Only by being equal can we help each other.

Only by being equal can we help each other.


mutual equality here refers not only to the material but also to the mutual equality at the spiritual level.

A person has many sources of inferiority, which makes them automatically put themselves in a very low position when they get along with others.

for example, I know an aunt who has been divorced for many years. It is not easy for her to raise a child alone. Now that the boy has graduated from college to be old enough to support his family, but her income is not very large, one of the words she often says to her children is that people like us, families like us, get something slightly better. It's all a gift. Everything is almost the same, everything is a family like us, and it is contented that we can get such things in everything. Over a long period, the boy always had a sense of inferiority, he always felt inferior, and he didn't dare to chase the girl he liked, because he felt that he was too far behind others, and he would rather not fight for it than get it, but he was not willing to insult himself with failure, because he could not go any lower.

but in fact, he is a child who has the potential to make a career, because he is very smart and looks good from an early age. It is because of the inexplicable inferiority brought to him by his mother's education when he gets along with others that he feels that others are looking down on him, so he has no friends.

A mindset can make or destroy a person.

so it's important to make yourself strong.

when your friends make some fame and achievements, you will proudly tell others, Oh, this person is my friend. And you also know that you want to play with people who can help you. Help here refers to people who can give you strength. They are full of positive energy and self-confidence every day, but they are not conceited. Get along with such a person, you will imperceptibly become very good.

what mindset is, you will meet what kind of people. doesn't pander to anyone and doesn't care about any comments. A lot of people secretly envy you, so their performance is to hack you. Because of jealousy, so to satirize you, want to pull you to the same level as them. Don't get in touch with such people, even if they are friends. It is too common for them to laugh at you with your things in public, make you lose confidence, and then secretly imitate you to do similar things, so strong> staying away from a low is the first step to keeping yourself at a high level.

avoid these people, you can choose your friends, your spiritual world gap is not too big, friends can have admiration, and hope that each other will be better and better in the future, but there must be no jealousy and suspicion. If you don't like others, let them spin themselves in the nest. Only when we have an equal relationship can we help each other. The relationship of inequality is regarded as almsgiving in the mind of either party.

inner strength and self-confidence are bound, regardless of what family you come from. When you become good enough, people who have been out of touch with you for thousands of years will start to want to get to know you.

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you don't have to look for it. Someone will come to you when you are strong.

so make yourself strong enough.

the premise of helping each other is that each can help each other, and has a common language and a place to talk to each other on the spiritual level. only when we are equal can we help each other.

I hope you all become people who make your friends proud of you,

people who make your bullies regret not getting along with you, and

people who scare your opponents when they hear your name.