Oh, then don't come.

Oh, then don't come.

You need someone to talk to, but you go through all the names in the address book, but you can't find anyone to accompany you.

Chapter 1.

when Xiao A was sick, she went to the clinic alone and went to the drugstore to buy medicine. One day she really couldn't stand the fever. When she didn't have any food at home, she sent Wechat to several boys in Wechat who usually greeted her with cold and warmth: I'm sick. Please buy me a porridge. I really can't walk on my own.

those boys are chasing Xiao An at the same time. They are usually eager to send gifts to Xiao A, pick him up for dinner and invite him to the party. Whenever there was a game, they jumped like bees and invited Xiao A to go with them. Xiao A knew it because they thought they could handle it. The appearance of Xiao A, it is no exaggeration to say, under the light makeup is absolutely the beautiful girl you can notice at first glance in the crowd, but no matter how beautiful a girl is, she still looks haggard when she is ill.

after waiting for ten minutes, the first boy replied: is everything all right? you order takeout.

Xiao A looked white in his heart. If I had the spirit to go downstairs and get takeout, I wouldn't need help.

after waiting for half an hour, the second boy replied: I'm not here now. I'll take you to eat delicious food when you get better.

then the last boy replied: I'm far away from you now. Why don't you ask someone else?

something suddenly sank in Xiao A's heart, and at this moment she knew clearly the role of herself in the other person's heart.

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I can't wait to defend my own little world. I can't wait to show all my past experiences to each other in an attempt to make everyone understand. But we always forget that the precious things we care about holding in the palm of our hands may be nothing in the eyes of others.

Chapter 2.

everyone likes to look beautiful, and everyone likes to keep company with beautiful people. when we measure others, we unconsciously put in all kinds of conditions. This person is good-looking, that person is warm and generous, people wrap themselves in colorful shells, expecting more people to come near.

but everyone is used to seeing your beautiful appearance, your beautiful appearance, your good-looking appearance, but too few people are willing to see you occasionally fragile, occasionally embarrassed, occasionally frustrated.

but there is always a time when you are frustrated, lost, and want to escape. You just want to have someone face to face with the real you and listen to what you have to say. you need someone to talk to, but you look through all the names in your address book, but you can't find anyone to accompany you.

I want you by my side, all the time. when I need you most, I just want to hug you and tell you how much I miss you. In "lost Sandbar", a lyric: I don't want you to come back /just when a person looks back at the sea /only to find that you are not there /leave me wandering in a roundabout /I don't want you to come back /just open memories /blank except you /who else can teach me love.

Chapter 3.

sometimes it is not necessary for you to put down everything and come to accompany me, but when I need you, I just want to see you, lie in your arms, and listen to you tell me that you are by my side and make me feel at ease.

later, Xiao A told us that she had seen through. There are many boys who want to take her out, but few are willing to accompany her. Gradually, you will see clearly the purpose of many people, some people are only suitable to accompany you for a while, and then they will leave in two different directions.

those who stay around

are just the ones who are still with you when you need them most.