Nine times out of ten, life is not satisfactory, it is better to eat meat and drink.

Nine times out of ten, life is not satisfactory, it is better to eat meat and drink.

To tell you a secret, don't tell anyone else, "the cool people have closed their bets on Aspilimbo."

Life is not about how many places you have been,

but whether you have enjoyed yourself at a given time.

when I graduated,

I hadn't decided to look for a job before I was sure I was going to start my life from nine to five.

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there happened to be an opportunity at that time.

went to the desert in the northwest with a group of like-minded friends to hold a music festival.

at that time, we set out in Lanzhou, passed Wuwei Zhangye Jiuquan, and then went to Dunhuang.

at the same time, various routes are starting from cities all over the country.

some start from Xinjiang, some from Tibet, and other places such as Xi'an, Sichuan, Inner Mongolia, East Mountain, and so on.

everyone arrives at Dunhuang by different modes of transportation.

our team is a motorcycle team.

others ride straddlers, as well as the bicycle team of the housing fleet.

in short, I also experienced the feeling of a movie carefree knight.

the best days are on the road.

I had a good time.

the mood is as open as the scenery.

our night train could not continue at night.

then we camped on the Gobi Desert and slept all night.

that was the first time I set up a tent.

it's cool at night, but it's not that windy.

A trace of wind can blow the clouds away, and then the huge stars appear on the stage.

We lit a bonfire, which was the first time I had a fire in the wild at night.

the big buddies who accompanied us were always more experienced than us.

the bonfire was set up and put on a few legs of lamb.

the big buddies on motorcycles and the cool big brothers in the band began to dance around the bonfire to play the guitar.

I don't know why, being so happy, I feel like I can have had such an experience when I was young, and I feel it's worth it.

when the mutton is cooked and warm, the eldest brother takes off the leg of mutton,

takes out his knife, and points the edge at himself. This is a kind of northwest people's fastidious about eating meat.

cut it piece by piece and share it with us.

myself, I love mutton. Guys, pick up the rest of the bones and drink to us.

it was the first time I felt the joy of eating meat and drinking.

nine times out of ten people are unhappy in life.

is not as good as eating meat and drinking alcohol.

all annoying things are temporary because we trap ourselves.

the pressure never comes from others, and the pressure is given to ourselves.

is also because we think too much and think too much.

some people's way to relieve stress is to run.

while people like me can make themselves happy by eating meat.

at night, I saw that the food was simply poisoned, and

saliva snapped all over the floor.

close your mouth or tell everyone that

if you are unhappy, go and eat.

when your stomach is full, your heart will be full.