Put down your phone and read more books.

Put down your phone and read more books.

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put down your phone

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Don't always live in the virtual world

read more books and feel the paper

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I hope you can get something.  eating is not a simple mechanical exercise. There is hope in life only when there is delicious food. The transmission of meals can be seen, the food culture that you can eat, and the interesting and practical content will certainly become your after-dinner conversation.

Forty thousand Shikawa, located in Kochi Prefecture of Shikoku, is regarded as the last clear stream in Japan, and it is also the hometown of the author Yoshiro Abe. "drinking Friends, Dining Friends" is Mr. Abe's first written book, which contains 10 memories of Abe's hometown and 9 true ordinary stories. The local food customs and special cuisine of the four countries will be shown in the book one by one.

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to record our destiny, and retain a manuscript for history

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introduction We offer the usefulness of the useless to fill the precious leisure time of your life. Reading reasoning can inspire wisdom, science fiction can be far-sighted, humanities can wash the heart, and social science can be soul-stirring. We only plant causes, do not ask the results, and give me the night of your boredom.

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A book to read when you are not in such a hurry

when you spend the rest of your life on holiday

. The works of the author Mr. Izaka Kotaro have been shortlisted for the Naoki Award for five times, but they all return with regret. He is as popular in Japan as Haruki Murakami and Guigo Higano, but he is still lukewarm at home. The film and TV series adapted from the novel are starred by stars Takeshi Kaneshiro and Takeshi Kaneshiro, but they still can't bring sales. But it is such a book, but after reading it, you think: well, the rest of life, it has to be a holiday. The most important thing in life is the sense of distance.

introduction  (the Creators Project) is the art and technology channel of VICE China. It presents avant-garde works completed by avant-garde artists around the world in the context of new technology, and will bring you a wonderful collision between technology and music, film, art, design, fashion and games. At present, more than 500 artists around the world have participated in the creative program, and we are rapidly growing into a high-quality original content distribution platform favored by artists and enthusiasts.

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I, robot

the classic works of science fiction master Asimov, nine stories related to robots are dressed into a complete novel. Robots, artificial intelligence, the future of mankind. To understand man's fascination with robots means to understand man's fear of himself.

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introduction & nbsp; China's first innovative platform advocating Chinese people in their thirties to be life creators (Life Maker). If you are an innovator who feels the pressure of life and tries to maintain your ideals, you will find many of your kind here.