Please give me some space to be alone.

Please give me some space to be alone.


I want to be alone more and more.

this is true. A friend of mine recently complained to me that his girlfriend always likes to cling to him and seems to be bound to him all the time. When he was working, she would often ask him what he was doing. He said that she would not believe him when he was outside. She must make a phone call to prove that there were no other girls around him. Once, when the boy was going on a business trip, his girlfriend quarreled with him, questioned him, and refused to let him go. He was really angry this time, saying that it was my job. As a result, the girl said, "I just want you to stay with me."

this sentence is nothing in itself. Every girl wants her boyfriend to be with her all the time. But to tell you the truth, it is not a child to live from house to house now. When you become an adult, reality allows you to have a childlike innocence, but you can never accept an adult to be unreasonable.

sometimes you complain about why he can't accompany me to watch movies, go shopping and play games. Have the girls ever thought that he works with one hand, but he can't hold you with the other? What we are talking about here is that boys are really at work, not because they are playing games or other non-work things. Although sajiao women are the best, they still need you to be sensible more often.  you are lucky to meet someone who can spoil you, but you can't treat spoiling as a nonsense qualification just because he spoils you.

I think the best way to fall in love is not to stick together every day, but as a person, need to give each other breathing space. We all know a simple truth: the tighter the sand is, the faster it will flow, but we will still be aggressive when we can't stand loneliness.

I have met a lot of people who tell me that their partner always forces them to post a picture of two people in their moments, telling him that they have to send it today. This is very embarrassing, this kind of thing should be a natural thing, should not be forced. Love is to make two people feel the pleasure of loving each other, and two souls who can merge feel more freedom, which can be called love because it can make each other grow. However, many people know that they should give each other free and independent space, but always tie up their loved ones in their way.

I think everyone should have their things to do, especially a girl, can't sit back and wait for the other party to support you, to be honest, everyone has no obligation to support each other, you get something for nothing, there's nothing to show off.  money, I can earn it by myself. I don't need you to be too embarrassed, but you must not be stingy. Being stingy is the most unbearable thing for me. Although I give you space, it doesn't mean that we can have a distance between you and me. The flexible distance is to let us know each other better.  gives you freedom at the same time, hoping to get a more humane life. This is respect for each other's love.

this kind of space is not only in love but also in friendship.

when you feel that you have a very tired relationship with someone, and you feel like family, it is easy to trouble others. Sometimes you may feel that there is no trouble between friends, but in the eyes of others, you are bothering others. If others don't say, it's friendship, but you can't climb along the pole.

for example, I know a girl who often borrows things from her good friends and always refuses to return them, which affects her friends' affairs. Her friend is also unable to say anything because of the good face of their relationship. But the girl is also careless and doesn't quite understand what other people think. Over time, her friends always have some opinions about her. Not everyone can tolerate you like your parents and clean up the trouble you have created without saying a word, and it is precise because some people are spoiled, so if a friend or lover doesn't go along with her heart a little bit, she will feel aggrieved, "We have such a good relationship." why don't you help me? " But you have to remember that no one is born to help you, it is kindness to help you, it is your duty not to help you, you can't ask for it, but you have to wait for others to give it, and if you give it, you have to weigh whether you want to take it or not.

whether it's friendship or love, I don't think it's easy to make trouble for others.

sometimes I have moments like this.

my friends will ask me on weekends if I have time to go out for dinner and play today. I will tell them that I am sorry that I have arranged things for today, and then get deep into bed and quilt. I just want to have some alone time, even in a daze also feel wonderful, do not think carefully, do not say so many words, do not deliberately find a topic to chat about, because I just want to stay alone, there is no reason.

I think we should all have our things. I do what I like, and you should also have things you like to do. I'll give you a hand if you need help, but let's not interfere with each other. There are some feminist ideas to say these words, but I do think that love that is tired of being together from time to time can be Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling). Couples who don't show their affection have generally been better for several years. Those who show love in moments either haven't been together for long or are not far away from each other. I know a girl from our school, and when I was with her ex-boyfriend, I felt that he had built the whole world, and then one day I sent a long text accusing the boy of how bad he was. Think of it as soon as it comes out, the good of the world is yours, and the bad of the world is each other. This kind of person is also a stupid two-word comment. Sure enough, a week later, I began to delete the old photos again. I have started a new boyfriend, and I have deleted this person as a friend.

as I get older, I am more likely to dislike things and want to stay at home alone. When I was a child, I had to go to the bathroom with my classmates, but now I do everything I want, and it is enjoyable to make decisions on my own.  I deal with people every day. Please give me a small world and leave me alone.   not lively, because loneliness is more precious.

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