My love for you makes everything in my life a lie.

My love for you makes everything in my life a lie.


I would like to introduce a movie I mentioned to you in the article yesterday.

I would like to introduce it to you today.

this is a movie I saw in my third year of high school.

is called Nine lives.

it tells the fate of nine women.

what impresses me most is what I mentioned to you yesterday.

in the supermarket, pregnant girls meet ex.

when she goes back to find him, he is gone.

may even disappear into her life forever.

this story is the cover picture of today's article.

not only is it a mirror to the end, but the

part is also quite good at scheduling actors and cameras.

but unfortunately, no link to this section was found on

Tencent Video.

but I found a link to another section.

is the following about Samantha.

you can feel it,

and then search the full version of Nine lives.

you will be shocked. This is a really good film.


all right, hold your tongue and enjoy it.


We usually say that cats have nine lives.

describes the tenacious vitality of cats.

when cats are resting,

cats often purr in their throats.

some people think it's a cat snoring.

but American scientists have found that this is one of the ways cats treat themselves.

when I watch this movie,

what I can feel is that these girls

all have the ability to heal themselves, and

like cats, they heal themselves in their own quiet little world.

they encounter a lot of difficulties,

from all sides,

just like we encountered.

but even if you cry,

is a kind of self-healing.

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I see their mindset.

those who can't kill me will only make me stronger.

I have nine lives in the face of feelings, career, and life.

I have nine lives.

if you are worth it,

I am willing to sacrifice.

but if you're not worth it,

I won't waste any second of my life for you.

"my love for you makes everything in life a lie."

tomorrow is still a good weekend,