"May I have peace in this world so that I can love you for a long time."

"May I have peace in this world so that I can love you for a long time."

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Zhang ailing Hu Launching

their love

the story of Zhang ailing and Hu Launching

feels more like a yellowed love letter in a wooden box with the smell of time at home.

Zhang ailing has been childless all her life

Love in war is to hope to be "stable in this world"

so that we can love you for a little longer

this may be something we will never experience in our lifetime

when tears are about to fall, we send a farewell sentence to our stomach

Zhang ailing and Hu Launching. One was the most famous female writer in Shanghai at that time, and the other was an important member of Wang's puppet government. In troubled times, their acquaintance, acquaintance, love, and the final breakup can be called a "legend".

the media of novels

if we do not encounter the blockade, the progress of the streetcar will never be broken. It will be blocked. The bell rang. "Tinker Bell." Each "Ling" word is a cold little dot, a little bit connected into a dotted line, cutting off time and space.

one day in the early spring of 1944, on the lawn of a courtyard in Nanjing, a middle-aged man was lying in a rattan chair flipping through a magazine. When he saw a novel, as soon as he had just read it, he could not help but sit up straight and read it carefully over and over again. This man is Hu Lancheng, and the novel he read is Zhang ailing's blockade.

Hu Lancheng is a native of Shengxian County, Zhejiang Province. He was born in 1906. He grew up poor, experienced a lot of hardships, and fought all over the world with his bare hands. His original rich wife Yufeng, when Yufeng died, Hu Lancheng borrowed money to bury his wife's soul but hit a brick wall everywhere. In this regard, Hu Lancheng later recalled: "I am about how the disaster of the collapse of heaven and earth, it is difficult for me to love the kindness of the world, and I can't shed a tear." I was crying when I was young, and I have returned it to my mother, and my adult cries have been returned to Yufeng, and my heart has returned to the unbenevolence of heaven and earth! " It is this literati who lives at the bottom of society and enters the world alone, who is indifferent to his personality, dignity, and values in the struggle. So when Wang Ching-Wei courted talents everywhere to organize a pseudo-government, they took a fancy to Hu Launching. Hu Lancheng also agreed regardless of right and wrong and became a sinner of the nation.

at this time, Hu Lancheng, who had already served in Wang's puppet government, was recuperating in Nanjing. When he received the eleventh issue of the magazine "Heaven and Earth" sent by Su Qing and read "blockade", he was overjoyed. The kind of sympathy between the literati and the literati made him full of curiosity about the author Zhang ailing. So he immediately wrote a letter to Su Qing, praising Zhang ailing's novel and expressing his desire to get acquainted with the author. Su Qing replied that the author was a woman and had a high score. This makes Hu Lancheng never forget Zhang ailing. Soon after, he received the 12th issue of Heaven and Earth from Su Qing, which contained not only Zhang ailing's articles but also her photos. He wants to get to know Zhang ailing more and more. After Hu Lancheng returned to Shanghai, he went to see Su Qing meet Zhang ailing as an enthusiastic reader. Su Qing declined politely because Zhang ailing never met anyone easily. But Hu Lancheng insisted on seeing him and asked Su Qing for the address. Su Qing hesitated for a moment before writing to him-Room 65, 6th floor, No. 192 apartment at the intersection of Jing'an Temple Road. Hu Lancheng is like a treasure. Although at this time, he is a man with a wife, and it is his second marriage.

"Flowers come out of the dust"

Hu Lancheng excitedly went to Zhang ailing's house the next day. She lived on Hurd Road, which was not far from the Beauty Park on Daxi Road. But Zhang ailing has no strangers. Hu Lancheng did not give up and handed in a note through the crack in the door, writing down the reason for his visit and his home address and telephone number, and begged Miss Ai Ling to see him at her convenience. The next day, Zhang ailing called Hu Lancheng and said she would see him soon. Zhang ailing refused his visit and went to see him herself. She changed her mind very quickly. Earlier, Hu Lancheng was detained for offending Wang Ching-Wei, and Zhang ailing once accompanied Su Qing to Zhou Fohai's house to express her affection. So she knows him. So, we met in this way.

when we met, Hu Lancheng only said that it was wrong with what he thought. On the one hand, he thought that Zhang ailing was tall, and on the other hand, he felt that she was sitting there, childish and pitiful, not as a writer, but as an immature schoolgirl. But the two of them talked for five hours. From commenting on today's popular works to asking about Zhang ailing's monthly income from writing articles. It was rude to ask such a question to a young lady who met for the first time, but because they knew each other, they already had a sense of acquaintance, so Zhang ailing did not find Hu Lancheng's remarks abrupt. Hu Lancheng sent Zhang ailing to the entrance of the lane and walked side by side when he suddenly said, "how can you be so tall?" Only this sentence suddenly narrowed the distance between the two. The subtext of "how can this be" is compared from the point of view of whether two people match or not, as long as they are treated together as men and women. Eileen Chang was surprised and almost disgusted, but it was really good.

