Only love can withstand the long time.

Only love can withstand the long time.

The weather is fine on June 30, 2015, issue 126.) Today, I recommend the smell of the Republic of China, a photographer who is only in love with the folk style.

the breath of the Republic of China-- it was certainly not a sunny year, but a bleak time, and the life of the people was not easy. In this time of alternation between the old and the new and the collision between the East and the West, there are many excellent thinkers and outstanding writers, who are influenced by the traditions and new ideas of the past that are coming to an end at the same time. The Republic of China was an era with flavor. This era is a good time for culture and thought, but it is not a good time for a person to survive. Putting aside our views on this era, let's talk about the original intention of doing photography in the Republic of China.

the reason why I began to want to shoot the Republic of China is because of a film that many people may have seen. "A Dream in the Garden" starred by Lihui Miyazawa and Wang Zuxian was stunned by the scenes and costumes in it. After watching it many times, I finally decided to start photography of the Republic of China. The first thing to solve is clothing. Clothing is a troublesome matter. Now most of the cheongsam sold on the market are improved styles, so it is difficult to shoot the traditional flavor of the Republic of China. I should thank Mr. Chen here. He asked me to take his collection of cheongsam as a reference.

in order to do the photography project of the Republic of China, I collected materials for two months. Because I did not study fashion design, I spent a lot of energy on choosing fabric styles. I went to the fabric markets in Hangzhou and Shanghai many times. In order to find a tailor who could do old-fashioned tailoring in Shanghai, I went to a lot of places and asked a lot of people. Fortunately, I finally found an old master who specializes in making cheongsam. Many people say, why are you so serious about this matter? in fact, most things are the same. the real difference is the details. just like Wong Kar-wai making a movie, he can take nine years from preparing the script to the completion of the shoot. in order to shoot a generation of gurus, Zhang Zhen and Liang Chaowei can worship to learn art. I can't do it like him. I just want to do things well. I pay attention to every detail, including the props used for shooting and the choice of scenes. I have to love one line to do it. Only love can withstand the long time.

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