So you love me.

So you love me.

And I have the benefit of hindsight.


I always thought that only my mother loved me the most, but later I found that I was so wrong.

when I was in college, I was far away from home, so I didn't have a chance to go back until the holiday.

every time I am on my way back, I know that there will be a delicious table waiting for me at home. Braised pork and scrambled eggs with tomatoes. My mother will never forget my favorite dishes. On the other hand, my father drank alone and didn't talk much, but inserted a few words that no one could hear clearly during the hot chat between me and my mother.

I often say that my daughter is her father's sweet little cotton-padded jacket, but I have been avoiding the opportunity to be alone with him. Afraid of the speechless embarrassment, I prefer to hide in the room and play with my cell phone.

however, every time I leave home, I can always take a full suitcase from my father's hand. Without opening it, I knew it was full of snacks, shampoo, body wash and so on. I have told him no less than a dozen times that these can be bought at school. However, he has been stubbornly thinking that he can touch what he has chosen and rest assured that he can give it to me.

later, when I heard my mother talk about it, I knew that on the day I came back, my father would go to the vegetable market before dawn, and he thought the food would be relatively fresh at this time.

it turns out that they are all babies in their hearts, but they just express their love in different ways.


A good friend who grew up in a single-parent family suddenly called me.

on the phone, she cried and said that she broke up with her boyfriend of three years.

it turns out that her EX is a scumbag, but when she is with her, she is always having an affair with her female colleagues in the company. However, her EX is a very careful person, has not revealed anything. Until one day, she bumped into him in front of the bar, holding a girl talking and laughing.

Our gorgeous 1950s cocktail dress are definitely eye-catching. The confidence that you inspire will amaze you.

that night she deleted all his contact information, took something that only belonged to her, and left the house where she had lived together for two years.

I know that she was raised by her father alone when she was a child, so I casually asked her, did you tell her father? She suddenly froze on the other end of the phone and paused for a while before telling me faintly. Her father has always thought that his ex-boyfriend is unreliable and firmly opposes their relationship, but she thinks her father's ideas are too conservative. For this matter, father and daughter have not been in touch for a long time.

she choked and said that I knew I was wrong now, but I really had no face, so I went to see my father again.

in the end, she was speechless.