The heart is easy to write, but the heart is difficult to understand.

The heart is easy to write, but the heart is difficult to understand.

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in life, after experiencing too many human feelings, I become more and more sympathetic to a sentence:

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"Trust is like a piece of paper. Once it has wrinkles, it will never feel uneven again."

No matter how deep the relationship is, even if you make up for it in a thousand ways, you will still have a bad heart.

there is only one heart, and if it is cold, it will not be hot. Trust is only once, and if you lose it, you can't get it back. "

imagine, trust a person without reservation, not only can not get a thank you but in return for an inch of progress, will you continue foolishly?

so don't ignore the kindness of others, and don't wait for a chill to repent.


the heart is easy to write, and it is difficult for people to understand

I don't know if you have ever had such an experience:

your sincere trust turns out to be the other party's disregard;

give sincerely, but get the other person's indifferent perfunctory.

there is a very true saying: the character of the heart is easy to write about, but the heart is difficult to understand.

A few days ago, the reader Li Ming shared his experience backstage.

once, Li Ming attended a classmate reunion and met Ah Hua, a friend who was very close to him at school.

during the chat, Hua said that he was short of start-up capital, so he suddenly borrowed money from Li Ming and wanted to borrow 50,000 from him, saying that he would repay the money on time with interest within six months.

in the face of Ah Hua's request, thinking of their past love, Li Ming lent it to him.

but now that a year has passed, Hua has never mentioned repaying the money.

on one occasion, because Li Ming had just changed his house and had difficulty with cash flow, he mentioned to Ah Hua about the repayment of the money, but he said angrily, "what's the rush? I've lost money recently, and I still don't have the money to pay it back."

hearing such a reply, Li Ming's heart was so cold that he could not borrow the money in exchange for a word of thanks. Now he wants to get the money back, but the one who owes it is justified.

Ah, Hua's attitude let Li Ming see him clearly and cut off contact with him from then on, and that sum of money should have taught him a lesson.

this makes people sigh that human feelings are cold and warm. Only through personal experience can we see a person.

in life, there are always some people who are enthusiastic when they ask for something from you, but then they immediately turn around and don't recognize them.

as the saying goes, learn from a lesson.

see the people around you before you know who is worth caring about. Those who are hypocritical should stay away as soon as possible; those who are sincere, cherish them.


time knows people, it is difficult to understand people

it is said that feelings are the most elusive in this world. You can never guess whether the person who stands in front of you and agrees with you enthusiastically is sincere or flattering.

there is a right saying: "A war of words is not terrible, but a knife on both sides of the heart."

when people get along with others, they are not afraid to argue bluntly, for fear that some people will greet them with a smile in front of them and stab them behind them.

whether the feelings are true or not, you can see clearly when something happens.

Xiao Luo and Qiu Lin work in the same company. Because they share the same interests, they soon become good friends.

on weekdays, the two people will help each other if they have any trouble at work.

once, Xiao Luo had something to deal with after work, but there was a report that had not been finished, and it happened that she was in a hurry to use it, so she asked Qiulin to help finish the other half.

unexpectedly, there is a data mistake in the submitted report, and the wrong part is the upper part of the report made by Xiao Luo.

but Qiu Lin never thought that Xiao Luo gave himself the wrong part of the report, which led to Qiu Lin's near dismissal and a month's performance deduction.

Qiu Lin helped Luo out of kindness. Instead of thanking himself, Ronaldinho calculated behind his back and bit her, which made people feel cold.

sometimes, the person who hurts you the most maybe the person you trust the most.

it corresponds to a saying: know people, know faces, not hearts.

A heart, whether it is true or false, often needs to get along with to see through.

after being disappointed for a long time, I can understand more and more that

who is the person who is good to himself and who is worthy of his true treatment?


who is sincere to me, and to whom I am sincere, some people say that trust and sincerity are the rarest in this world.

Yes, because trust only happens once, and once trust collapses, it is difficult to re-establish it.

there is only one true heart. If you don't cherish it, you will never get it back.

you know, the feelings between people are always mutual.

only with sincerity can one gain sincerity, and one who keeps one's word can gain trust.

I have read a story on the Internet, and I am still impressed.

there is an old man who has been looking for his young friend Lao Zhang.

they have been out of touch for more than 50 years. The two people, who had been communicating with each other, were cut off after the letters were returned.

that year, the old man was hospitalized because he was ill, so he had no choice but to borrow 300 yuan from Lao Zhang.

in Grandpa's heart, Lao Zhang is his benefactor.

but when Lao Zhang heard his grandfather ask, "do you remember lending me 300 yuan?", his eyes turned red and the two octogenarian men hugged each other and cried.

after so many years, Lao Zhang did not expect to get back the money he borrowed at that time, but today he was moved to tears when he saw his former friends coming.

this worldThe best relationship in the world is to respond with a sincere heart to another heart that is equally worthy. As the saying goes: trust is the bond that holds all feelings together.

when others are willing to lend you money, they sincerely regard you as a friend and trust you without conditions; as a friend, they should keep their promises, live up to their promises, and do not perfunctory, which is the best respect for the trust of others; in this way, this relationship can last longer.

May every time you give sincerely in the future, you will receive a response and will not be disappointed.

some of them will bring us sunshine and warmth, while others will let us down and lonely.

along the way of life, we stumble and stop, and begin to understand who is worthy of our sincerity and who is just flattery.

the feelings between people, no matter what kind of relationship they are, require the joint efforts of both parties.

if you are sincere to me, I will be sincere to you. If you are indifferent to me, then I will not foolishly please.

in this life, people don't have many friends, so long as they are sincere.