Oh, captain, my captain.

Oh, captain, my captain.


the physics teacher recently told me that

you have been feeling light lately.

I'll tell you that the grades are directly reflected in the paper.

Today is teacher's Day, a holiday that can easily be ignored after leaving school, and a holiday that you won't forget if you have a teacher who has a deep influence on you.

the teacher has always been a sacred profession in my heart, so much so that when I was told to take a lesson for me, I refused. Because I think it is right to have a full grasp of all knowledge when standing on the podium, and we should not mislead the children.

I'm going to tell you a story that I haven't even told my best friend.

when I was in primary school, I took a year off from school because of poor health. This year changed my character a lot at that time. At that time, it was probably in the third grade of primary school, and my grades were always very good. Take care of the body that year every day at home to rest, downstairs of the original classmate who has always wanted to be a monitor took over the post of my monitor, every time her partner will deliberately shout downstairs monitor quickly go, and I will be very sad in the house.?.

although it seems very childish and boring now, you should know the psychology of an eight-year-old child at that time, that is, the feeling that I was replaced and left out when I left.

A year later, my health returned to health, and I entered a new class. Because I didn't adapt, at first I was always strange and unsociable and always bullied others, but then I met a teacher who had the greatest influence on me in my life. He is my primary school headteacher and Chinese teacher. He learned about me and knew that my grades were good. I once quarreled with my classmates, and that was followed by a new round of activities to elect a monitor. He had a deep conversation with me and told me that the number of votes was seven votes short of the first place, but he would announce that I had the most votes and hoped that I could restore my confidence in myself.

"I know you are excellent, and I hope to be recognized and valued by more students, but to win the respect of others is not to occupy, but to walk into the hearts of others.

what the teacher hopes to help is not just who you are,

but to make you go better and further because of the change in your mindset at the moment. "

when I was eight years old, I only remember these words, and now I know how far-reaching it affects me, because the conversation changed the character of my relationship with my classmates, and even affected me for a lifetime, so much so that I was a monitor for 12 years, and my way of doing things has never been tough.

because he is a Chinese teacher, he let me read more books, let me learn to make excerpts, let me keep a diary every day, let me practice calligraphy, tells me that when I grow up, I will understand that beautiful calligraphy and beautiful words are as important to people as they face, especially a girl, beautiful words can add points for themselves, can write beautiful words can lead to the hearts of others. I listen to his words every day to practice calligraphy, hard pen calligraphy, keep a diary, do reading excerpts, until now still maintain some habits. Now I feel the meaning of what he said.

I am very lucky. Along the way, I have met many teachers who have a great influence on me and are very good to me. Another teacher who can make me have a turning point in my life is also a Chinese teacher, my high school headteacher. She thinks my writing feels particularly good. In Shandong, which scored a high score in the cultural class, she asked me to go to art.

"the dead study culture class will only bury your artistic feeling. Go and see something better and freer." "Writing good words and taking good pictures will make you happy," she said. " I remember her saying that, and now I can see what she means.

I feel that apart from my mother as the first enlightening teacher, I am the one who can make me who I am now, the teachers who can show me the right way at the turning point in my life along the way.

they are still in my former school.

they teach more knowledge and, more importantly, the truth of being a human being.

of course, we sometimes discuss the teachers of each class in small groups after class.

everyone has their favorite teachers, teachers who are very important to them.

"well, the teacher of Class 6 is a sausage mouth, always beeping, but I don't think he teaches well."

"the geography teacher of Class 14 is so good and interesting. I wish he was the teacher of our class."

"Oh, put your phone away. The headteacher is at the glass at the back door."

"Ha Zhangzhe whispered at the door and was hit in the head by the headteacher with an exercise book. That's what he meant in the first place."

"Let's go to the bathroom together after class and buy two packs of crispy noodles."

"Have you finished your homework? let me copy it."

"your desk is a little back, and I'm in a hurry."

"Oh, in the same position, don't watch the ghost blow the lights. I heard the sound of the head teacher's heels."

"There are still 100 days to go before the college entrance examination, and I am a little under a lot of pressure."

-"Sir, my college admission letter is here."

-"the teacher is proud of you."

different teachers in the world influence different students.

they stand where they are, but we go farther and farther away.

are they wasting their time and achieving nothing in the end?

because of what you see,

these boys have now turned to dust.

if you listen carefully, you can hear them whispering.

listen carefully, do you hear me?

CARPE. Did you hear that?

CARPE. CARPE DIEM has a good time.

Children, make your life extraordinary.

Dead Poets Society

every heart needs love and

needs tenderness, tolerance, and understanding.

every child comes from a pure and innocent place, and

should always be a cherished treasure in the world.

Spring of the cattle herding class

We think we are superior and better than the others.

what's more, we exclude all those who oppose us from the group.

We hurt them.

We don't even know what we're doing.

you love music, and you make these kids love it as much as you do.

"Life is beautiful because of you"

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be yourself and be true to yourself.

"jump out of my world"