Passive people's love guide.

Passive people's love guide.

If you had taken the initiative, we would have had children.

Tina can be said to be very passive.

when others asked her, she neither agreed nor refused. It took a long time for her to reply, "wait until I wash my hair before I go to dinner." She is the kind of person who goes on with a stick and can't make a fart. Everything I do is passive, I don't talk much, and I just stay in the corner silently when I have dinner with my friends.

A-B said he liked her.

after dinner, A B asked for Wechat of Tina from a friend he knew. Added, A B sent an expression, about five minutes later, and there was also an expression.

after getting along for a few days, Tina began to mention A B from time to time, saying that he was very good, that he was very understanding, and that he should be a good boyfriend.

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but within a few days, this good boyfriend complained to us that he was too tired to chat with Tina and that a topic that needed to be chatted for several minutes, or a question that could go on, would be abruptly stopped in an expression that didn't know what was called.


A B judges that Tina should not like himself.

there are a lot of people around me who are very passive in their feelings. I don't know if it is influenced by the current environment. There are too many choices, so it's a pleasure to let go. This person is not suitable, there will be the next person, this person does not love me, there are a lot of people like me.

everyone is waiting for others to chase, greetings, and appointments, as long as they take the initiative to reduce the demand in this respect, they will be able to control the relationship. I asked a friend of mine why he liked him but didn't say anything. He replied, "I'm afraid of being held back by her."

afraid of being hurt, being restrained by others, and having no right to speak, it can be said that it is a common fault of modern lovers that they have been passively waiting for others to find them.

I am also a very passive person in love. I am not always passive. In the beginning, I can love others bravely and boldly. It's just that in the past, when I was desperate for that person, I jumped into the air, and I was black and blue when I fell.

so later, when I meet people who are not bad, they will carefully protect their dignity and face, laugh when they are sad, leave when they are embarrassed, and never give others a chance to hurt me.

my smart coping style was overturned when I met the person I like.

I like him very much, and I want him to know that I miss him very much, but I am passive, I don't want to take the initiative, I never look for him. Occasionally he will come to contact me, that will be my happiest time, but this kind of time is rare, he comes to me, I am afraid to say too much to make him feel embarrassed, and I am afraid to take the initiative to make him aware of too much, so it is always not salty. Only the best friends around me know that I like him.


later, he stopped looking for me and heard from a friend that he thought I was always cold and didn't seem to be interested in him. I wanted to clarify that it was not, but when the words came to my mouth, I swallowed them back and felt that there was no difference. Anyway, there were plenty of boys.

later, someone told me that feelings need to be fought for.

face and dignity are not worth mentioning in front of the person you like.

if you like, you have to fight, you have to express, you have to love.

not afraid, not afraid, not timid,

it is not difficult to meet someone you love, and it is not easy to say simply.

if everyone you meet, you don't care whether they miss it or not, then you will never have a chance to be loved and cherished.

I never envy couples hugging and kissing on street corners

I only envy old people walking hand in hand

because I know

it's not easy to talk about a love that lasts forever

every relationship requires two people to contribute at the same time, love or miss, it takes a lot of words to express, and no one will guess what you think because of your expression.

Love means to fight for love

passive people may be able to take good care of themselves, but it is difficult to get the opportunity to love others.

they protect themselves in small fortresses, afraid of the exploration of strangers and the smoke of gunpowder outside the castle as if for them, only their world can have a sense of security.

but a lot of feelings, love or pain, a lot of things need to be tried to know.

if you love this person, please be brave.