Oszvald | Such chronic loneliness.

Oszvald | Such chronic loneliness.

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two days ago, I heard that Wong Kar-wai was coming to the Film Archive

and had a month-long film retrospective

20 minutes after Weibo sent the message, I immediately put on my coat and went out

I rushed to Beijing at minus eight degrees for a long time to buy tickets

I have been fond of Wong Kar-wai since junior high school until now

he has become a symbol

A lot of things are caused by time

when I went to see him today, there was a Cantonese version of eastern and western poison

at the end of the movie

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Zhang Guorong said

since I was a child, I know that the best way not to be rejected by others is to refuse others

when every line is already

. The location

I can't stop crying

and then I put on the film retrospective and the tears never stop

fortunately, I wear a black brimmed hat

you may feel hypocritical

but after this month I have liked him for ten years

from simply liking the expression of image style but can't understand the content.

I have been in love with him for ten years since I just like the expression of image style, but I can't understand the content

up to now, I deeply feel the cone center of every picture

reviewing the popular blog in the third year of senior high school

I always write articles on the Sina blog to watch movies

. I took part in the popular new concept composition contest at that time. I won the second prize

and hypocritically thought that I would be like Han Han in the composition contest

.  I have been a writer all the time. As a result, I just made a few pen pals. At that time, my parents always disliked me for watching movies and writing articles every day but did not review my lessons well.

when they were not at home, I would always put down my exercise books and secretly open the computer

except that Wong Kar-wai began to like Lou Ye

at that time the computer was still a desktop

after watching movies, I always came home from work. Before

putting a cool towel on the butt of the computer to cool the computer

now I think of this memory as if I had lost an old friend

at that time, I was alone at home reading a book called "Book Thief"

Marx Susak's

the cover of the book cover was a girl wearing a black cloak hat on the side

and saw the end crying

. Coincidentally, my mother called me and I was so speechless that my mother thought I had been beaten.

this book is recommended to everyone. You see, you can cry as if you have been beaten.

now I think that now I will no longer lose some childish hypocrisy because of the experience of reading and crying, but I still miss it

today. The guard said that I wanted the plot to be a long one, like an illness.

looking at the retrospective, I feel like watching the footage from junior high school to the present

most of the people who watch these movies with them are no longer around or even lost contact.

everything has changed over the years, except for Wong Kar-wai.

Let's take a look at today's content

about loneliness

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Noell S. Oszvald   


although there are only 22 photos on the Flickr page of Hungarian photographer Noell S. Oszvald. But each of them can appeal to you for hours to enjoy. The 22-year-old photographer has only one year of photography experience, but if you only look at these photos, it is hard to think that she is such a "novice".

Oswald only takes black-and-white photos because she thinks color is a kind of disturbing information. The first photo she shared was called "Prejudice". Asked about the story behind the photo, she said: "This idea had been in my mind for a long time before Prejudice was filmed. I am not very confident about this picture, because to get this picture, I have to draw a bird on it, and the position does not seem to be completely correct. I'm afraid people will laugh at my ignorance. I was afraid of being judged when I wrote Prejudice. "

looking at Oszvald's photos, you can feel a mixed emotion in them. But Oszvald believes that for the audience, how to understand should be a very personal matter. "I don't want to tell people how to look at my picture. That's why I never write notes. These photos show what I want to express. But everyone can get their understanding from it. It's also interesting to see a lot of different ideas for the same picture. "