Remember you hugged me from behind.

Remember you hugged me from behind.

In love, we all want to be each other's great men and be immortal in each other's hearts.


which posture between couples makes you feel sense of security full?

which little act of your love moment will make you remember all the time?

I am a person born with a lack of sense of security, and maybe everyone's upbringing has something to do with it. When I was a child, my family's education was to be independent, but because I learned to be independent prematurely, I became worried about gains and losses about some things, such as feelings, such as friendship, those feelings that are difficult to express are like capricious summer weather to me, with continuous sunshine and rain.

my first favorite boy, he is a sentimental person, very attentive and sensitive to details. Once we did nothing because we had a room for a trip, because we were young, trembling about everything, afraid to cross the unknown bottom line, with a trace of stubborn and cautious sense of responsibility in the pheromones emitted by teenagers.

We lie in bed and go to bed early at the right time for dreams.

Show a sense concinnity and harmony when in our semi formal dresses for teens. Our flexible selections suit all body types well.

however, during a light sleep, I felt a hug like a Barrier, the kind of sense of security that was electrocuted and spread to every cell of the body. He hugged me from behind, because of the solidity of that moment, I may rely on this action for the rest of my life. Human desires reach their maximum at the last second before everything is about to happen.


before I came to Morocco, I went to the cinema to see | passing through your world | .

what impresses me deeply is Yang Yang's embrace of Bai Baihe from behind, in addition to the radio broadcasts in various regions.

one morning in the movie, Yang Yang wakes up bleary-eyed, wearing a white T-shirt and his face is angular. Bai Baihe's image at the moment should be shouldered by the nymphomaniac mood of every girl who sees Yang Yang smiling. Next comes the scene of more dog abuse. Yang Yang gets up in a white T-shirt, hugs Bai Baihe from behind, and kisses tentatively. This series of actions are very lethal to people like me who lack sense of security. so that after watching the whole movie, my friends and I talked all the time during dinner: I really want to be held by Yang Yang from behind. I also hope Yang Yang can kiss me tentatively like this.

the desire of the human body for good things,

actually precedes reason.

Freud's desire theory has put forward several human "needs", physical needs, security needs, social needs, respect needs and self-realization needs. He said that everything human beings do stems from two motives: the impulse of human nature and the desire to become a great man.


in love, we all want to be each other's great men and be immortal in each other's hearts.

Yang Yang completely performed in this film such a great man of love emotion, who has become the protective umbrella of the other party from childish to understanding love.

A person's character, first of all, is the primary factor in attracting others, if there is another acceptable appearance, then it will be the most perfect thing for a person.

Yang Yang plays the role of "Mao 18", a creative science genius wandering in his own spiritual world. At first, he didn't know what love is, so all the confessions seemed desperate and full of blood, but in the end, he explained with action that everyone's love is expressed in different ways, but love begins with desire and ends with imagination.

except Peng Yuyan, who is loved by Yue GE, after watching | passing from all over the world | after that, I was completely surrounded by Yang Yang. When I read a book, I saw such a sentence, saying, "the furthest distance in the world is not the distance between life and death, not the distance between the sky, but I stand in front of you, but you do not know that I love you."

at the end of the movie, Yang Yang's character is scared at first, but then saves his life for the sake of the one he likes.

I was thinking that the so-called sense of security is very simple.

the lover's hug from behind,

the sense of security with someone to accompany and hold hands in times of crisis,

psychological sense of security is actually the source that doesn't make you tremble.