Some things are in the past.

Some things are in the past.

Never forget, there must be an echo. There are some thoughts, there is no need to respond.

was brushed the screen by Xue Zhiqian's favorite a few days ago. He fulfilled a ten-year promise to his ex-wife at the concert. In front of tens of thousands of fans, he said: there is a person at the scene, she has not contacted me, but I think she should come, Gao Lei Xin.

many people left messages on Gao Leixin's Weibo saying: you guys should be together. He still cares about you, and he still loves you.

it's a pity that they are no longer together.

when CC was in love, she told me about her ten-year plan with her boyfriend, including finding a job in a few years, financial stability in a few years, getting married in a few years, and having children in a few years. She thought very well and said that she wanted to discuss with her family to subsidize her boyfriend in the early days of his startup. CC said: he is the one who can give me the future.

I met CC, at the bar. She came to drink with a group of friends, wearing short skirts and heavy makeup. She leaned against me tipsy and said, "it's been a long time since we broke up."

this has been going on for a long time.

many things have passed for a long time, so long that we try to capture some traces of their existence in our memory. The stories of those who loved hated, met, and separated are as long as uninhabited, as elusive as the promises and vow at that time.

many of us think that CC still likes her ex-boyfriend, and she keeps the key chain that her ex-boyfriend gave her, which is a model of the Eiffel Tower, because she mentioned to her boyfriend that she wanted to go to Paris. They are both people who like to travel. When they first got together, they liked to travel by car. They drove through a city and passed through every night when the lights were dim.

but those who used to feel happy become embarrassed after being separated.

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when I talked to Xiao An about her ex, I didn't think too much about it. When the name came out, I stopped for fear that she might feel embarrassed. She waved her hand. "some things are in the past, just let bygones be bygones."

Li Shutong's "Wanqing Collection," said: the world is an echo valley, never forget that there must be an echo, you shout and sing, the valley thunder, sound spread thousands of miles, stack by stack, wave by wave, the other side of the world has received. If you never forget everything, there must be an echo. Because it conveys the voice of your heart, it goes on and on, so it is imprinted in your heart.

if you keep thinking about it, there must be an echo.

there are some thoughts, there is no need to respond.

it's so beautiful when we meet, that's why we find all kinds of reasons for the ugliness of separation. But no one does not understand, a lot of things are in the past. The sense of security you get from others is never reliable, and people who place their dependence on others will become very vulnerable.

when in love, there is only her boyfriend in Xiao A's world, devoting herself to him, thinking before doing anything, "will he be happy?" At that time, her life had no direction, and there seemed to be only one person who was her spiritual pillar. Long after the separation, Xiao A began to become independent and alive. She buried this part of the past in the earth and covered it with a new hope.

that's good. There's new hope every day.

about love, I don't want to be trapped in your cage, make some useless struggles, and try my best to please in exchange for some responses that seem unnecessary. We can grow up in harm, and we can become more mature, stronger, and stronger enough to resist the next injury.

no relationship will not withstand wind and rain, but I think many things that are missed may have to be missed.