Take the road you have traveled, and love me whom you have loved.

Take the road you have traveled, and love me whom you have loved.


We meet a person and slowly get to know this person.

finally, he gets up and leaves when we are most passionate.

Today I didn't go out and stayed at home with my cat.

cats like to stay at home because they are clingy, but who do I stay at home for?

there was a time when I especially liked to take the night bus. There were not many people on the night bus, driving from the Communication University to Tiananmen Square. It was also this season, listening to the wind and watching the lights pull into strips. I feel like I own the whole Chang'an Street.

all like the feeling of the weather, windy, cool, brushing away the whole hot and dry summer, telling me that the white season is coming.

during the military parade, it rained every day, giving me a reason to stay at home.

if you can have a rest at this time, are you at home blowing a breeze, listening to the rain, watching a movie, and listening to a song?

it's perfect. Rainy days go best with movies.

however, at this moment, it is easy to enter a state of emotional fragility, it is easy to be hypocritical, and it is easy to think of a person.

the pace of the whole city slows down and

makes room for missing.

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catch the last train when I miss you, using the late night of the last train. Deep in the middle of the night, concentrate on missing. Slowly understand that the vacant seat in your heart is the shadow you cast.

is no one. Tears can not help the fuzzy level, speechless is the beginning of pain. Indifferent from what you like. Let yearning burn the whole city. The beauty of the years left for the first acquaintance of the day used to be so persistent for love.

what you should say stops when you are most affectionate.

I know that silence is the beginning of pain, and missing burns in affectionate times. The beauty of the years stays in the moment of acquaintance, and the words that should be said remain in the eyes.

"stop talking"

now I am lying in bed, left in endless space after watching the movie.

I need something new from the outside world to enrich me, because the time I miss you,

needs interesting news to resist subtle and sensitive missing neurons.

A housegirl who doesn't miss a person's self-cultivation is to fill her head with interesting information.

turn over, take out your cell phone, click on the hot topic App, and read an article like this in the column, "is love out of place?" It explains some love in niche movies with high artistic quality.

A comment in

made me stop: you are in late autumn, give me spring light. You give me the sun in the dark. You are in troubled times, give me hope.

and even if not in troubled times, you are my hope in this troubled world.

the sound of rain, quiet moment, want your heart to beat like a movie in your story.

so I clicked on another column and browsed down two, nine scenes of Egypt, and then Iceland.

A city you love, a city I love.

in an atmosphere of missing, all news can have something to do with you.

your companion has gone deep into life, so every color you can see has been doodled by you.

there are a lot of things. After you left, we looked at them together and I watched them alone.

and I know you are also watching on the jet lag side. I envy the news in App. They are closer to you than I am and understand you better than I do.

everything in the world that has something to do with you is showing off to me.

while I am in the days without you,

watch the news you have seen, learn about the cold knowledge you have learned,

follow the path you have taken and love the theme you have loved.

I experience what you are going through, touch what you touch,

fill in the blanks on rainy days.