"if there is heaven, it must be what a library looks like."

"if there is heaven, it must be what a library looks like."

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Jorge Luis Borges (Jorge Luis Borges) 

the universe (others call it a library) is made up of an uncertain, perhaps an unlimited number of hexagonal art galleries, surrounded by huge ventilation ducts surrounded by low fences. From any hexagonal shape, we can see the endless layers of bookshelves above or below. Twenty bookshelves are arranged around, and there are five long bookshelves on each of the four sides-only on both sides. The height of the bookshelf, that is, the height of the floor rarely exceeds the height of the average librarian. There is a narrow aisle on one side of the two sides without bookshelves, which leads to another art gallery. All the art galleries are similar, with two small rooms on the left and right side of the aisle, one for Rest, which is only the size of a standing position. The other is used as a toilet. After this part, there is a spiral staircase, which plunges into the bottomless pit and rises to the top. There is a mirror hanging in the aisle, which truly reflects your face, from which people are used to inferring that the library is not infinite. (if the universe is not infinite, why does it show such a dreamy face? (I would rather hope that this well-decorated face is hypocritical and endless.

Light is emitted from some celestial fruits. These celestial fruits are called after the names of the celestial bodies that illuminate the sky. Two celestial fruits fly horizontally in each hexagon, and the light they emit is continuous but quite faint.

like everyone else in the library, I traveled here when I was young. I travel to find a book, maybe a catalog in the card catalog, but now my eyes can hardly understand what I write. I'm going to die in the hexagonal shape where I was born. Once I am dead, there will be no shortage of posts on which pious hands will throw me hard over the fence, my grave will be unfathomable air, and my body will throw down endlessly, rot, and dissolve in the wind of falling. I believe that the library is endless. Idealists argue that a hexagonal hall is a necessary form of our absolute universe or at least universal intuition. They added: a triangular or pentagonal hall is incredible. (mystics claim that, for them, trance shows a hall containing a book with an infinitely stretched back cover that surrounds the whole room. But their statements are questionable, their words are ambiguous, and the infinite cycle of the book is God. Allow me to temporarily repeat this classical assertion that the library is a celestial body. Its center is any hexagon, and its circumference is infinite.

each hexagon has five bookshelves on each wall. There are 32 books in the same format on each shelf, each with 410 pages, 40 lines per page, and about 80 boldface letters in each line. There are also letters on the spine of each book, but these letters do not indicate or indicate in advance what will be said on each page. I know that sometimes the lack of a connection seems puzzling. Before I make a summary (the announcement of the conclusion, regardless of its tragic meaning, maybe the basic facts about history), I would like to recall some axioms. First: libraries do exist. No rational brain would doubt this truth. Its most direct corollary is the eternity of the world. Man, as an imperfect librarian, maybe the work of the creator of the opportunity or evil material world. A library full of shelves full of books, enigmatic scrolls, persistent climbing ladders for travelers, and hidden places for sitting librarians can only be God's masterpiece. To see the distance between man and God, just compare the rude and timid code that I scribbled on the back pages of the book with my fallible hands with the organic characters in it. Those characters: precise, meticulous, rather dark, with unparalleled symmetry. Second: there are twenty-five code names for spelling, which is evidence that the original manuscript of the current symbol three hundred years ago did not include Arabic numerals or capital letters. There are only commas and periods for punctuation. These two symbols, plus the space number and the 22 letters in the alphabet, make up a total of twenty-five code names. These code names are listed by an unknown author. The exposition of the general theoretical system of the library became possible and satisfactorily solved a problem that could not be clarified by any guess. That is about the amorphous and clutter of almost all books. My father once saw a book in a hexagon with a cycle number of 1594. The book is made up of the letters MCV reversing from the first line to the last line. In addition, all I often lookup in this area is a maze of letters, but on the penultimate page, I see words such as "zero adjust your pyramid". It is well known that in a meaningful line of text or a straightforward comment, there are lifeless combinations of discordant words or a hodgepodge of words or incoherent meanings. I know a very remote place where librarians condemn finding any usefulness in books and compare it to the futile custom of finding the meaning of life in dreams or the messy lines of someone's palms. They admit that the inventors of the writing method all imitated the twenty-five natural names, but they said that the imitation was accidental and that the books themselves had no meaning. We can see that this opinion is not entirely wrong. )

for a long time, we have believed that these puzzling books belong to the past or unfamiliar language. But it is true that the oldest humans, the original librarians, made good use of a language that is very different from the language we speak today. This is also true. A few miles to the right, language is logically dialectical. On the 90th floor of the bookshelf, the language is obscure. All these, I repeat, it's all true. But the immutable 410-page mcv does not correspond to any language, whether logically dialectical or obscure. Some librarians beat around the bush to say that each letter can influence the next. The value of MCV on the third line of page 71 is not the same as that of mcv belongs to the same series but is located elsewhere on another page. But this vague argument has not developed further: some people have classified these as cryptographic systems, and although his inventors could not have formed the letters in this way, this speculation has been widely accepted.

