The geometry of life, can get a bosom friend.

The geometry of life, can get a bosom friend.


the geometry of life can get a bosom friend.

it would be silly if you don't make good use of it.

I like old songs very much.

I only care about you especially like Teresa Teng.

all her songs are actually very good, but only this one can make me cry.

the lyrics of this song are very good:

maybe you know someone and live an ordinary life.

Don't make any promises, just be together every day.

I can't just live on memories.

as time goes by, I only care about you.

willingly infect your breath.

Life geometry can get a bosom friend,

it is not a pity to lose the power of life.

the geometry of life, you can get a bosom friend.

it is not a pity to lose the power of life.

once I went out with friends.

there were nostalgic songs on the car radio.

I was blown by the cold wind for you and me, night, yearning people and so on, and I kept singing along.

my friend said, "all right, you can sing all the old songs."

in fact, what is an old song? Jay Chou's songs are all old songs.

I feel like I'm singing about my past.

the old songs are very interesting, just like the old people.

you may not think about him usually, but hearing it in a specific environment will directly make you cry.

like those old people, the time we spend on them is something we can never go back to.

We are sad because we can no longer have them, and they leave with us at our best.

when we lose our old people, we actually lose ourselves.

there are so many people in the world,

which one is the bosom friend?

sometimes we mistakenly think that someone is the right person,

, but it may disintegrate with an action, a look and a word.

in fact, we will know a lot of people who are very similar to ourselves in our lifetime.

We feel sympathetic to them.

A lover may be one of his bosom friends, and

can accompany himself to the end.

You'll be pleased with your sophisticated look.

it can be easy to like someone at a glance.

if you go to a convenience store to buy something, you may meet true love.

some people are around you every day and you may not see them either.

similar people have the same smell.

it is the nature of animals to find their own kind by smell.

but we should all have had this experience.

We have been with someone for a long time, and then we are tired and tired.

meet a new person at this time and be nice to you unconditionally.

you may fall into the arms of another person.

We may try to fall into the arms of a lot of people all our lives.

will we know which one is our own arm.

when we solve the problem of small love, we can do big things, can't we?

but what is certain is that a person who accompanies you every day can become a habit.

especially between heterosexual men and women, I believe there is no pure friendship.

there is always an ambiguity to take care of each other at some point.

so if you like someone, go to him and accompany him.

make him accustomed to your presence and become a part of his life.

when one day your departure makes him seem to have cut off a part of his life.

you may be able to stay with him forever.


We always know someone and

lead an ordinary life.

from a cool young man,

to an old man confined to life.

I only hope that that person,

, can make himself have no regrets about his choice for the rest of his life.

I may not have any theme song,

I'm just a tune.

when you think of me,

you can hum two words, that's enough.