On every plane, there is a stewardess I want to hook up with.

On every plane, there is a stewardess I want to hook up with.


I was deeply impressed that in early January this year, when my friends and I went to Shanghai for the New year, we saw a flight attendant with extraordinary temperament on the plane, with fair skin, red lips, no extra heavy makeup, and flirtatious eyes.

later, it is very difficult for us to forget this face, because it is so much like the Gong er of a generation of masters.

in fact, there will be a stewardess on every plane that I really want to hook up with.

on the plane to Sanya in November, there was a stewardess who looked like a newcomer and was in a hurry. When she asked me what I would like to eat, I had to take out a small notebook and look at the three dishes I had written down. I was so red-faced that I stared at her all the time and thought she was particularly cute. Later, when I heard others call her Xiao Qi, I found her even more lovely and interesting, because my lucky number was seven.

Today, on the plane back, I also met a stewardess, Gu Lingjing, who is quick with her hands and feet, but does not have that kind of self-righteous sense of superiority, but also makes people like it very much.

speaking of this, Brother Yue is called Brother Yue, but he is also a pure straight girl, but because he studied photography for four years as an undergraduate, he always likes to shoot girls more than boys, so he always likes to know girls who are cute and interesting and can be photographed.

lovely things are always liked, but not everyone's tastes are the same.

I have a friend, a boy, he and his buddies never look at girls in the same way. One girl who thinks she is good-looking, the other must feel average.

so there is no such thing as whether it looks good or not. in fact, two people who like each other are the most beautiful people in the world in each other's eyes.

the other day I asked you about the late-night topic, what do you like to do when you like someone?

among the 10, 000 messages, my favorite sentence is from a child named Jcm, who said: looking at his ugly face, I still think the world is beautiful.

maybe this is love.

sometimes I see a beautiful girl with a boy who doesn't look good.

or a nice boy with a girl who is not very good-looking.

We always feel that it is because the other person has aesthetic problems that we make such a choice, but this is a very subjective and reprehensible idea, because they may accompany each other through a difficult road, which can not be understood and evaluated by outsiders.

when it comes to love, lovers can look the best. After all, everyone likes beautiful things, but more importantly, no matter what the other person looks like, what he does in your eyes is lovely and beautiful, is the most important thing.

when you look at a person and feel that the whole world is shining, shining like the sun, feeding everything and seeing what he does is beautiful and lovely, then congratulations and find the right love.

after all, in a relationship, we admire each other and become heroes in each other's eyes. Love itself is admiration, and it is also a necessary condition to maintain love.

on every plane, there will be a flight attendant who I think is good.

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but the fate of airplanes is to never stop for you.

I am a prodigal son, and I will have to berth one day.