The 10 symbols that dominate the world and their mysterious origins

The 10 symbols that dominate the world and their mysterious origins

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Egyptian obelisk

stands in the heart of the three most powerful Christian cities in the world. This pagan monument is dedicated to sun worship.

the obelisk symbolizes the sun god la, the greatest of the Egyptian gods. These legally independent cities (Washington, D.C., the City of London and the Vatican City) erected obelisks, perhaps thinking that the unified triangular shape of the obelisk is a symbolic gesture of superhuman power.

in fact, ornaments were found on objects as early as 4000-1000 BC. Religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism of the Indus Valley civilization still use this symbol to denote divine auspiciousness or solar rays. In Buddhism, some people think that when the Buddha was buried, his chest was branded with this symbol, called "heart seal".


before Christianity used the cross as its symbol, it was a pagan symbol for the sun god, representing the perfect combination of male and female energy. The axis of the original cross is the same length. The Pope also wears the old cross, which makes sense when you think Christians respect Jesus as the son of God.

the Roman emperor Constantine was a pagan who worshipped the sun, so it was no coincidence that the Roman Empire made Christianity its main religion, so it was no coincidence that the cross was its main symbol.

Star of David

the hexagonal star is now the primary symbol of Israel, representing the "David Shield", but its origin is much earlier than AD 1018, when it was found that Jews first recorded the use of hexagonal stars.

South Indian temples dating back thousands of years are decorated with hexagonal stars (some with adornments next to them). Hindus regard the hexagonal star as a mandala and use it to represent the heart chakra. In the ancient book "the Book of death in Tibet", there is a pattern decorated with the word "Yi" in the hexagonal star, which represents the creativity in the universe.

if Hitler tried to treat Jews as evil, he must have used the wrong symbol. Hexagonal stars are used by more than 10 religions around the world to represent a positive or powerful meaning.

Muslim Crescent

although the use of the "sacred symbol" violates Muslim law, the crescent has become an ornament on the flag of several Muslim countries and has been adopted as an informal symbol of the Islamic faith.

the new moon is one of the oldest symbols in mankind, representing the female side of life and is widely worshipped in the form of the ancient Greek goddess Artemis, whose head is always surrounded by a curved moon. In Roman times, this symbol was adopted by Diana, the goddess of hunting and the moon, who is said to protect her virginity.

Eye of God

this famous symbol on the American dollar bill represents God's eye on the earth. Stonemasons use this symbol to remind themselves that their actions and thoughts are always under the watchful eye of the great architect of the universe.

the Egyptians gave Horus (the sun god in Egyptian mythology) an one-eyed eye surrounded by the light of the sun, while in Buddhism, the "eye of God" means to open the dome-the top of the sun gate, which is God's consciousness.

the symbol of Jesus fish

fish is still used by Christians today to represent Jesus (actually two intersecting arcs). This symbol was originally a secret symbol for Christians to avoid persecution. The symbol

can be traced back to ancient Egypt, Greece and Mesopotamia. Fish are creatures in the water, so they are always associated with periodic birth and regeneration. The God of Mesopotamia-Oanne (the terrible monster of half man and half fish), also known as the "drunken man", is said to be the predecessor of Christ.

Lucky hand

in Arab culture, this hand amulet with one eye in the palm is mainly used to guard against evil eyes. It is also known as the "hand of Fatima" from the daughter of Mohamed, while in Judaism it is called the "hand of Miriam" from the sister of Moses.

the open hand has always been used in ancient culture: in Buddhism, an open hand means that all doctrinal arguments are tangible, while in Hinduism, an open hand pointing down means "giving".


in the Garden of Eden, Satan reincarnates the legendary form of snakes, twining around the tree of knowledge until the hopeless Eve is tempted to see her naked self and is banished from heaven with her partner and maker Adam.

before the Old Testament and the law permanently demonized the snake, the snake was a sacred symbol of wisdom, especially in the eyes of Gnostic-Egyptian rival religions. Gnosticism borrows the concept of kundahlini energy from Hindus, who believe that these two nerves at the base of the spine can trigger perceptual experiences.

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the most recent examples are two snake shapes in the DNA model, showing the famous double helix structure, similar to the ancient Sumerian double-disk snake.


although people now think that pentagram is related to devil worship,But there are five-pointed stars everywhere in history, and they have never been associated with evil. In ancient Sumer, these five points were all associated with five known planets, while the Pythagoreans in ancient Greece believed that the pentagram was the perfect form of mathematics.

symbolically, the pentagram has always reflected the number 5, representing the combination of inequality. According to the interpretation of the symbol dictionary, it is considered to be the key to higher knowledge.

from above, the urban planning of the country's capital shows a hexagonal star with an elaborate inverted five-pointed star. Most likely, George Washington was one of the highest-ranking freemasons, so he appointed freemasons to design the city.