Serious people, don't say hello.

Serious people, don't say hello.

It's really not easy for contemporary youth. As a serious person, even with such experience, it is still difficult to learn a lesson.

A serious person will sooner or later be confused about the way people greet each other.

when I met an acquaintance on the road, he asked, "where are you going?"

I was lost in thought.

the day before yesterday, I went to the commissary and left my wallet there. A kind student took it away and promised that the boss would find me, but my student card was a few years ago. She couldn't find me at all, and the snack bar boss didn't leave her contact information. A week later, I was about to go back to my hometown. I needed an ID card when I bought a plane ticket. I went to the municipal administration to take a picture, but I had to go to another police station to deal with it. The police station asked for a certificate issued by the school's office director. I was on my way to applying for the certificate.

do you want to say that?

there was no time to think about it. The man was already there. The embarrassment was too urgent. I pinched myself in the throat and squeezed out a sentence: I …. Let's talk later!

neighbor, ask "have you eaten?"

I got up at noon and didn't have breakfast at all. I just had a break from brunch. It's already four o'clock in the afternoon, and then I'm going to have dinner. Did I eat it, or didn't I eat it?


he has gone far away.

I have a foreign friend in his seventies named Nick. One day when I saw him, I still asked: Long time no see! How are you!

he said: how can I say, when I was five years old, my mother abandoned me at the gate of kindergarten, and then my father sent me to boarding school to deny me. After graduation, I lived with a young couple. The man was murdered, and then the girl committed suicide, and I began to travel around the world.

I was stunned! People say Fine, thank you, and you!

I said, "W. Hat?

he looked indifferent and said, "what is this?" Later, when I was in Mumbai, I learned to fly a private jet and accidentally pressed the wrong button to fall from a high altitude. I didn't fly again until 100 meters above the ground.

I can't say a word.

he added: I already had a plane in South America. When I was driving around in the sky, I caught up with the tense situation in Cuba, the army patrolled everywhere, saw me flying a plane, and fired at me without a word, and a bomb was close to my plane. I didn't die again.

I nodded.

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I froze when he talked about how dangerous the pristine jungle in Cambodia was, and when I was distracted when I recently published cartoons and his plan to buy a boat, I had a guest. I hastened to greet her to escape Nick's life.

never ask him again.

it's not easy for contemporary youth. As a serious person, even with such experience, it is still difficult to learn a lesson.

another day, a Spanish friend passed by our shop and habitually asked me: how are you doing these days?

my cat died last month because I was so depressed that I had to go back to my hometown and lose my love. I couldn't sleep every day and couldn't eat.

do you want to say that!

in a trance, I said that.

then she recommended an herbal medicine to me every time she came, advising me not to see a psychiatrist, saying that psychological drugs are dependent, eat fruit and bask in the sun every day, drink more water, and smokeless. Let it go, she said. I know it's really hard.

I'll never say that again.

now I say: great!