Sometimes it's a blessing to be a git.

Sometimes it's a blessing to be a git.

As long as a person can eat, the mood will not be too bad, sometimes, to become a git is a blessing.


I don't know if I'm old enough to start a family. Every time I see a star family on TV or go shopping, I feel particularly warm when I see the father holding the child and the mother feeding the child with snacks.

three meals a day is the most common. If emotional condiments are added to your daily life,

the taste of happiness will naturally blend into the food.

I often think of such a scene: when I get home tired after work every day, I don't want to cook very much, order meals with my partner and children, and watch them eat hungrily, like three gumps. the moment when the big git is happy to eat is the best time of the day. No matter what the troubles of work and growth are all left behind by the happiness of the ice bucket.

the simple happiness is to be a git.


in Game of Thrones, the little fat man at Winterfell vigil, in the first season, we thought he was just a git who only knew how to eat and have fun every day, but later found out that he just didn't take it to heart and had less trouble, but he did a very good job at the end of the day.

being a "git" is sometimes a very smart and happy thing.

Edward Hopper never thinks about anything when he is painting. The train drives into the painting, and his thoughts keep running out of his mind. If life needs some moments to be silly, some things may be seen more clearly.

in secrecy and greatness, Li Hailang said that the pursuit of the meaning of life may be ordinary in the end, as safe and happy as the git of East Kowloon, and it is best to leave after a game.

the happiest days are all in the most mundane little things.

want to be a git, so that life is simplified to less difficult.

royal blue prom dresses proves not only sense of beauty, but also a charming silhouette. We have a huge range of styles and cuts to choose from.


Lu Yi said that he wants his daughter to have the warmest family, as long as she is as happy as a snack every day.

"my daughter's appetite is with me, and we all have to compete with who eats faster than a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken."

Qiao Shan's daughter's pallets are always holding the rice bucket waiting for him to come home for dinner, waiting for him to finally fall asleep. Early in the morning before Qiaoshan's business trip, the confusing stack stuffed the rice bucket to him and shouted to his father for dinner. Dad took the meal away. It is a kind of dependence and nostalgia to wait for loved ones to go home for dinner and prepare a love meal for those who are about to leave.

Tian Liang's daughter always orders a big git and gives the small one to her father. Tian Liang asks her why, because she wants to become a panda warrior to protect her mother and brother. There is a kind of thoughtfulness that is inadvertently warm, is a silly child's words, but also the truest heart, feed themselves into a powerful person, to protect the people they want to protect.

the weird baby Yan Rujing said that no problem in the world can't be solved. If so, give me two buckets. The secret of a person's happiness is to be a "git".

every bucket of happiness is free and true to them every day. The idea advocated by KFC Kentucky's rice bucket doctrine is the same: don't pretend, really be yourself, and have the most comfortable happiness. Whether it is warm and full of good food with the family, or a person who is simple and comfortable to eat happily, although their foodie posture is different, the attribute of happiness is the same: truly and freely live their happiest appearance.


as long as one can eat, one will not be in a bad mood.

sometimes, it's a blessing to be a git.

May you and I both let troubles be squeezed out of our stomach by food, and

be happy foodie.