"A cage is looking for a bird and a house is waiting for a man."

"A cage is looking for a bird and a house is waiting for a man."

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Proverbs: observation of guilt, suffering, hope, and true path

author: Kafka translator: Ye Tingfang Lich

1. The real road is on a rope, which is not taut high, but close to the ground. It is not so much for people to walk, but rather for tripping.

2. The mistake of all human beings is nothing more than impatience, interrupting step-by-step procedures too hastily, and encircling specious things with specious stakes.

3. There are two main sins of mankind, and all other sins are related to them, that is, impatience and carelessness. Because of their impatience, they were expelled from heaven; because of carelessness, they could not go back. There may be only one principal sin: impatience. Because of impatience, they were expelled; because of impatience, they could not go back.

4. The shadows of many of the dead lick the tide of the River Styx all day long, because it flows from us and still contains the salty taste of our ocean. The river was so disgusted by this that it turned back and washed the dead back into their lives. But they were overjoyed, singing Thanksgiving songs and touching the angry river.

5. There is no way out from a certain point. This point is achievable.

6. The critical moment of human development is continuous. So it makes sense for revolutionary spiritual movements that regard the past as nothing because nothing has happened yet.

7. One of the most effective temptations of "evil" is the challenge.

8. Evil is like a struggle with women that ends in bed.

9. Supercilious, he thought that he was far beyond others in terms of "goodness", because as an object that had always been seductive, he felt that he was facing increasing temptations from all kinds of hitherto unknown directions.

10 the correct explanation is that when a devil gets on his body, countless little demons flock to serve the big devil.

11 The difference in concept can be seen in an apple: the little boy's idea is that he must straighten his neck so that he can just see the apple on the table, while the parents' idea is that he picks up the apple and hands it to his deskmate at will.

12 The first sign of the beginning of cognition is the desire to die. This life seemed unbearable, and the other was unreachable, and people were no longer ashamed of wanting to die; people hated the old cell and asked to be transferred to a new one. Where people will learn to hate the new cell. There is a residual belief in this idea: on the way of escort, the master will occasionally come in through the aisle, look at the prisoner and say, "Don't keep this man locked up any longer, let him come to me."

13. If you walk across a plain if you have a good intention to walk, but you are going back, it is a desperate thing; but if you are climbing a cliff, it is as steep as you never look up, then the retrogression can also be caused by geography, then you do not have to despair.

14. Like an autumn road: before it is swept clean, it is covered with dry leaves.

15. A cage is looking for a bird.

16 I have never been to this place before: breathing is different, and there is a star shining beside the sun, which is more eye-catching than the sun.

17 If it had been possible to build the Tower of Babylon without climbing it, it might have been allowed.

18.* Don't believe in evil, you might as well keep a secret in front of it.

19. The leopard broke into the temple and drank the jar; it happened again and again, and people were finally able to plan, so it became part of the religious ritual.

20. Hold the stone as tightly as this hand. But he clung to the stone just to throw it farther. But even if it is far away, there is still a way to go.

21 You are homework, so you can't see the students.

22 True adversaries have infinite courage to enter into your body.

23 Understand this happiness: the size of the ground on which you stand does not exceed the coverage of your feet.

24. How can you be happy with the world unless you escape into the world?

25.* Hidden places are innumerable, and there is only one place where you can be saved, but there is as much possibility of being rescued as a hideout. There is indeed a goal, but there is no road; the one we call the road is hesitant.

26 Things that seem negative are becoming our obligations, while positive things have been left to us.

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27. Once it has accepted the devil, it no longer requires people to believe it.

28 The hidden thoughts you have when you accept the devil are not yours, but the devil's thoughts.

* the animal snatched the whip from its owner's hand and whipped himself, intended to be the owner, but it did not know that it was just a fantasy, created by a new knot on the owner's whip.

29 Goodness is, in a sense, an expression of despair.

30 Self-control is not my goal. Self-control means to find a place to act in the infinite radiation of my spiritual existence. If you have to draw such circles around me, the best way is to stare at the huge combination and do nothing. Watching, on the contrary, strengthens my strength, and I go home with this enhanced strength.

31 The crows claim that a single crow is enough to destroy the sky. There is no doubt about this, but it can prove nothing to the sky because the sky means: the absence of crowsCan makes a difference.

32.* martyrs do not underestimate the flesh. They let it climb on the cross. They are in agreement with their enemies on this point.