the next day, Hu Lancheng paid a return visit to Zhang ailing. The luxury in her room unexpectedly made him uneasy. Hu Lancheng described that Liu Bei had such a military spirit when he entered Mrs. Sun's room during the three Kingdoms. That day, Zhang ailing wore a pair of sapphire silk trousers and glasses with bright yellow frames. Years later, Hu Lancheng has a clear memory of these details. After that, he went to see Zhang ailing every day. One day, he mentioned to Zhang ailing the photo published in "Heaven and Earth". Zhang ailing took it out and gave it to him, with a few words on the back: "when she saw him, she became very low, as low as the dust." But her heart was filled with joy, and flowers came out of the dust. "

falling in love

this year, Hu Lancheng is 38 years old and Zhang ailing is 24 years old. But soon, they fell in love. The way they fall in love seems to me it's a continuation of their initial acquaintance. Hu Lancheng works in Nanjing and goes back to Shanghai once a month for eight or nine days. Every time he went back to Shanghai, instead of going back to his home in the Beautiful Garden, he went straight to Hurd Road to see Zhang ailing and Zhang ailing together every day.

but at that time, the world did not understand the feelings between them, only felt that Hu Lancheng's political identity was a traitor and had a wife, and he was old enough to be Zhang ailing's father. The world thinks that this kind of love seems a little incredible, and they all feel sorry for Zhang ailing. But Zhang ailing herself does not think so.

"because you know, you are merciful."

Hu Lancheng understands Zhang ailing, the nobility and elegance of her aristocratic family background, and her idea of timely carpe diem generated by the misfortune of childhood. This "understanding" alone may be the biggest reason why Zhang ailing fell in love with Hu Launching. In fact, after careful analysis, Zhang ailing herself is not a secular person, she does not judge a person by earthly values. She doesn't have any political ideas but regards Hu Lancheng as a man who understands her, not a traitor of Wang's puppet government, and she doesn't care about Hu Lancheng's wife, because she doesn't seem to think about Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling). "I thought you could come and go with me in the future," she said to Hu Lancheng in a letter. " Maybe she only cares about Hu Lancheng's love for her at the moment, and she doesn't want to think about anything else. Hu Lancheng is much older than her, but this may be the reason why she loves him.

since childhood, Eileen Chang lacked fatherly love, so it is easy to have special feelings for older men, so the age problem is not an obstacle. So she gave her all to love him, and thus fell in love with the surprised eyes of the world. Love so otherworldly.

in August 1944, Hu Lancheng's second wife filed for divorce. This gives the love between Zhang ailing and Hu Lancheng a chance to sublimate-- marriage. They got married in this way, with no legal procedure, just a marriage certificate. Because Hu Lancheng is afraid that the situation will change in the future, her identity will be a drag on Zhang ailing. There is no ceremony, only Yan Ying, a good friend of Zhang ailing, proves it. Hu Lancheng and Zhang ailing signed for life and became husband and wife. May the years be quiet and stable. " The first two sentences were written by Hu Lancheng, and the last two sentences were written by Zhang ailing. In this way, their relationship has a solid and stable relationship-husband and wife.

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this period is also the prime time in Zhang ailing's creative career. Hu Lancheng is helpful to her writing, and the two will discuss some literary topics together. Zhang ailing's prose Love says at the beginning that this is a true story. It is indeed a true story, the story of Hu Lancheng's common mother. Maybe he inspired her creation. However, such a time is not long.

"I am leading you to recruit you at the corner of Tianya."

the time has approached the end of 44 years, and the situation is changing. The influence of the Japanese army in China has been declining. As an official of Wang's puppet government, Hu Lancheng also had a sense of crisis. One evening, the two were watching the twilight in Shanghai on the balcony of Zhang ailing's house. Hu Lancheng told her about the current situation, afraid that he would be in trouble in the future. Although Zhang ailing is not sensitive to politics, at the moment, she knows that this country is connected to her home this time. In Han Yuefu, there is a sentence that "if you have a difficult future, dry mouth and dry lips, if you are happy today, you should all like it." And Zhang ailing realized the meaning of these two poems at the moment. Hu Lancheng said, "I will probably be able to escape the defeat in Japan, that is, I am afraid I will have to hide incognito for the first year or two, and it is not good for us to be together again." Zhang ailing said with a smile, "at that time, if you changed your name, you could be called Zhang Xian, or Zhang Zhao. I was leading you and recruiting you at the corner of Tianya."