five hundred years ago, the director of the upper hexagonal hall saw a book, it and the other (1 before, there was one supervisor for every three hexagons. But suicide and lung disease have greatly reduced the proportion. I remember those indescribably desolate scenes: for many nights, when I walked down the hallway and those stairs, I met no one. (all the books outside are equally difficult to understand. But almost two pages of this book contain similar lines. The supervisor asked a man who wandered around to decipher the ancient words to explain these similar sentences. The man told him: this sentence line is written in Portuguese. Others told him that the sentences were written in Yiddish. At last, after nearly a century, these sentences were finally understood. This is the Guaran Samonad-Lithuanian dialect, with classical Arabic consonants. And the meaning of the sentence line is also understood: it is the concept of combinatorial analysis explained by an unlimited number of examples of repetition and change. These examples make it possible for a talented librarian to discover the basic principles of the library. The thinker found that all books, though varied, are made up of some unified factors. Including periods, commas, space signs, the 22 letters of the alphabet. He also quoted a point that was shared by all travelers. That is: in this huge library, no two books are the same. From all these irrefutable assumptions, he inferred that the library contained everything, and its bookcase contained all possible combinations of more than twenty spelling codes. The number of combinations, though large, is not infinite. (they are the sum of things that we can express in all our languages. Including a meticulous history of the future, the Archangel's autobiography, the library's real catalog, thousands of wrong catalogs, a display of the fallacy of these error catalogs and a display of the fallacy of the real catalog, the teachings of Gnosticism in the Bastille, comments on this doctrine, comments on this doctrine, a true record of your death, The edition and adaptation of each book written in various languages.

when we hear that the library contains all the books, our first impression is that we are very happy, all people think that they are the owners of these intact secret treasures, in some hexagons, all personal and general problems can be satisfactorily solved. The universe is considered legitimate and suddenly expands into the boundless space of hope. At that time, there were many remarks about the means of defense, books about apologies, and prophecies, which proved that the actions of everyone in the world were reasonable at all times, and set many mysteries for the future. many greedy people have given up the hexagonal shape they were born here, driven by an empty goal of finding a legitimate explanation for their actions, flocking up the ladder. The pilgrims quarreled in the narrow corridors, cursed each other, killed each other on the sacred stairs, and angrily threw deceptive books into the end of the tunnel. Then they were thrown into space by people from far away and died quietly. And some people are crazy. Excuses do exist. I have seen such two books myself. It's all about the people of the future, and these people are probably not imagining it. But those who seek it forget that the probability that a person can find his book, or a completely different variant of the book, is close to zero.

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We also hope that the origin of libraries and time, the basic secrets of mankind, will be proved. And we believe that these great secrets can be explained by words: if the philosophers' language is not enough, this huge library will produce the unexpected language and the necessary vocabulary and grammar we need.

four centuries have passed since mankind began to torture these hexagons.

official seeker: the interrogator has appeared. I've seen them on missions. They were often exhausted, and they talked about a staircase without steps, so much so that they almost fell to death. They talked about art galleries and stairs with local caretakers. From time to time, they would grab the nearest book and quickly flip through it, looking for some shameful words. But no one has ever found anything.

naturally, some unusual hopes arise from deep disappointment. They could not stand the belief that there were precious books on some shelf in a hexagonal shape, and that these books were out of reach, and a school of blaspheming God advised all seekers to give up their efforts. and advise people everywhere to confuse letters and codes until they are guided by unlikely luck, the book of ecclesiastical laws, and then combine these letters and codes. Officials thought they had to issue strict orders, so the faction disappeared. But when I was a child, I saw an old man who would rather hide in a secret place for a long time, putting a metal plate in a forbidden dice barrel, a futile imitation of heaven's chaos.

others, on the contrary, think that the first task is to get rid of useless work. They will hack into these hexagons and make public certificates that are not often wrong. They also angrily examined only one volume and demanded that all the bookshelves be destroyed. Their act of purging all their anger like an ascetic is responsible for the innocent destruction of so many books. They were condemned, but those who mourned the destruction of these treasuresIgnoring two well-known facts. First: the library is so huge that any act of destruction of mankind is negligible. Second: each book is unique and irreplaceable. But hundreds of slightly imperfect copies can always be found (throughout the library), which are only a letter or a comma different from the original. Contrary to public opinion, I dare infer that the consequences of the good deeds of these purifiers have led to an expansion of the sense of terror inspired by the actions of these madmen. they were inspired by the frenzy of attacking scarlet hexagonal books: scarlet hexagonal books are smaller than the usual version, illustrated, omnipotent, and magical.