33 His fatigue was the fatigue of the gladiator after the sword fight, and his job was to whitewash the corner of the little official's studio.

the sky is his witness

34. There is no possession, only existence, only the pursuit of the last breath, the pursuit of asphyxiation.

please In the past, I could not understand why my question could not be answered; today, I could not understand how I could believe that I could ask a question. But I didn't believe anything at all. I was just asking questions.

please His answer to the assertion that he may have, but does not exist, is nothing but trembling and heartbeat.

please Some people were surprised how easily he walked on the road to eternity, but in fact, he was running down.

please You can't pay for demons in installments-but people keep trying to do it.

it is conceivable that Alexander Great, despite the meritorious service of his youth, the excellent army he trained, and his self-perceived resilience to changes in the world, was formerly known in Hailespente, the Strait of Dania. (Hellespont) stopped and could never be crossed, neither out of fear, nor out of hesitation, nor out of weakness of will, but because of the stagnation of the earth.

please There is no end to the road, it doesn't matter if it decreases or increases, but everyone measures it with his playful size. Admittedly, you still have to finish the road of this yardstick, and it will make you unforgettable.

please It's just our concept of time that makes us call the final trial, which is a state of emergency.

please The abnormal relationship in the world seems to appear as a mere quantitative relationship.

please Hang your head full of disgust and hatred to your chest.

43. They were still playing in the courtyard, but the prey could not escape them, though it was speeding through the woods.

44. You ridiculously put a harness on yourself for the sake of the world.

45. The more horses are tied up, the faster they run-that is, the piles will not be pulled out of the foundation (which is impossible), but the belt will be broken, so it will be a burden-free and cheerful gallop.

46. The word "sin" in German has two meanings: "being" and "his".

47. They can choose whether to become kings or messengers of kings. Out of the nature of children, they all want to be messengers. So the world is full of messengers, they rush across the world, shouting at each other because there is no king, they are sending messages that have lost their meaning. They want to end this sad life, but they dare not do so because of their professional vows.

48. Believing in progress means believing that progress has taken place. It's not believing.

49. An is a good performer, and the sky is his witness.

50.* people cannot live without a constant belief in something indestructible, and both this indestructible thing and this belief may be hidden for a long time. One of the expressions of this concealment is to believe in a God of your own.

51.* A snake needs to mediate; a demon can seduce a man, but he cannot become a man.

52.* in your struggle with the world, you should help the world.

53. Deceive no one, nor deceive the world-concealing its victory.

54. Nothing exists but a spiritual world. What we call the perceptual world is nothing but evil in the spiritual world, and what we call evil is just a momentary necessity in our eternal development.

55.* the strongest light can disintegrate the world. In front of the weak eyes, the world will become strong; in front of the weaker eyes, it will grow fists; in front of the weaker eyes, it will become angry and smash those who dare to look at it to pieces.

56. It's all a hoax: to seek the minimum of deception, to stay at a universal level, or to seek the maximum. In the first case, people want to deceive good by making it too easy to obtain good and deceive evil by giving evil too unfavorable conditions for struggle. In the second case, people do not pursue the good even in earthly life, because they often choose to deceive the good. In the third case, people deceive the good by avoiding the good as far as possible, and in the hope that they can do nothing by raising the evil to the limit, thus deceiving the evil. From this point of view, it is preferable to the second case, because in any case, goodwill always be deceived, but in this case, evil will not be deceived, at least as it seems.

57. There are some problems that we can't avoid unless we are born free from them.

58. Except for the perceptual world, language can only be used implicitly, but it has never been used even almost comparatively because it is only related to possession and its relationship.

59.* people lie as little as possible, just because they lie as little as possible, not because they have a few opportunities to lie as possible.

60.* A staircase that has not been deeply sunken by the footsteps, from its point of view, is just a monotonous patchwork of wood.

61. If anyone leaves the world, he must love all the people, because he doesn't even want their world, so he begins to be aware of the real man. What is the essence of is nothing more than to be loved, as long as people and his essence are commensurate with each other.

62.* if anyone loves others in this world, it is neither more improper nor more legitimate than loving himself in this world. There is only one question left: whether the first point can be done.

63. The fact that there is only one spiritual world and no other existence robs us of hope and gives us certainty.

64. Our art is a dazzling existence illuminated by truth: the light shining on the retreating strange face is real, and nothing else is real.

65. Eviction from heaven is eternal in terms of its main part; being expelled from heaven is a foregone conclusion, and life on earth is inevitable. Nevertheless, the permanence of the process (or, as the vulgar saying: the eternal repetition of the process) makes us expect not only the possibility of staying in heaven all the time but also the possibility of staying there all the time, whether we know it here or not.

Truth is inseparable

66. He is a free and secure citizen on the earth, because although he is tied to a chain, the length of the chain allows him to enter and leave the space on the earth freely, but the length of the chain is limited, and he is not allowed to cross the boundary of the earth. Similarly, he is a free and secure citizen of the sky because he is tied to a chain similar to the sky. If he wants to go to earth, the chain in the sky will tighten his neck; if he wants to go to the sky, the one on earth will strangle him. Nevertheless, he had all the possibilities, and he felt it; yes, he even refused to attribute the whole situation to a mistake made when he was tied up for the first time.

67. He chased the facts like a beginner skater, and he skated everywhere, including places where skating was forbidden.