Museum love story

Museum love story

I know we will meet again, the farthest, but at the end of time.

here is the love of an old man's life.

across time, romance lasts for a long time.

do you have similar friends around you, or are you the kind of person who sticks to an important date, stubbornly unwilling, stubbornly wishful thinking, trying to change an outcome that has come true?

Uncle Li is such an old man. His wife died 37 years ago, with no children and no daughters, but he never remarried for the rest of his life. He worked as a caretaker in the museum of his hometown all his life to repair cultural relics, with his apprentice, gazing at each other with objects every day, but indifferent to the ways of the world. Maybe I was so naughty that I was looking for treasure in his house, looking at the letters and ancient books that were about to pile up on his desk, as if they had fallen into the gap in time. I always feel that the sky outside the window of Uncle Li's study darkens later and brightens more slowly.

I seldom think of Uncle Li. Occasionally, when I call, I ask for more advice than concern. When I was a child, I stayed in museums, and when I grew up, I always preferred related subjects. Two days ago, I happened to see a short film "back to June 2". The film was very sweet and mysterious, but I was moved by an old man in the story who didn't even have a name. Maybe he is too much like Uncle Li, hiding stories that are not known to outsiders, or maybe he is much luckier than Uncle Li and can mend time for others.

when Uncle Li was still a young man, he used to look like a great genius in the eyes of his neighbors. At that time, it was not easy for famous universities to come back from studying abroad, so they would naturally be highly regarded. But it is said that to inherit his father's wish, Uncle Li plunged into the old museum, no matter how many high-paid olive branches could not pry the brick in front of his door. Others don't know why, but they all say that he has become a nerd and deserves no great success. The only conductor who has just arrived in the museum is willing to explain to him that this is called style, and you don't know anything about it.

A museum conductor who marries a museum administrator is not a genius or beauty, but she has finally found a bosom friend. But the fate is a too chicken thief, beauty bad fate of the bridge, from ancient times to the present are not tired of acting. In the third year of marriage, his wife left suddenly because of a sudden illness. The young man Li was depressed for a long time, and when he appeared in front of others, he seemed to have become the old man I knew.

when Uncle Li was young, there was not much reference to the word love. Probably as the poem says: "there is blood in the chest, there is a wound in the heart." There is no full moon, no flute, no flute, and long flute, poor as tea, proud as an orchid. All I know is that after receiving that piece of marriage letter, the promise will be effective even if it comes to the end of time. When I first heard that I would never marry again, there was always a sad sense of sadness, but the so-called abyss, diving into the abyss, is also a long way to go. Long-term romantic, unforgettable echo, sometimes, a word worth it is enough.

he said: "I have been dealing with cultural relics all my life. You calculate the time and use the calendar." If I use them, it will take longer and my heart will be quieter. Some cultural relics will be damaged and lost over time. My task is to let them cross time and find a way forward. "

I know that Uncle Li is talking about himself.

he repairs cultural relics day after day, and he is also self-repairing.

after not writing a letter, Uncle Li learned to send e-mail. He asked me if one day, the time machine would be invented. Just like in "back to June 2", human beings can finally go through the torrent of time, go back to the moment when they want to freeze again and again, meet people they haven't seen for a long time, and listen to voices that have been forgotten.

I didn't know how to answer, but I thought of a passage from the old man in the short film back to June 2:

"the best thing about us older people is that they forget.

I forget the money I owe. I forget whose family I owe.

I forgot where I came from. I forgot clean.

you haven't forgotten anything.

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the plot in the film is like another parallel time and space in the story of Uncle Li, except that the hero has a time machine that travels through repeatedly, and he goes back to the past again and again. Has been looking for a way to keep his beloved girl by his side. I always believe that the best form of love is officially like this and will not disappear with time. Even though there are thousands of difficulties and dangers, there will be a day when we will meet again.

"back to June 2" is a big movie of UnionPay 62 festival, an out-and-out advertisement, but it succeeded in capturing my heart, except for a little museum complex, a feeling about Uncle Li, and more importantly, its dedication to time, like an alarm clock reminding everyone that everything has a time limit, and those warning signs about treasure are so meaningful because they can't go back to the past.

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each of us has some important numbers. June 2 in the story is very important. The year when Uncle Li met his wife is very important. Maybe for you, today's date is also very important.

however, time is written in the form of ellipsis, with sadness and happiness, rolled to our feet, it has important nodes, but will not end your love, your reluctance, and hope. Time small fire slowly stewed us, suffering, bittern out of a little mellow, worthy of double treasure, careful collection.

when he returned to his hometown this time, Uncle Li fell ill and was still thinking about going back to the museum. He seldom mentioned his departed wife, but I knew that each of the letters piled up on his desk was a greeting across time and space.

when I was a child, I read all his letters at Uncle Li's desk, but I never noticed that there was the same sentence at the end of each letter.

he said: "Suxia, I know we will meet again, the farthest, but at the end of time."