Some stories are only told to those who understand.

Some stories are only told to those who understand.

Know how to get along with others, but do not force empathy.

if you want to have a heart-to-heart talk and look up your address book at the moment, how many people can you call?

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with the progress of science and technology, the cost of communication has been infinitely reduced and time has been infinitely compressed. Take out your mobile phone and various forms of dating software, and you can find any "friend" that meets your expectations at the moment. However, how many people really understand you? How many people can talk to each other? There is no need to hide, can you find anything that can be understood if you want to say it? Perhaps, this is the meaning of Douban: to bring Douyou "our spiritual corner".

the person who knows you best may not have met

what Hawking thinks most touching in this life is the distant similarity. When overlooking the earth's cloud picture, in the vast universe, one bay stream and another bay stream, thousands of miles apart, but surprisingly similar. To use in today's communication platform is to accidentally or unexpectedly find someone who shares the same emotion, values, or pursuit of the same idol as you. Even if he lives thousands of miles and grows up in a completely different environment and spoken and written language than you, there are endless topics for everyone to talk about. He, understand you, understand him, it's as simple as that, it has nothing to do with distance.

know how to get along with others, but do not force resonance

people who talk about the tea ceremony should pay attention to the word "heart-to-heart". If you take Kuding tea as a guest, those who understand can realize the sweetness of it, while those who do not understand suspect that the host is playing tricks. Sharing, or something so wonderful. And some resonance, but also forced not to come. In this spiritual corner, you don't have to worry about stabbing and slandering others on these sides, and you can even find Boya who can harmonize.

the fourth chapter of Douban Mini Game, which revolves around an adzuki bean, tells stories about sharing among mouths large and small.

what does the mouth mean in this seemingly bizarre kitchen? What's the connection between them? How can beans be shared? The seemingly simple and magical customs clearance story tells Douban's views on communication or sharing. As for how to pass the customs, sell it for a while, and wait until you pass the customs before you come to share the experience.

We lean on our mouths, follow our hearts, and express our inner interests, because of these tags, we are not "looking for", but "inevitable encounters", in this common spiritual corner. Making friends or sharing is not the ultimate goal, so that Douyou's spiritual world has a comfortable corner, is Douban's efforts.

instead of forcing empathy, our stories of "mouths" are only told to those who understand.