Since it's a part of me, I don't need to see you again.

Since it's a part of me, I don't need to see you again.


who knows I wrote a story this time,

so, have a drink and take your time.

come on, Lucky One.

there are not so many coincidences in the world.

Love always needs one side to plan carefully.

you have planned it for a long time, and I am willing to take the bait.

many people thought he was a cool boy at the first meeting of the May 4th Movement. At the moment, he was holding his suitcase and sitting alone on the side of the road outside the airport smoking. This is a newly opened box of cigarettes, peppermint, and he likes to smoke. He opened the cigarette case and put it backward. It was his lucky one. He closed the box, then opened it, took out the one he had just put upside down, and made a wish.


A carton of cigarettes can make twelve wishes. The first eleven cigarettes were taken away by others when they gave up cigarettes. I wonder if the wishes of the eleven people who took away Luckyone have come true. He borrowed light from the people next to him, lit it, and found that he didn't press the beads. He bit with his teeth and the cigarette broke. Well, we'll have to smoke another pack. He took another one at random, and it doesn't matter which one. Now he just wants to smoke a cigarette.


this habit was formed three years ago when he went to an exhibition. At that time, he had just got a tattoo. It was a wave on the inside of his arm. If the tattoo is not exposed, it is not a tattoo. He changed into his black T-shirt, put on his black trousers, wore a black hat, and brought a film machine to see the exhibition. It was not to see the exhibition. He thought he would meet a girl who fell in love at first sight at the exhibition. His intuition told him that he should go there.


A person will meet someone he will never forget in a specific period. The time is very random and the feeling is very exciting. he walked into an installation full of mirrors, the kind of people you can see in the mirror from many angles in the reflection of the mirror, but they are not with you, they are in other channels, every channel is connected. There are no less than fifty mirrors in that space, connected. The people in the mirror don't know where they are. They look at you, but you don't know where they are. At this time he saw a girl, he vaguely saw a tattoo of the moon on the inside of the girl's big arm, and the tide fell with the moon. He felt that the girl was simply given to him by God. And the May 4th Movement felt that she was too beautiful, and he liked her so much that she looked like a goddess in his heart so he couldn't wait to get to know her. The girl was moving, he followed the girl, the girl turned a corner, he also turned a corner, resulting in a heavy bump into another mirror, he walked into a dead-end, the girl disappeared, he was very worried. Sometimes this is the case, you think that if you don't hook up with someone right now, you will never see him for the rest of your life. To let himself have no regrets, the May 4th Movement stubbornly found the girl in the passageway, and even he wondered if there was such a girl and whether he was dazzled.


looking for it, he came to the exit unexpectedly. He was about to go in again when he heard a voice that seemed to be talking to him. He looked back. The girl was at the door. "are you looking for me?" Although there was no shortage of girls around the May 4th Movement, such direct opening remarks made him blush a little. "are you looking for me?" The girl asked, and the May 4th Movement said, "Ah, yes." The girl said, "I'm looking for you, too." But this mirror is so magical that I feel a little dizzy. I knew you would come out, so I just waited at the door. " He was secretly overjoyed in the May 4th Movement, and he firmly believed that it was fate and that it was the validity of his intuition when he came to the exhibition.

"come on, go out and have a smoke."


 this is their first meeting.

the girl's name is Xiao Xi, and the May 4th Movement is called May 4th.


Xiaoxi likes to smoke mint Marlboro and everything about mint. Xiaoxi is a peppermint girl, very strong and addictive. When she smoked Zhongnanhai in the May 4th Movement, Xiao Xi said no. She handed him a cigarette and solemnly introduced to him that it was a lucky one, in every box. She put it herself, never smoked it, and gave it to someone else. I'll give it to you and make a wish. The May 4th Movement brought the cigarette to me, held it high in front of my eyes like burning incense, closed my eyes, and made a wish. Then Xiao Xi said, "bite open the explosive beads with me". The May 4th Movement bit clumsily and almost broke it.


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this is counted together. The May 4th Movement rode his modified CG125 vintage motorcycle to send Xiao Xi home safely. Xiao Xi put the mint Marlboro into his hand and watched Xiao Xi go upstairs. The May 4th Movement smoked one of them downstairs before leaving. I've smoked this cigarette before, but I've never felt so comfortable before, and I haven't bought Zhongnanhai since then.

