Thank you for blocking me.

Thank you for blocking me.

This is a person who still exists in your address book, you can also send messages to him, he can also see your news, you may also bump into each other under the state of others, but you can no longer gain insight into his life.


Xiao A told me yesterday that he found himself blocked by him.

A circle of friends with a lot of photos and status turned into a thin and pitiful line overnight. This thin gray line completely separated the two of them from each other's life circle. The only intersection is the occasional likes and messages left by mutual friends.

blocking is not the same as deleting friends and blocking. this is a person who still exists in your address book, you can also send him messages, he can also see your news, and you may bump into each other under other people's status, but you can no longer gain insight into his life.

Xiao An and her ex-boyfriend have been at loggerheads for a long time, and it is still months before they break up. It's just that in the past few months, Xiao A will persistently like his ex-boyfriend's moments and sometimes his cover, hoping that he will find himself again.

in her words, it is to brush the sense of existence, hoping that the ex-boyfriend will occasionally remember something good about their past, and hope that his praise can beat the girls who try to chat up their ex-boyfriend. Just when she was smug about her cleverness and re-opened her ex-boyfriend's circle of friends to swear some degree of sovereignty with likes, she found herself blocked.

I looked at her with a sad face and didn't know what to comfort.


I have always thought that blocking is a very soft way to refuse, it is easier than deleting friends, it is more tender than blocking, it seems to give each other a choice, you can delete me, or continue to chat with me.

this is an action that you want to keep the other person in your life, but deep down you still want to avoid it. It can not completely sever the connection between you, there is still a little leeway after the cruel breakup, and there is still a chance to say "miss you".

KK has just blocked the boy she likes for a long time because she really can't accept it. The boy will like it in her circle of friends, but can't give her an answer. KK said she wanted to make a closure, an emotional break, but she was afraid of being reluctant to give up, so she didn't dare to delete it or block it.

KK is looking forward to it. She hopes that the boy may one day send a message with her to tell her what's going on. Two people will not be further away from each other because of the shield, because the person you block may not care about you at all.

people are vulnerable in love, but they are afraid that this fragile side will be hurt more by people who know it, so they choose to hide their lies and secrets in that thin gray line.


before, I blocked a person.

at that time, I cared about him very much and always tracked everything about him, but I wasn't sure if he cared about me, too. Sometimes he would talk privately about my moments, and he felt as if he was following my news, and sometimes he would like my photos and make a good comment.

but these are lukewarm, just like his attitude, ambiguous. I thought of all kinds of ways to get his attention, but in the end, I failed. Later, I thought about not contacting him for a long time. As a result, I didn't contact him, and he didn't contact me.

at that time, it was very angry, like throwing a fist at the air, weak and ridiculous.

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I want to delete him, and he will probably notice that is timid and reluctant to delete, so I choose to block him. Just when I was worried about my own decisions, he still didn't come to me, didn't try to ask me, tried to see if I deleted him, and didn't do anything.

I just played by myself for a few weeks and gave up. One day I couldn't help asking him in private, "didn't you find that I blocked you?"

after waiting for a long time, he replied, "really, I didn't notice."

at that moment, I gave up.

I think shielding means different things to different people. For me, it may be a way to test each other's minds. For KK, it is a relief. For Xiao A, it is an answer.

Thank you for blocking me and letting me find my place between us.

Thank you for blocking me and letting me know that I can finally give up.

if you haven't slept since good night,