One person is good, two people are not bad.

One person is good, two people are not bad.


does not deliberately feel the need for two people.

it's good to be alone.

can only say that two people are not bad.

where do you think you're going? "

"Whatever you want, you can go wherever you want. \ & quot;

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some people have a lot of friends and will show up when something happens;

some people also have a lot of friends, but still like to travel alone.

I know a very cool girl.

she hit the road when she has made enough money in one city.

she lives on the road all the time.

then she goes to another city to make money.

she has no boyfriend and is never hypocritical.

when she sees her, she smokes alone and doesn't talk.

when you see her, she just smiles and doesn't talk to you deeply.

but every time she sees her, she just smiles and doesn't talk to you deeply.

but every time she sees her, she just smiles and doesn't talk to you deeply.

ask her at that time why you don't travel with your friends.

she said, "Please. I don't want to bother others, nor do I want to trouble myself. "

she will also tell people about her experiences on the road and the gossip brought to her by some locals.

live at ease and will not talk at length with others.

to be honest, I don't like this kind of people very much. after all, I know it when I travel. As long as I don't brag, I just need to say what I need to say.

you like stewardesses today, and you can like some cool girl on the street tomorrow.

one person can easily change himself because of another person.

and that person is also easy to like other tastes.

you can never change yourself in order to adapt to one person's taste.

because you can never keep up with a person's changes and preferences,

and no matter how you become what he likes,

you are slow, backward and humble in his preferences.

I think Faye Wong is fine. My liking you has nothing to do with you.

others like you and like you as a person. You are good in every way.

you take the initiative among the two.

I get thousands of messages backstage every day.

there are a lot of emails.

they tell me their stories.

one of them is a boy. He fell in love with a married woman.

he knows it's wrong.

but feelings are things that can't be arranged with reason.

and the woman also regards him as a boring spice in marriage.

the boy is very nice, he is wholehearted to her.

but he finally chose to get out, changed the number and changed the city.

Let the woman never find him again, and he started a new life.

I think it's great.

do not deal with fruitless and shoddy love.

that may not be called love, but possession.

many people have this kind of possessiveness.

this is a kind of self-righteous favor, harm others and harm themselves.

A woman's biggest misunderstanding is that

she thinks he is in love, and he is just flirting.

the same applies to men.

sweet memories cannot nourish a person for a long time.

so in those messages, many people who are emotionally hurt

some people will inflict the pain they have experienced on the newlyweds.

for example, a boyfriend or girlfriend has been unkind to them and dare not love them anymore.

I think this is a little hypocritical. Why torture innocent people?

one person is not bad, two people can only say better.

but who can guarantee that two people are tired of having different dreams in the same bed for a long time?

they don't miss the days when they are free.

We always covet what we have not got, but we do not know that not paying attention to what we have got will become a quagmire.

plunge the ignorant ourselves into uncherished regrets.

do not want to see the pain you,

want to see free and easy you.

after all, it's pretty cool for you to be alone before you become a lover.