Mom is Superman.

Mom is Superman.

When we grow up and become the protective umbrella of our parents, our children will also protect us.


my mother is Superman, and I believe so is your mother.

since childhood, my body has not let my mother worry, poor resistance, always sick.

in recent days, I always go to the hospital because of minor physical ailments.

in the past four years when I was in college in Beijing, I never had a good meal and had a full meal. At that time, I always felt that I was very fat. I always felt that there were no more beautiful women, so I should lose weight, so I didn't eat and saved a big meal in the evening. Usually busy nagging, coupled with staying up late, so got acute gastroenteritis.

half a month ago, my mother thought it was impossible for no one to take care of me like this, so she came to Beijing to take care of me.

she is not tall, but she is always full of energy. Rice noodles are good, and she can lift things that seem to be impossible for her to lift. Do housework, every corner of the house, mother comes means clean, she takes care of everything, can not stop. I always think that the mother is actually a different kind of creature, is a kind of altruistic creature, always thinking about her child, it doesn't matter what she does.

my mother likes to travel very much, but like all mothers, from the birth of the baby, it means that the best ten or twenty years for women have passed in a flash, and they have no time to enjoy themselves. I have always wanted to take my mother to play abroad, but every time she talks about solo travel, she gets scared and says she can't speak English. She is like a mute when she goes out. Although I don't worry about my mother, I also feel sorry for her. We have been learning English since we were young. Mom's investment should be rewarded at this age.


some time ago, I bought a car for my mother.

my mother is not tall, so she doesn't like cars that are too big.

hometown is different from Beijing, there is no lottery number, there is no limit number.

the procedures for handling a car were very fast, and the procedures were completed in one afternoon. After my mother got on the car, except for the regular driving procedures, all the other locations, Bluetooth and control platform, were all in English. Next, I went back to Beijing because I had something to do in Beijing. I was going to translate all those English notes on it, so I could rest assured. After I went to Beijing, my mother also slowly learned how to use wifi, and how to use Wechat video, but some things, as the child's superhuman mother, they also began to become powerless, such as language, and at the same time more involved.

I am glad that I am more homesick, not the kind of child who wants to go abroad, because my family is really my biggest concern. I saw a video of a mother who had never flown abroad in order to cook a meal for her sick daughter living abroad. she was carrying large bags and could not speak English all the way, anxiously asking how to get to that address in Chinese. as a result, no one could understand her. She sat alone by the side of the road eating instant noodles, but did not tell her daughter in advance that she was coming. I was very uncomfortable watching that video. The mother's worry about her child, if we are not parents, is a kind of wholehearted love that is difficult to understand.

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mothers are supermen. They can withstand all the hardships and experience what they have never experienced before, just to cook a favorite meal for their daughter. But mothers also have moments of helplessness, and more times when they are powerless, we can't see them.


maybe our experience of the mother is that one day we found that

this superhuman mother also began to read things from a distance with her mobile phone.

Why can't Superman mother's white hair be pulled clean?

Why does Superman's mother press her knee on a cloudy and rainy day and say her leg hurts a little bit?

A woman is weak, but a mother is tough.

mothers are Supermen. In the face of illness, pain and vulnerability of their children, they seem to be the best way out and the most solid protection, but when they are most vulnerable, we should give them the best help and protection.

if we go out together, we hope we can be the best translators for our parents.

all children should master language skills from an early age.