that's what I expect! But the two are going to be apart! In November 1944, Hu Lancheng went to Hubei to take over the Great Chu Daily and began his long-term separation from Zhang ailing. It was a period of frequent alarms and air raids. One day, Hu Lancheng was bombed on the road, and the crowd was in a panic. He knelt on the tracks and thought he was going to explode to death. In despair, he only shouted out two words: Aileen! At this time, he still loves Zhang ailing with all his heart.

but Hu Lancheng is, after all, irresponsible. Not long after he came to Wuhan, he fell in love with Zhou Xunde, a 17-year-old nurse at Hanyang Hospital. He didn't hide Zhang ailing from Xiao Zhou, but he made it clear to her that he would marry her-- he had to be a concubine. But Xiao Zhou's biological mother was a concubine, and she responded that her mother could not be a concubine, and her daughter was also a concubine. So Hu Lancheng had another wedding and seemed to have completely forgotten the existence of Zhang ailing. Zhang ailing knows nothing about this. She wrote to him and told him all the little things in her life. She still loves him so devotedly.

in March 1945, Hu Lancheng returned to Shanghai from Wuhan. I stayed with Zhang ailing for more than a month. At this time, he told Zhang ailing about Xiao Zhou. She was shocked because she regarded her love for Hu Lancheng as so steadfast and unshakable, but how could a small week emerge? At this time, Zhang ailing's heart has been stabbed, but she still loves him. So she had to bear it in silence. With two people together, Hu Lancheng never mentioned Xiao Zhou anymore. Maybe he is the one who only sees in front of him.

unfortunately, Hu Lancheng returned to Wuhan in May. As soon as he saw Xiao Zhou, he felt at home-he forgot Zhang ailing again.

the situation is in great chaos. On August 15, 1945, Japan surrendered and Hu Lancheng came to the end, and Chongqing will certainly punish such traitors like him. So he fled to Zhejiang and assumed the pseudonym Zhang Jiayi, saying that he was a descendant of Zhang ailing's grandfather Zhang Peilun-Guo was surnamed Zhang, but not Zhang Pian or Zhang Zhao, and lived in the Zhuji family.

Si Songde, the son of the Si family, is a high school classmate of Hu Launching. Hu Lancheng lived with the family for a year when he was young. The master of the family has passed away, and it is the mistress of the family who makes a living. The family also has a mother, Fan Xiumei and Da Hulan. Cheng is two years old and once had a daughter with the family. In such troubled times, the Si family arranged for Hu Lancheng to take refuge in Wenzhou Fan Xiumei's mother's home, which was sent by Fan Xiumei. Along the way, Hu Lancheng seduced Fan Xiumei again. Before arriving in Wenzhou, the two became husband and wife, and the Fan family and neighbors were also called husband and wife. Hu Lancheng, who has just left Zhang ailing and Zhou Xunde, is now with Fan Xiumei, which shows his abusive affection!

however, Zhang ailing, who had not seen each other for half a year, unexpectedly found her way to Wenzhou. The triangular relationship between these two women and a man can only be embarrassing in any case. Fearing that Fan Xiumei's neighbors were suspicious of the relationship between the three, they all met at the hotel. One morning, Hu Lancheng was talking to Zhang ailing in a hotel with a dull abdominal pain, but he endured it. When Fan Xiumei came, he said as soon as he saw her that she was not feeling well. Fan Xiumei sat on a chair by the door but asked how the pain was, saying that the tea would be all right when she made a cup of lunch later. Eileen Chang was very melancholy at the moment because she felt that Fan Hsiu-mei was Hu Lancheng's relative, and she looked like a "third party" or a guest. On another occasion, Zhang ailing boasted that Fan Xiumei was beautiful and wanted to paint a portrait of her. This was Zhang ailing's specialty. Fan Xiumei also sat and asked her to draw, while Hu Lancheng watched. But as soon as she drew her face and drew her eyebrow, eyes, and nose, Zhang ailing suddenly stopped painting and said that she would not draw anything, but her face was sad. After Fan Hsiu-mei left, Hu Lancheng asked again and again, and Zhang ailing said, "I only feel her eyebrow and expression. Her mouth is more and more like yours. I feel so unshaken that I can't paint anymore for a while." This is what the world calls "husband and wife". Zhang ailing is aggrieved, there is only one man in her heart, but there are several women in this man's heart, how can she not be sentimental?

when she left Wenzhou, Hu Lancheng saw her off. It was raining. The rain also washed away their former "love of the city". Zhang ailing already knows that the most beautiful love in her life has come to the end of bitterness, and there is no room for redemption.

