a bright spot? "

We will meet countless people in our lives, most of whom are ordinary. If you want to attract the person you are looking for, at least let yourself have a moving bright spot. if you are so ordinary that you are unattractive, don't complain about why love hasn't come yet. Even Chen Xinyi, the "Post-it Girl" in the idol drama "I am destined to love you", can deal with trivial things in an orderly manner, which many people who call themselves "ordinary" may not have.


my "class pair" in college was a very ordinary couple. The two of them are ordinary in appearance, average in grades, and neither is good at anything. The most common places they go on dates are Internet cafes, one playing games, and the other chasing TV dramas. College compulsory course "truancy", these pair are well done. In the eyes of many students, this may be a couple who have achieved nothing in a few years. Everyone is curious about how the two people are attracted to each other.

graduated several years ago, and they are still together. At a classmate reunion, the two told the reason why they were attracted to each other at the beginning. Let us realize that these two students who are not outstanding in everyone's eyes, but have harvested love on campus, have shining points that we do not have.

that day, the female classmate said faintly, "because he is good at playing games, he is very smart, and he doesn't like learning because he doesn't like this major. Do you think you don't have to use your head to play games?" I dare say that none of you can beat him if you play games. "

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We were all silent. It turned out that he had a bright spot, and he was seen by her.

in the company of the female classmate, the male classmate did not "accomplish nothing" as we thought at first. He is indeed very smart. At present, the entrepreneurial result is still good, and the female classmate has become his full-time wife. The reason for falling in love when you are young and frivolous may be a bit "capricious", but what about many years later? What is the reason why two people are still in love and still attracted to each other?

the female classmate said that she felt proud of his every "victory" all the time. It used to be an upgrade to fight monsters on the playground, but now it is a decision to kill in shopping malls. She loves the big boy who loves to play in the sunshine and also loves this wise and mature good man. In her eyes, he is always dazzling, so she is willing to accompany him all the time.

after listening to what she said, I silently reminded myself that she wants to be an attractive and attractive person, he must constantly replenish his shining points. That is, "be a better self" as many people have said.

as for the reasons why male students like female students, he said: "I like her simplicity and authenticity. In my eyes, she is the most beautiful."


when I sat next to my female classmate and looked at the photos on my mobile phone with her, I felt her fresh and natural beauty.

the mobile phone captures her appearance: laughing against the light in the big sun, running in a marathon, and sleeping in the dim light at night. The 16 million-pixel rear camera of Coolpad reformer S1 recorded it so clearly that her flash was magnified.

We will choose people with bright spots, just as we will choose items with bright spots. Photos, music, and games are all the highlights of the cool reformer S1.

be an ordinary person with a shining spot, choose a person with a shining spot to fall in love with, and choose a mobile phone with a shining spot to accompany you.

Life is long and not easy.  May you and your loved ones shine every day in the future.