"Youth will be served."

"Youth will be served."

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sometimes I find myself in a bit of a hurry.

but also forget that besides the age of celebrities, it is also the age for people to be looked down upon and do chores.

I have also thought about going back to my hometown for comfort after graduation.

I have also thought about studying abroad.

but thinking that you are only in your early 20s is the age at which you should break your head and have no regrets.

so I decided to stay in Beijing.

the saying that escape is a coward is just to hear that no one is really strong.

inspiration and power are all sparks made by the right stone.

I believe in fate very much.

I mean who you will meet, your stubborn decision.

3/4 sleeve wedding dresses is sure the best choice you will never regret. Our collections will meet all your needs.

everything in your life, including the opportunities you encounter.

I believe this.

those who are associated with your magnetic field can meet you around the corner.

it's not the kind of arrangement you should have to give up a slap on the shoulder if you pass by.

I hope I made the right decision.

the fate is so ill-fated that there will be no good luck.

I never regret my decision.

even if you are wrong.

Today I bring you the works of Henglangxiu, Osamu Yokonami.

she was born in Kyoto, Japan in 1967.

1987 entered Osaka Photography School and

entered the Photo Department of the Japanese Culture and publication Bureau in 1989.

if I hadn't known her age, I would have thought she was a girl in her early 20s when I looked at her works.

the tension of the photo is breathtaking.

it doesn't matter that "be famous as soon as possible" but "live happily"

everything is a matter of time

the photos in this issue are beautiful

to make it easier for you to store them in your phone as wallpaper

I didn't add watermarks

1. Group portraits.

2. Space

3. With the fruits and photographed 1000 children holding fruit with their heads

A friend on the platform left a message saying he wanted to see my selfie.

threatened me to turn off aspirin without looking at the selfie. = =.

wipe off the sweat this is a face-watching world.

but this friend, I know you're kidding. = =.

but still, give you what you want (I'm so nice).

I think the selfie of the big face is fine.

compare the influence of the atmosphere.

so I found a piece of soap in front of the glass in the bedroom bathroom.

there are friends on Weibo who say they like my long hair. Well, they are trying to keep it.

although it may be saved and cut halfway.

but I still think short hair is pretty cool.

well, good night, everyone.