My best friend married my first love, and she asked me if I wanted to be a bridesmaid.

My best friend married my first love, and she asked me if I wanted to be a bridesmaid.

Such a wedding is a test for everyone.

I have been thinking about this question for a long time. At the age of 18 or 19, everyone fantasized that the future wedding must hold her best friend's hand and ask her to hand him the ring. The left hand is the best friend of life and the right hand is the love of life. We even made up a song:

I took your hand

in the palm of my palm

and gave it to your right husband

. Now, the wedding will be my best friend and my first love. I don't know if this is another way to step into the wedding hall together.

when I went home from the Spring Festival and had dinner with my good friends in high school, everyone looked at me with an expression that I didn't know if I should say something or not. I know about my first love and best friend, from beginning to end, but ten years later, there is no emotion at that time, and there is nothing awkward about it. Just like the song sung by Eason:

ten years later

We are friends and we can greet

but the gentle

can no longer find a reason to hug

I bless them, from the bottom of my heart, it is a true blessing.

this kind of standard film and TV drama plot, but also talk about us ten years ago.

the three of us knew each other in the third year of high school, and our first love wantonly entered my budding spring heart in early spring with a paintbrush. My best friend saw my mindfulness and shyness, so she volunteered to take me to contact him, asking for a phone call and creating opportunities to get along, and she set us up over time.

the advantage of being with artists is that they are happy, while the disadvantage is that you need to endure the affection in the artist's nature.

every time he is in estrus, it is his best friend who helps me take care of little bitch. Finally, one day, I find that he listens to my best friend more than he listens to me, and is nicer to my best friend than to me.

the accident happened when we fell in love until winter. I had a cold and fever and asked him to buy medicine for me. He said he wanted to sleep and had a headache.  the reason for the headache is that he played video games with my best friend until the early hours of the morning the night before.  I hid in bed and cried for a long time until I fell asleep. Then I woke up and went out to buy medicine and eat my meal. When I came back, my best friend gave me a new dress, saying that they went shopping together and saw it and thought it was suitable for me to buy it.

at that moment, I didn't think I was his girlfriend, but my best friend.

I broke up, and he told me that he only appreciates character and has no other feelings for his best friend.  in my young and stupid mind, I didn't have the concept of a scumbag, and I believed his nonsense. Then my best friend kept her distance from him, and I was coaxed by him after the cold war. After volunteering for the college entrance examination, I spent the most stress-free summer vacation happily and presumptuously, while looking forward to my college life.

that summer vacation, because we no longer had to go to school, we rented a house and lived together, laughing and drinking all day, watching him paint, my relationship was getting better, and I almost didn't go to college because I wanted to be with him. And made a survival plan not to go to school. It's ridiculous to think about it now.

at that time, I felt that we could no longer replace each other, and my best friend gradually appeared in our circle and became warm again, and he once again triggered my bottom line. I yelled at him in the street, with or without me.  he slapped me in the face.

that slap beat everything to pieces and lived to be 18 years old. No one ever slapped me in the face. That slap let me know that I should leave him.   

then I quickly packed up my things and went out sightseeing, and he went on a hunger strike and threatened me to come back to him. Regardless of my fear, I still played, and he followed all the way, and I was even more bored. Because of this, her best friend no longer had contact with him.

patience with a person finally comes to an end,   from then on Xiao Lang is a passer-by.

there is no more contact with the university. The three of them went their separate ways. After graduation, I stayed in Beijing and my best friend went back to her hometown. The circle in my hometown is really small. I can always see it when I go back several times, and I can always hear the news in various places. I simply stop hiding, knowing that they work in the same place, without the resentment of that year, and graciously meet two people.

after thinking about it, my best friend has always been more suitable for him than I am, knowing him better and understanding his needs better. My best friend asked me, did I still care about those things at that time?

for ten years, how many things are still difficult to pass?

she said, do you still mean what you said back then? To be each other's bridesmaids.

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I don't know how to deal with such a situation. I don't like it anymore, and I have long since let it go. Watching them get married, I always feel blessed, but I always feel a little awkward.  although I know that it is not because of feelings, not because I still care, I sincerely hope that they will be happy, and I also know that the character of first love is only suitable for people like best friends. However, an unspeakable force stopped me and made me reluctant to agree to be a bridesmaid.

the best friend later said that there would be no wedding, just a light meal at home, and the process would be simpler. I know that almost all of our mutual friends coincide.  such a wedding is a test for everyone.

first love and best friend, ex and best friend are all sensitive topics. I never thought such a thing would happen. Now on me, I also hope that such a thing will not happen to anyone.

if you have another chance, please do not wait for the situation of whether or not to attend the wedding, but change the title to whether or not to attend the funeral.