Survival with a broken tail is better than the illusion of Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling)

Survival with a broken tail is better than the illusion of Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling)

In this world, all the deep feelings are expressed in the most indifferent and patient way. The hype and earth-shattering things are never worth mentioning. This is true between people.

on the eve of Mother's Day, I received a BV handbag sent by May from across the ocean from Canada. She put a card in her handbag with only a few words. The baby was just full moon and thanked me for persuading her to go abroad.

because of jet lag, I seldom get in touch with her on weekdays. I often reply to her after receiving her Wechat for several hours. She never got angry with me and asked me again and again when she was free to stay with her. Every time I always say very soon, this sentence has been said for almost three years, but it has not been fulfilled. I met her in 2006 and became acquainted with each other at first. I didn't spend so much time together at first. It was only after I came to Zhuhai in 2007 that I met more. I often made an appointment to have dinner, tea, and shopping together, and sometimes I lived in Hong Kong for a few days before returning. I have not been good at cooking, at that time I was still very thin, she often made soup for me to drink, a variety of ingredients, through her hands, have become delicious food with all kinds of color, flavor, and flavor.

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I always tease her boyfriend and hurry up to marry May and go home. Don't be robbed of such a nice woman by other men. His boyfriend always smiled faintly, neither nodding nor shaking his head. At that time, they had been together for two years. He once had a brief marriage, which ended badly, devoted himself to his career, and achieved a little success. Later, he saw May, a white linen shirt, knocked over a glass of wine at a friend's party, and his distraction began at that moment.

everything seems to be just right, talented and beautiful men and women have since become the envy of the couple in the eyes of the public. She is cooking braised fish in the kitchen, which is full of fragrance, and he is watching TV in the living room. I couldn't help anything in the kitchen. I just followed her around. She always said at that time that I, thanks to you running a western restaurant, couldn't cook anything. I said I only run the restaurant to build myself a kitchen. She laughed at me for being so thick-skinned. She wears a broken flower apron, curls her hair high in a bun, rolls up her sleeves, and her fingers are long. The slaughtered fish is already stiff, but under her hands she seems to be very soft and flexible, smiling from time to time, revealing small dimples. He is good at cooking all kinds of local cuisine. He can make a similar taste when he goes home after eating a dish in a restaurant. He hardly eats out except for daily entertainment. I always thought she was very talented in cooking, and I always thought she looked beautiful in the kitchen. In the past, I was completely different from when I went out drinking tea, eating, and shopping. The first impression she and I gave was not a woman who was good at cooking. I was not, but she was a veritable master. She never shows this superb talent in front of others, let alone show off this skill that can show off a woman's gentle charm incisively and vividly. 

That's about what a real master is, never showing off. Play golf, like sports, loves small animals, have a kind heart. At that time, I often thought that such a man, I do not know what kind of blessing he had in his previous life. If it were me, I would have bought a diamond ring and a long white dress to hold her for the rest of my life. It's a pity that I'm not him, and he's not me. He didn't buy a diamond ring or a white dress to hold her all his life. The first pregnancy, with the joy of becoming a mother, expected him to give her a title, even if only so that the baby could be born justifiably. He hugged her and said with a deep sigh, "I just want to be in love with you all the time. I don't want to be disturbed by anyone, even our children." I accompanied her to the hospital for an abortion, but he couldn't get back from a business trip. She was silent and expressionless, and when I came out of the operating room, I asked her if it hurt, but she remained silent. I stewed chicken soup for her, and she finally said, "it tastes terrible. What did you put in it?" I said I put it according to your usual stew material, and I don't know why it tastes bad. She giggled. Her second pregnancy was a year and a half later when she made it clear to him that she wanted to have the baby. He said that his career is in a bottleneck period, so give him two more years. I still accompanied her to the hospital, and he still couldn't get back from his business trip. When she came out of the operating room, I asked her if it hurt. She hugged me and cried. She asked me if he didn't love me. I don't know what to say to her. The way he looked at her was not ungentle, but he was always unwilling to remarry, and there was no third party. 

When he came back, he bought her brand-name handbags and jewelry, necklaces and earrings, but no rings. He cooked several dishes that were not delicious, opened a bottle of wine, and I didn't drink it. I spilled the number of wine in the glass in his face. I said you're a fucking asshole. Ah, May was silent and sat on one side. I picked her up and took her back to my home. He didn't come after him. In the seventh year, she told me that she was very tired. She said there was nothing wrong with not getting married all her life, at least free and easy. But gradually free and easy, more and more eager for marriage, more and more eager to use a piece of paper to affirm this relationship. We all know that piece of paper is not very useful, but in sense of security, it becomes important. He never expressed his position, and he frowned and asked her, isn't it good for us to fall in love like this for the rest of our lives? Isn't it good? Okay? He feels good, she feels bad. Without a sense of security and a sense of belonging, she gradually lost her mind, and the brilliance on her face faded day by day. There are probably no right people in this world, only the people you think are right. She is the right person, and he may not think she is right. He may just not be sure whether she is the one to accompany him in this life, and he may have other hesitations. She could not understand him, just as he could not understand why she wanted marriage so much, and he felt that there was no difference between being together and being married. How can there be no difference to a woman? Because you are not sure of the safety of the rest of your life, because you are not sure whether you will not come back one day, because you are not sure whether you will always be there, vows and promises will not make any difference at this time. 

Because you have to worry about gain and loss, because you can't be sure, even your sense of belonging is no longer certain. This is the deadliest part. She wanted to talk to him all night, and heAfter being silent for most of the night, she said, "that's it. I want to go for a walk." When I took her to the airport, she asked me, why don't you persuade me? if you persuade me, I won't go. I said you go, you go, so I don't have to worry that you cook so many delicacies all day will hinder my way to lose weight. The heart is reluctant to let her go, many friends are gradually scattered in the Tianya, intimate, really intimate only a few, not to mention accompanied for so many years. But I want her to get what she wants, or at least be happy. She soon met a man who proposed to her with a five-carat diamond on one knee. She smiled and agreed and moved to Canada. Many people do not understand, feel that she climbed another branch, feel that she has failed him. I'm the only one who knows. Every time she called, she asked me if he was doing well. She said she wanted him to have a good life. There are many roads to go, there are many ports to go through, but the foothold of life, there is only one place, this foothold can protect you from the wind and rain, can make you feel warm and safe, without this, happiness can only be short-lived and erratic. When the child is on a full moon, she holds the picture taken by the child, her face is still bright, and I hope it is the same in her heart. I tried hard to persuade her to leave. I hope I didn't do anything wrong. I can't start all over again with many choices in my life. I decided that there is no way ahead and nobody behind me. Put down the card and send her a message from Wechat. If the same thing happens to me, I hope you can persuade me to leave. In this world, all the deep feelings are expressed most indifferently and patiently. The hype and earth-shattering things are never worth mentioning. This is true between people.