"Don't lie about the past."

"Don't lie about the past."

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002 give up self-esteem. Be patient in everything.

003 simple life. Just keep a little bit of what you have to do.

004 Don't lie about the past.

005 choose the work and life that can be loved by money.

006 nothing is more important than regular life and health management.

007 always think of the next.

008 get ready and do it at the right time.

009 all communication is to convey love.

010 Happiness is to associate with people and deepen their fetters.

011 is not afraid. Keep your word. Don't ask. Don't give up.

012 culture. Hold on. Continue.

013 the more trivial the agreement, the more attention should be paid to it.

014 has the field of view of both a magnifying glass and a telescope.

015 Information comes from experience. Knowledge should be enough.

016 the aesthetics of eight wins and seven defeats.

017 look, look, keep looking.

018 has the ability to make friends.

019 play for work.

020 for the media, just keep a distance and look from afar.

021 is not considerate, but imagination.

022 exercises the mind. To this end, we read books, listen to music, enjoy dramas and get in touch with culture.

023 become a greeting master.

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024 the basic principles are honesty, kindness and smile.

025 is not competitive. Don't win.

026 often self-investment. Spend money on experience. You can't save your study.

027 food that can warm the heart.

028 be considerate of others at any time. Act quietly and don't make any noise.

029 important things are written on the letter. Practice good handwriting.

030 remember to keep elegant manners. Don't put your hands in your pockets.

031 if you want to get supporters, you must first make enemies.

032 understanding loneliness is a necessary condition for being human.

033 keep your fingers and hands clean at all times.

034 think about that, can it bring happiness to others?

035 change your mind every day.

036 everything can be fixed.

037 not only pay attention to the protagonist, but also see the supporting role and think.

038 instead of reading 100 books, it is better to read a good book 100 times.

039 for what you are good at, you should learn, exercise, and challenge.

040 do not limit yourself.

041 follow your own opinions in everything.

042 Don't lose frankness and bluntness.

043 the courage not to have stage fright at a critical moment.

044 decide to act coquettish to the end, even though you look up and act like a coquettish girl.

045 learn to speak in a nice and cautious way.

046 be kind to the wallet. Don't put it on the low side.

047 in the face of everything, you should regard each other as your most important friend.

048 listen carefully to the voices of others and society.

049 always think about how to benefit the other person.

050 treat everyone you meet as a teacher regardless of age.

051 imitate, emulate, and praise people you respect.

052 becomes a bridge between people.

053 understand the best and worst in all fields.

054 value friends.

055 after looking at the price, don't say "expensive" or "cheap".

056 listen carefully to others. Keep listening. Listen carefully.

057 buy flowers once a week.

058 get a haircut every two weeks.

059 four times a year, enjoy the delicious food of the season.

060 Don't give up no matter what happens.

061 always think, "does this look good?" "

062 if you don't buy, you won't learn anything. If you want to know, you have to spend a lot of money.

063 stay away from ordinary people and things.

064 Communication is enough. Don't become a well-rounded person.

065 cherish your family. I visit the grave six times a year. Don't put anything on the desk

066. Start your work with a blank piece of paper.

067 books are for reading, not for decoration. Dispose of it as soon as you finish reading.

068 cherish your time alone. Enjoy, taste.

069 for personal planning.

070 stairs should be climbed one step at a time.

071 enjoy the trouble.

072 thoughts, feelings and ideas are written on paper.

073 is not afraid of failure. Write a "failure notebook".

074 do not say "absolute" or "what most people think".

075 proceed repeatedly according to the rhythm of one, two and three.

076 walk in the correct posture. Walk with your hands swinging. Keep your head up and your chest out.

077When you ask for something from others, you must first stand in the position of the other party.

078 Don't be gentle. And don't be indifferent.

079 Love him is to give each other room to play. To fall in love is to give each other room to play.

080 study history. Learn from history.

081 do not clasp your arms or cross your legs. Pay attention to your sitting posture at all times.

082 Don't say "no money" or "no time".

083 when hesitating, choose the hardest road.

084 try to think backwards.

085 it is more important to know how to brake than to accelerate or control the direction.

086 keep balance at all times. Remember, perfect coordination.

087 sowing, watering, cultivating and harvesting. That's what farmers do.

088 is always 15 minutes earlier.

089 Don't forget to express your feelings.

090 Don't talk about others behind your back.

091 Don't be a workaholic. You have to know how to live.

092 neatness is more important than fashion. The purpose of clothing is to show respect for others.

093 can be a loser, but don't be weak.

094 thanks to the toilet, too. Be grateful for everything.

095 continue to make yourself better.

096 for every extra item, reduce one item

097 Don't be stingy with your money on bedding and furniture.

098 learn to speak three languages.

099 become good friends with time. Pursue the work and life that time likes.

100 update your principles from time to time.