Xiaoxi is a photographer, and the May 4th Movement is an illustrator. One always likes to run out, and the other doesn't like to go out the door. But there is always one side to make some changes, and the best way is for Xiao Xi to take pictures of the May 4th Movement at home. She closed her eyes and touched the curve of the nose of the May 4th Movement, the outline of her face, the length of her eyelashes, and the thickness of her mouth, and the May 4th Movement also touched Xiao Xi's face. When Xiao Xi filmed him, he drew Xiao Xi and patted him.  
 Xiaoxi has many eccentricities, such as pinching instant noodles when shopping in the supermarket, sticking his hand in the beans, and never remembering whether the door is closed or not, so he has to go back and push the door to make sure. The May 4th Movement likes her little eccentricities. Feel very childish and lovely, like Nara Meizhi.  
  A lot of pretentious love cannot be avoided in the end. It takes less than a year. In more than half a year, they begin to quarrel, trivial, and add fuel to their words. The two people who have too much personality are not prepared to give way to each other. Every quarrel is like a bet. The longer the cold war, the bigger the stakes and the person who reconciles loses.  

but the May 4th Movement loves Xiao Xi deeply, so Xiao Xi always has the confidence to let the May 4th Movement come to her for settlement at a loss. She is not angry sometimes, she just likes to gamble. Every time the May 4th Movement tells you not to be angry, Xiao Xi will jump directly on him and take a big bite of the May 4th kiss. So it only took a year to reconcile Xiao Xi with the character of never admitting defeat in the May 4th Movement.

  most of the time, when you have been in love for a long time, you will feel as if you have never been in love, but when you want to get out of it, you will find that this person is deeply embedded in your body and melted in your blood.  

it's not a good thing to be like the other person, because you know what's on the other person's mind so well that you don't take it seriously.

 the May 4th Movement is becoming more and more homely. He can stay at home for a week to play games or take overwork to draw illustrations. However, Xiao Xi's career should be a free, unfettered photographer. They both love each other, but they don't know how to love each other. After being together for a long time, everything of the other party was exposed in the light, and the little eccentricities that once liked each other also tore off the sugar coating, which became eccentricities. So much so that by the third year, the connection between them was to have dinner together and then go their way. When the May 4th Movement realized that it would be over if it went on like this, and was about to do something, Xiao Xi broke up. Xiao Xi is the kind of person who does not make any decisions easily. As long as he makes a decision, it is a real decision, and there is no room for turning back. So the May 4th Movement did not ask to stay.  
 Xiaoxi disappears in the May 4th Movement like air but supports the May 4th Movement like air. He never felt that losing was such a painful thing. Although he had few contacts before, the May 4th Movement firmly believed that Xiao Xi would not leave him. He felt that he had already eaten her, so he did not care. However, when he lost it, he began to panic. Xiao Xi's good, Xiao Xi's eccentricities are always struggling in his pores like a nightmare. His fingertips had the outline of Xiao Xi, and he stared at the balcony in a daze. He could see Xiao Xi painting his toes in his shirt in the sun. When he went to the supermarket, he began to squeeze instant noodles and stick his hands in the beans. He is also meeting new strangers. When he is asked what your name is, he says my name is Xiao Xi. May 4th no longer exists, yes, May 4th is Xiao Xi.  
 he went to the cinema alone to see an old movie, God's love dirge, in which there was a line that said, " you have become a part of me, and since you are a part of me, there is no need to see you again." "after repeating this sentence over and over again in the mind of the May 4th Movement, I heard the voice of Xiao Xi.  

he doesn't know why Xiao Xi can disappear so quickly and can't be contacted at all, but she still has her daily necessities at home, as if she hasn't disappeared. The May 4th Movement even began to wonder if he saw Xiao Xi in the mirror that day. He thought Xiao Xi might be an illusion, but she did change everything about him.

We meet a person and slowly get to know this person.

but he gets up and leaves when we are most passionate.

when I am with him,

I don't know that it is my happiest time.

Love is not possession or companionship.

you think you've got the right person,

but everyone has the right to choose freely when they are not loved.

one day after a month, the May 4th Movement saw a picture of a girl in moments. He looked like Xiao Xi in every way, but how could they possibly know each other? he left a message below, "is the girl on your right named Xiao Xi?" The girl replied, "No, are you stupid? aren't you Xiao Xi? this is the photographer I knew when I was photographed in the brigade, called May 4th, not Xiao Xi."


the May 4th Movement forgot that he told all his new acquaintances that his name was Xiao Xi, and all his blood was on a roller coaster. He immediately sent Wechat to the girl and asked the girl, "where are you now? I have been looking for the May 4th Movement for a long time." the girl gave him his cell phone number, and his hands were trembling when he pressed this row of strange numbers, and then the phone got through.

"you didn't ask me to stay at that time."

"I'm angry."

"you lost."

"I'll see you tomorrow."

"OK, I'm in Yunnan. Remember to bring your board. I want you to draw me. "

"aren't you surprised how I found you?"

"not surprised, because I arranged it."

  there are not so many coincidences in the world. Love always needs to be carefully planned by one party. You have been planning it for a long time, and I am willing to take the bait. May 4th Movement packed his bags and bought a plane ticket. This time he decided to spend more time with Xiao Xi. Take a walk, never let her disappear in your own life.  

the May 4th Movement told a friend who borrowed a light next to him that if you put a cigarette in the opposite direction, in case you get it, make a wish and have good luck. My friend was confused, but he nodded and smiled and said, the May 4th Movement also smiled, pulled the suitcase, and walked into the waiting hall.