Shake the atmosphere back | "you see the moon always shines on us"

Shake the atmosphere back | "you see the moon always shines on us"

The most popular explanation of Post-Rock in the fourth issue of November 5, 2014 is that "adding electronic music to old-style rock and roll has formed a new kind of rock'n 'roll."

shake Post-Rock

the most popular explanation is

"by adding electronic music to old rock,

has formed a new, more relaxed and free style of musical expression."

hallucinogenic atmosphere.

most of the post-rocking music brings people a sense of loneliness and space.

the moment you hear it can be suddenly quiet.

I don't know what happened. All of a sudden, I was left alone.

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the feeling of shaking after shaking is as cold as intravenous injection.

in the process of flowing in the blood vessels, it slowly changes from cold to hot, evaporates and coagulates on the skin or becomes tears.

in the experimental rock movement deeply influenced by electroacoustic instrumental rock in the 1990s, post-rock is undoubtedly the dominant type of music. There are a lot of experimental genres in post-rock music-Krauft-Rock, atmosphere music (Ambient), radical rock (Progressive Rock), Space Rock, Math Rock, Tape Music, minimalist classical (Minimalist Classical), British IDM,Jazz (in a word, both Avant-Garde and Cool), and Dub Reggae,): most of the music is built on rock music, but it is not rock music in essence.

the musical feeling of post-rock music to the audience is completely opposite to the traditional sense of rock music, its music is full of hypnosis and low sound monotonous (especially in some guitar-based bands). Even relatively bright music makes people feel calm and awakened. The reason for this is that post-rock is a response to anti-rock, especially after the mainstream assimilation of alternative music, many post-rock bands are established under the same consciousness: rock music has lost its true rebellious consciousness, and it is difficult to extricate itself from its old patterns and empty postures. From then on, rock and roll rejected everything related to traditional rock music.

Post-rock music focuses on pure sound and timbre rather than on melody and song structure, and most of its works tend to instrumental music, even if there is a human voice in the works, it is only an accessory to the overall musical effect.

the post-rock music base was established in 1991 with the release of two different milestones,: Talk Talk's "Laughing Stock" and Slint's "Spiderland". "Laughing Stock" is the pinnacle of the transformation of Talk Talk music, which is an emotional and ingenious fusion of situational music (Ambient), jazz (Jazz) and simple chamber music (Minimalist Chamber Music), while "Spiderland" music is full of thoughtful, bass-driven grooves, murmuring poetic lyrics, obscure structure and extreme volume switching. These two works have had an impact on many later post-rock bands.

Post-rock (experimental rock /instrumental rock): Post-Rock/Experimental Rock/Instrument Rock

to put it simply, post-rock refers to the addition of electronic music to old-style rock, forming a new, more relaxed and free style of musical expression. Post-rock rejects (or overturns) all elements associated with traditional rock. Compared with the melody and the structure of the song, post-rock music pays more attention to a clean and smooth musical expression. This style of music usually adds to its overall effect with the help of musical instruments. With the emergence of two iconic bands, talk talk laughing stock and slint spiderland, the post-rock style was formally formed in 1991.

"Post-Rock is the use of rock instruments for non-rock purposes, and the guitar promotes timbre and structure more than Riff and theme." The key issue of backwardness is not only the use of electronics, but also the emergence of multi-level percussion instruments. "Post-Shake is the 1970s to the 1990s", there are a lot of post-rock band works with a strong hallucinatory and Space nature. In describing the experimental post-shake, the author said that it is soft and moody in many cases, leading to anxiety and excitement many times.

Post-rock (Post-Rock) already has a more formal name, but in fact, at the beginning, many music magazines were basically unable to make a conclusion about the music played by this group of people. For example, when Rolling Stone magazine first introduced these groups, it only called them "Instrument Rock", mainly because most of these bands preferred to play pure instruments and did not have lead singers. It is also a rock group that plays electric guitar, drums and bass, but among musicians who play "post-rock", it may be completely changed into a completely different creative concept. In a nutshell, the so-called "post-rock" is actually a mode of subverting traditional rock music creation by concept or theory.

recommend several post-rocking bands that I usually like to listen to

their music is suitable for

when the shadow of the crowded crowd can not be seen clearly in the three or four o'clock sun & nbsp; you walk alone

on the way home alone in the evening

the light of the subway tunnel with a slight density on the horizon

when you are alone in the middle of the night, when you are on the computer with a drawing board or retouching pictures

Make you excited like a cat smelling mint, or everyone will have their own unique feelings

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