The affectionate person will be the final winner.

The affectionate person will be the final winner.

Giving is a joyful thing, when you feel pain, just leave, should not affect your code of conduct.

Open all kinds of books, browse all kinds of marketing accounts, emotional stories on the Internet, or bored reading magazines, fast-food messages fill the gaps in your life, and all kinds of experienced information teach you like a mentor, "everyone has to live for themselves", "We have to love ourselves", "whoever gets emotional will lose". These messages tell us that blocking our feelings is a cool and self-thinking thing, and we should close it properly, which will reduce our pain and let us live a relatively free and easy life. But is this right? Maybe it's right, but it's all self-knowledge.

people can't always think about things by themselves. Although it's good to be alone, it's easy to think too much. When we had a serious chat about people's emotional problems, my best female friend and I were drinking in the cloud. At about ten o'clock in the evening, I finished checking the progress of the day's work and turned off the computer. After ten o'clock, it was a good time to brew drowsiness. Our families were about 20 minutes' drive apart, but because it was Ching Ming Festival that day, we were all afraid of ghosts. So I stayed at home and drank wine.

at that time, she had just fallen in love with a man who was ten years older than her and was very experienced but cautious about her relationship. We do not know how many women he has gone through and whether he has been deceived so that he does not dare to deliver himself easily as he is now. Maybe he has burned passionately. My friend is a warm person, like a flame, with energy, even if every relationship is ashes in the end, it can also burn for the person around us right now. I have always admired such people, brave, like a soldier.

I will be 27 in two months. I begin to appreciate all sunny people and things like this. I just want to stay away from low-energy things, because I have no extra energy to consume myself. Just like the kind of loss when the Ferris wheel reaches the highest point and begins to fall, I look at the summit and want to do it again, but life tells you that it is very difficult, and the pinnacle that you can squander your youth has passed. A few days ago, passing by the gate of a middle school, sixteen or seventeen years old, young faces, one by one, the wind blew past, love and hate are enviable. Things with vitality can always move people, and if you live too pale, it is easy to lose your upward energy.

the older you are, the more you like to wrap yourself up. My friend asked me, how can I become a person like him, can be unemotional, it will not be so painful. I said you should not become such a person, giving is a happy thing, when you feel pain, just leave, should not affect your code of conduct. Of course, naked delivery of their own, without any embellishments to love, may not necessarily be able to get the same harvest, on the basis of sincerity, love also requires skill. Blindly pay is not a very good thing, love to give a little bit of surprise, all of a sudden to give out is worthless. So what we need to learn is the skills of lovers, not how to refuse to deliver ourselves for fear of harm, to refuse to feel the process, to refuse to give.

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people who are indifferent tend to be attractive, perhaps because everyone wants to warm him up with a sense of conquest and a special desire to prove themselves. In the end, when they are frustrated, they all want to become cold-blooded people, which is actually wrong. In any case, we should not lose the enthusiasm for love. Human beings are animals who seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, and in the end, they will choose people who are affectionate and righteous. Those who know how to love, life will push them to a better direction. The affectionate person will still be the winner, even though he may be aggrieved right now.