"I will just fade"

for the next eight or nine months, the two occasionally communicated. Zhang ailing will also use her own money to help Hu Lancheng for fear that he will suffer in exile.

once, Hu Lancheng had a chance to pass through Shanghai. in danger, he stayed with Zhang ailing for the night. Instead of confessing his abusive feelings, he accused Zhang ailing of improperly handling some details of her life. She also asked her what was her impression of her article "Records of Wuhan" written by Xiao Zhou, and mentioned her relationship with Fan Xiumei. Zhang's ailing was very cold. That night, the two lived in separate rooms. Early the next morning, Hu Lancheng went to say goodbye to Zhang ailing's bed, leaned over, and kissed her. She held out her hands and hugged him with tears. She only called out "Lan Cheng" in her sobs and could not speak anymore.

this is the last time the two meet.

A few months later, in June 1947, Hu Lancheng received a farewell letter from Zhang ailing:

I don't like you anymore. You don't like me anymore. It took me a year and a half to think about my determination this time. Only at that time with a little luck, do not want to add to your difficulties. Don't come to me, even if you write, I won't read it.

Xiao Ji means small robbery. At this time, Hu Lancheng has been out of danger, teaching in a middle school, has a more secure job. When Zhang ailing chose him to be stable, she wrote a farewell letter, along with her fee of 300000 yuan. From then on, the two men had a legendary love and ended bitterly. Hu Lancheng once wrote to Yan Ying, a good friend of Zhang ailing, to try to recover the relationship, but Zhang ailing ignored him, and Yan Ying did not talk to him either. This relationship is the end of the curtain call. Zhang ailing once said to Hu Lancheng, "I will just wither." What withers is not only love but also literary talent. Since then, Zhang ailing's creation has also entered a low ebb.

however, there are later words.

in the early 1950s, Hu Lancheng moved to Japan to live with Aizhen, the widow of Shanghai rogue Wu Sibao. Zhang ailing has also left the mainland for Hong Kong. Hu Lancheng got the news and asked someone to visit her, but without meeting her, the man left Hu Lancheng's address in Japan. Half a year later, Hu Lancheng received a postcard with no title or signature, only familiar handwriting:

if there are books on hand, such as "difficult War and difficult", "Civilization and tradition" (except "Mountain and River years"), can you borrow them for reference for a few months?

followed by Zhang ailing's address in the United States. Hu Lancheng was overjoyed, thinking that the old relationship could be restored and that Zhang ailing still appreciated herself, so she immediately replied to the letter according to the address, along with new books and photos. When the first volume of "this Life and this Life" was published, he sent a book in the past and wrote a long letter, which was a lingering language. Zhang ailing did not reply at all. At last, she sent me a note:

Lan Cheng:

your letter and book have been received. Thank you very much. I don't want to write a letter. I beg your pardon. I rashly asked you to borrow it because I couldn't find the reference to your old work. I'm sorry if you misunderstand me. If you are not unhappy when the next volume of this Life is published, please send me a copy. I would like to thank you in advance. I will not write another letter.


Hu Lancheng completely gave up his mind at the sight of Hu Launching. At this point, this love is the end of the curtain.

Zhang ailing has never said a word about this relationship. We can only make textual research from the "Women of the Republic of China" in Hu Lancheng's "this Life and this Life". This relationship, which is right and which is wrong, may not matter.

as Zhang ailing said at the beginning of the Golden Lock:

We may not have caught sight of the moon 30 years ago. Young people think that the moon 30 years ago should be a red and yellow wet halo of copper coins, like a teardrop on Duoyunxuan letterhead, old and confused. The moon in the old man's memory of thirty years ago was happy. Bigger than the moon in front of me, round and white, but looking back after 30 years of hard work, no matter how good the moon is, it can't help but be a little bleak.

Hu Lancheng's relationship with Zhang ailing is, perhaps, "the moon 30 years ago".

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Zhang ailing sent Hu Lancheng a photo


written on the back

"when she saw him, she became very low to the dust.

but the heart blossoms out of the dust with joy. "

there is no ceremony in their marriage.

only Yan Ying, a good friend of Zhang ailing, is the proof.

when Zhang ailing and Hu Lancheng got married, she said

"May only the present world be stable and quiet"

someone said this sentence after Hu Launching

it doesn't matter who said it

I am a person with a strong sense of ritual

there must be an explanation at the beginning and end

Love is a kind of dependence and emotion.

Love is a kind of dependence and emotion.

Love is a kind of dependence and emotion.

Love is a kind of dependence and emotion.

Love is a kind of dependence and emotion. The way you look in a relationship

I believe there will be a lot of people who make a clear distinction between love and love

they rationally decide the beginning and end of each relationship

but become emotionally unable to find themselves in this relationship

like a biological chain

I stubbornly believe that people and people are one thing at a time

Don't be sad to leave.

whether it is a friend or a lover

what can be left behind will become a person with you

one more word without company is nonsense