"I'll give you half of the headphones, okay?"

"I'll give you half of the headphones, okay?"

I hear your voice.

I especially like the feeling of being full of sound in my ears, waking up in the morning, on my way to work, in the subway, in the bathroom, in the sun. From the beginning of having the first MP3 in my life, I like to hide behind my voice. When I am in a good mood, when I am in a bad mood, when I am bored, when I am embarrassed, I will use headphones to isolate myself from the world and enjoy a good time alone. Always feel that the sound is a very personal thing, like fragrance, thousands of people have thousands of preferences, if you meet the same kind in the crowd, there will be a sense of surprise that "you are here too".

everyone has a preferred voice, and so do I. in today's article, I will share with you my favorite radio station and my favorite voice.  "the sound is warm."  the sound is warm, and the sound glows at night, which is the fixed beginning of "Cheng Yi Radio Story". It is also because, at the beginning of this sentence, I have loved his voice for five years, and turning on the cool APP, before going to bed every day seems to be the standard to help sleep. He talked to everyone on the radio about "what kind of experience it is to block the person you like." he told us on the radio that "as long as it's you in the end, it doesn't matter at all." he also lamented with us on the radio that "in the adult world, compromise is the norm." Cheng Yi's radio station, there are a lot of love can not leave, in countless sleepless nights, are accompanied by his voice, fall into memories, and then come out, and finally put down. He is like a friend who lives on a mobile phone, accompanying you most gently.  "this is Mo Xuan's Diary"  one user said that I first heard the voices of adults Mo and Xuan Xuan seven years ago, and I haven't missed every issue since then, especially cool me for them.

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I think this is the charm of the voice, and so is the existence of the radio station. It is clear that we have never met, but we are very familiar with it. In the "EQ Promotion Mo Xuan Diary" channel, they will talk about a topic in each issue, just like our friends around us, talk about the hidden rules of the workplace, talk about whether we should lend money to relatives, and occasionally come up with TV scenes to talk about where the Emperor Zhen Huan lost. In Mo Xuan's diary, you can hear the latest news and views. when you are too busy to watch hot spots, open Mo Xuan's diary, and you will know what has been happening recently. recently, they also made a special program: Wuhan-the most popular in the world.  "I am a promise," so you are here, "so you are here"  click "so you are here" for the first time because the phrase "so you are here" is a song by Liu Ruoying that I like very much. After listening to several issues, I was fascinated by the voice of the promise and ordered a subscription. I always like the low male voice, especially the low and heavy in the ear to tell the love story. Each program has a love story, some sweet, some sad, some very realistic, although I have heard a lot of truth, it is still difficult to live this life, but a very important point in love is to listen to it and know more. You can face love more calmly. Love is to choose Mr. Zuo or Mr. right, how to get along with his mother-in-law after giving birth to a child after marriage, whether the boy who is very stingy in love does not love himself, the story is someone else's, but the truth is his own.

having heard the promise will make you find a new direction when you are lost in love, and you can also find the motivation to start anew after you are sad.  Welcome to 1001 Night. I am on the other side.  I often like to pick a period and play some songs at random. There will be wonderful surprises. Among the subscribed radio stations, what is closely related to music is probably "1001 Nights" made on the other side, which is especially suitable for listening to before going to bed. Each program is a song, plus eloquent "love words." Speaking of, I like almost every song because there are lyrics in my heart. "transfer of Love" tells us that people who don't cherish you should forget about it. "want to see you" teaches us that people we like have time to see you no matter how busy they are. Every word "what did you take away" is singing a story from an ex?. Listen to "1001 Night", say love words, say good night, come to a very suitable song. After listening to the three or five episodes, I naturally fell asleep.