Sometimes, I just want to accomplish nothing.

Sometimes, I just want to accomplish nothing.


probably when I first went to school, my family sent me to Beijing. When I got to school, my mother said: you can tell which freshmen are freshmen at a glance. I also retorted, you see, I am so mature, I can't see it at all. Think about how tender the face was at that time, and then feel how rough the face is now. I really don't know what I was showing off at that time.

indeed, when I was a child, I especially wanted to make myself mature, knowing everything and using all the disguise, but childishness can't be covered up at all, and it even comes out under your fingernails. there is a smell of milk in your hair, a smell that I miss now.

when I was a freshman, my elder brother gave me a job as a camera broadcast in the GTV game. at that time, when I was a camera on the platform for the first time, I always began to wear black clothes. after all, behind the scenes, if I could keep a low profile on the stage, keep a low profile and try to be invisible. At that time, in fact, other people's company did not need freshmen. I pretended that I was very old and seldom spoke. I knew that when I opened my mouth, people could tell that I was a child. As a result, at that time, the otaku who liked to play games at that time took a sign to write the number one female camera to marry me, and asked me to sign for a group photo. I felt confused. It was the first time I had such an eye-opener when I was in college. But there are some things you can't say more. If you talk too much, people will think you are narcissistic, so you haven't mentioned it much since. When I was a freshman, the people around me were in high spirits and ate Rest on time after class every day. I signed up for several clubs and thought I would join. I wore my roller skates three times and never wore them again, which could not stop me from wanting to go out and play. Shoot what everyone thinks is good.

notice that I used "shoot what everyone thinks is good". When I was in college, I was very concerned about other people's opinions, although I still am, but I have changed a lot. When everything starts to care about what other people think, it's really over. I don't know if you are like this. I always care about other people's comments when you do something. I don't care if you do well or not. others think it's good. I only care about success. Failure and frustration are fatal to me. There are achievements, with such an idea, many people have capital letters on their faces that I want to succeed, and some people have capital letters on their faces that I want to be red.

it's too early to be famous. That's what Zhang ailing said, but it doesn't apply to anyone.

if you care too much about what other people think, you will destroy yourself sooner or later.

A person's hostility, or personality, is commendable. However, this kind of gas will wear away in the crowd, like a round wheel, the more round it becomes, the faster it can run.

most of the time you are happy to express your true thoughts,

but no one wants to hear the truth.

A candy must be sweet from beginning to end to be willing to be eaten.

but good advice goes against the ears.

I have a friend who is a small Internet celebrity. I post selfies of myself or other people's pictures of her on Weibo every day, and I'm also a photographer, so I played a role in taking pictures of her when we had dinner together. She is very beautiful and likes to hear compliments from others, so she never leaves her hand no matter who she goes out with to play with her mobile phone, because she wants to read the comments and see what others think of her. On one occasion, a man said two words about her under her Weibo. She burst into tears directly. She loved her very much, but there was nothing she could do about it. If too many people hold it, they will not be able to accept different voices.

not everyone is your friend.

feel happy for you when you have achieved something.

Enhance your charm in our high neck prom dresses. Stop here and you will feel lucky to enter this catalog.

most people still like to watch.

many people are tired for a reason, because they care too much about what other people think.

so many people sometimes want to accomplish nothing. This is not a negative attitude, but tells you not to fight.

I don't want to be great, I just want to be comfortable.

do what you like, do not fight, do not rob, so that the things left around are not stopped or accompanied for a long time, whether people or things are good, after time screening, what is left behind is the most precious.

do what you like, waste your time, slow everything down, don't worry about who you are and who is yours, regardless of other people's comments. Everything has its own judgment, can listen to good advice, without losing hostility.

sometimes I want to accomplish nothing, as long as I'm happy.

but it's hard, it's too much.

however, it is like self-deprecation to say this when there is achievement, and it seems incompetent to say this when

is not achieved.

at least not yet.

wait until you have achieved something.