None of us ended up standing next to that man.

None of us ended up standing next to that man.

I don't want to win, just to be happy. Even at the last minute of the story, I am not sorry that I could not stand beside a person and promise Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling). Because I have told my love to my lover at every stage of my life.


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I met an aunt on the plane the other day and talked to me about how worried her daughter has been since she got married and had children at school. My aunt asked me if I was married, but I said no. She asked when she was going to get married. I said, I don't know. I don't have a boyfriend yet.

Auntie looked at me with a look of apology and said, "you need to work harder.

the more later, the less good it will be."

in fact, I've heard too many things like that. it's time to fall in love, get married, and have children. In fact, even what kind of person to fall in love with, and what kind of person to talk about marriage step by step seems to have formed a playbook-like tutorial.

it seems that if we don't do something at a certain age, it will be called dereliction of duty. And marriage is counted as a must-choose topic in life. It's like I've made a mistake if I don't finish it. in fact, sometimes I really wonder why I am so resistant to marriage. Resist sharing half the fun of my life with another person. Is there really something wrong with me?

but I've heard that the world has become freer, why our choices can't help being talked about.

We all see too much of the world and talk so much about freedom and tolerance that we forget to give ourselves a little more permission.  

allows you to be a natural person, which is the more important existential aspect of freedom and tolerance .


if there are people in the world who hate marriage and want to get married, there must be people like me who don't want to get married. I don't want to be responsible for the trivialities of another person's life for a long time. I don't want to have children and guard the continuation of life with my life. I know these are great things, but I don't like them, at least not yet. is not determined not to get married, but unless someone can make me think it's a funny thing.

the days of having a bunch of children, straining my nerves, breaking my fingers and so on are so boring that I can't do it, and I don't want anyone to suffer with me. But I think, if there is, I can "make sure you are free from this pain and will never be bored." I like that everyone in this world has an unpredictable future and the right to choose how to live. In my opinion, getting married or not, there is only a difference in lifestyle, there is no difference between good and bad.

I just always feel that in my life, the status of marriage may not be as high as people praise.

if we are all those who yearn for fairy tales, then my fairy tales are actually just, do not focus on this part.

I don't want a complete standard life. I just like things that are hard for me to reach. I don't want to win, just to be happy. even at the last minute of the story, I am not sorry that I could not stand next to someone and promise Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling). Because I have told my love to my lover at every stage of my life.

in this world, some people are connected by blood, while others have new connections as a result of adventures. There is darkness, power, ambition, and little hope shines through despair. We want to shake hands with hope with full sincerity, but we always accept malice only because of a few, or different ones. the "sincerity" of this society is a free pass, and no one can only use "sincerity" in exchange for recognition. In the era of commercialization, we have been able to compete since childhood.

compared to the ability to take exams at school, the ability to work for money, the ability to get married and have children at age, and the ability to raise children as good as at the starting line, no matter what stage of life it is. We are all trying to win, to be the big winners of everything. No matter how much we advocate women's rights, how we fight for freedom, how we emphasize the diversity of life over and over again. But there are still many people will feel that a woman, the success of marriage in exchange for happiness in life. These prejudices and remarks sometimes make me wonder whether I am wrong or whether the world is wrong.


I just choose my favorite way to like the boys in the world. I don't like to restrain anyone from going far away, and I also don't like to be limited by love. I don't want to give up. Marriage can protect me from all the possibilities in the world, but I also have to sacrifice some of them. maybe the part to be sacrificed is too precious for me now, and I don't want to trade it for it.

some people fight for freer love, some fight for new horizons, and some fight for new attempts. I always like these people who are not reconciled to it, and never give up trying new possibilities. "Lordship" is like this, giving domestic movies a different possibility. what the first Chinese live-action CG movie will look like , even if only for this new possibility, I would very much like to pat it on the shoulder, just like telling him, hey, don't be afraid, in this not magical world. Brave people always try to have greater hope in the midst of controversy. And be braveTrying is already a wonderful experience in itself.

when we build a high wall in this increasingly demanding world and look at no one in the wall because they are unwilling to resist, many years later, nothing has changed and nothing has changed, I will think, perhaps this is really terrible. and it's so lovely when those of us standing inside the wall keep exploring in different ways, resisting the cold wind whistling in all directions, but still burning a lamp and using a cavity of blood to charge for everything we love. "


the torch in the forest does not illuminate the whole forest, but it allows us to see a different tree, through layers of fog, through the crowd, close to you, and take you into an unknown journey. We can use better and better CG technology to capture human dynamics, but it is difficult for us to really capture everyone's true mind. but the high-spirited dream is to paint every child's heart full of magic with rich colored pens.

with this juvenile heart, we found the key to one door after another.

and the possibility behind the door, if you don't open it with your own hands, stick your head out and see it with your own eyes,

you'll probably never feel the extraordinary beauty of it.