"We also know another kind of superstition of that era: the omnipotent of books. People think that there must be a book on some hexagonal shelf. This book is a password index and a complete summary manual for all other books, and some librarians have used this book that can be compared to God in advance. The worship of this distant book still exists in the language of the region, and many pilgrims want to find it. They have walked every road in vain for a whole century, how to find the hexagonal shape of the book? Someone proposed a regression method: to find book a first lookup book b, which will point out the location of the book a. To find book b, first, look up book c, and if it goes on like this, it will never stop.

I also spent my years in this kind of exploration. For me, I think there may be such an omnipotent book on some shelf in the universe. I pray to the nameless God, (1 I repeat: to eliminate the possibility that does not exist, it is enough for such a book to exist. For example, although some books on the shelves discuss, negate and demonstrate this possibility, while the structure of others corresponds to the structure of a staircase, no book can act as a staircase. )

bless those people-- even if it was thousands of years ago, even if there was only one person-- to find the book and read it with their own eyes! If honor, wisdom, and happiness don't belong to me, let them. I hope there is heaven, although my place is in hell. Let me be insulted and destroyed! Hope to prove that this huge library is reasonable! It only takes a moment, only one exists.

those who blaspheme God claim that absurdity is the norm of the library. Any reasonable (even modesty and pure coherence) is almost an incredible exception. They say (I know) that the dangerous scrolls of this crazy library are often in danger of being turned into other scrolls. In other books, everything is affirmed and negated like a fanatical god until it is confusing. These remarks not only condemn but also exemplify the state of chaos and demonstrate the low taste and terrible ignorance of these people. The library contains all the text structures, expressions that can be changed by twenty-five spelling codes. But the library does not include complete absurdity. As for these hexagons, the title of the best book under my management is "the combed Roar of Thunder", the other is "plaster binding", and an "axaxaxasmlo" is meaningless. The titles of these books contain these topics and seem incoherent at first, but there is no doubt that they produce cryptographic or allegorical defenses. Since they are literal, these defenses have pointed out the hypothetical premise of the library. I can't put these letters together like dhcmr1chtdj. Because the omnipotent library has not yet foreseen this combination, some secret language of the library does not contain some terrible meaning. No one can clearly express a rough and unlikely syllable, and no one can clearly express a syllable of the name of an authoritative god that does not belong to any language. If you want to talk about these syllables, you will fall into a cumbersome abyss, but this useless and lengthy thing already exists in one of thirty books out of five hexagonal shelves in the library-and its refutation also exists. An unlimited number of possible languages use the same vocabulary. In some languages, the correct definition of a library is "omnipresent" and "eternal hexagonal art gallery system", but the library is also "living things" or "pyramids" or something else. The nineteen words that define a library have other meanings. As a reader, can you be sure that you understand my language? )

this methodical writing makes me confused about the present situation of human beings. But the fact that everything in the world has been written makes us feel useless and exhausted. I've heard of a place where young people can't even understand a letter, but they are still flipping through these books crazily. Fashions, pagan disputes, and pilgrimages inevitably degenerate into robber acts that have destroyed mankind. I remember mentioning more and more suicides. I may have been deceived by old age and fear, but I suspect that human beings-- unique human beings-- are on the verge of extinction. However, this library will always exist, full of precious books, useless, but not corrosive secrets, static, but brilliant.

I just wrote the word "infinity". I don't just usurp this adjective from rhetorical habits. I said: it is illogical to think that the world is infinite. Those who conclude that the world is limited think that in distant places, these corridors, stairs, and hexagons will incredibly stop working-an an obvious fallacy, and those who imagine the world as infinite forget that the number of books in the world is still limited. I dare to put forward the following opinion on this age-old problem: libraries are infinite but periodic. If an eternal traveler moves in any direction, he can find that many centuries later, the same scroll is still repeated in the same disorder (and this repetition can be made up of the kind of order: that is the order itself. My years of loneliness can also be happy in this great hope.