Put it down, the heart will not be so tired.

Put it down, the heart will not be so tired.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Life is like a mirror. If you smile at it, it will return your joy, and if you give it anger, it will return your sharpness.

what kind of mentality you have, what kind of life you will have.

people with a poor state of mind are doomed to suffer all kinds of hardships and even lose what they already have, while people with a good state of mind will eventually be blessed in my life which gives them more happiness.

at any time, we should maintain a good state of mind. Although life is hard, we should also learn to rejoice in bitterness and let the originally unsmooth life blossom.


if you cling too deeply, your heart will be very bitter.

I like this sentence very much: the state of mind is separated, that is, the heart is bigger. If you have a bigger heart every day, how can you have a bad state of mind? And the state of mind is not good, to put it bluntly, the heart is too small.

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people who are always occupied by trifles tend to dwell on every unnecessary little thing. Once they become obsessed, they will not let go and eventually embarrass themselves.

many people will be annoyed and miserable in the face of unhappiness in life, which may come from the outside world, but in fact, most of the unhappiness in our lives is because of ourselves.

the dress you want is sold out, so you've been wrestling with it, but think about it from another angle, and there's a dress that suits you better.

you are in a bad mood when you have an appointment with a friend to go out for dinner at the weekend, but you are in a bad mood, but in the final analysis, it's just a meal. You can go another time.

when you fall in love with someone, you begin to worry about gain and loss, but instead of panicking, learn to enjoy a hug first.

nothing is right or wrong, nor is it so doomed. There is a saying that circumstances change with your heart, and your state of mind will determine your current state.

you never know what life will surprise you at the next stop.

Don't let your obsession go too deep, then your heart will be very bitter.


Let bygones be bygones

Let bygones be bygones, and those who should be let go as soon as possible. If you always live in the past and indulge in memories, you will never see the beauty of life in the future.

A lot of things, do not be too obsessed, calm down, you will find that everything is not so bad.

there are many unpleasant things in life, and there are many people who make you unhappy. You can't hold a grudge against everything.

I visited an elder's house a few years ago. I didn't expect to see him for so many years, but he was as refreshed as before and looked much younger than his peers.

he said that over the years, he had experienced a lot of ups and downs, experienced a lot, and naturally saw through a lot. In the beginning, he would feel unwilling, but after a long time, he felt that he could not live with himself. It would be better to learn from goldfish, only remember for seven seconds, and forget all the unpleasant things in the blink of an eye.

like a goldfish, there is no need to cling to it, and there is no one who can't let it go. He knows how to have fun in time, enjoy the joy of the moment, and forget the suffering brought about by tribulations.

when you live in the world, you can't always dwell on the past and let those bad memories fill your past life.

discard what should be discarded as soon as possible, abandon the unnecessary, let go of the unimportant, and you can move forward better.

keep an open mind, and you will encounter better possibilities.


people live in the world, content with contentment

We are always used to pursuing those illusory things, worrying about gains and losses in feelings that may not be available, so we will only fall into a confusing area.

We always want it desperately when we can't get it, but we want more after we get it. The consequence of never being satisfied is to make your mind narrower and narrower.

people with unstable mentality can not dominate their own life, but will only be led by the nose by life.

it is better to be a contented person. Learn to cherish, and take a closer look at life people who are worth cherishing may always be with us.

Life may not be perfect, nor will it go according to what you want, still less can you get what you want. Tolerate the imperfections of life and be content with the stability of the present. You are bound to be treated gently by life.

Life is short, what we can have is very little, and the happiness that can be held firmly in the palm of our hand is real.

when you're always depressed about what you can't get, think about what you've got and the people who will always be there for you.

Life is very simple, and contented people are always happy. People with a good state of mind will naturally be good all their lives.

Happiness is very simple. Keep your mind steady and you will find that happiness and happiness are hidden in every little detail.