The matter of making friends

The matter of making friends

After mixing with the world for a long time, I found that there are such a group of people around everyone-they will always take your kindness as weakness, take your softness as a weight, take advantage of you is not enough, return no way! Conscientiously working as a "friendship fraudster".

during the original haze days of Didu Classic, I was overturned by Wechat from my former friend Xiao Q, who contacted me once every half a year on average. She named me and asked me to transfer the skin care products she gave me to her according to the original market price, and marked the words "I have urgent need" and exclamation marks at the end to strengthen the tone. I was so angry that I deleted this friend in a second. Based on the starting point of refuting personality, the replay of this incident is as follows: six months ago, on a dark night, this did not even invite my friend Xiao Q, who found his conscience and sent me two bottles of moisturizing spray claiming to be 1600 a bottle. Let me try it out and help promote it to the rich woman in the circle of friends. And because the product is too high-end, marketing must be low-key, the manufacturer is unknown, the ingredients are confidential, and to buy must be ordered from 30 bottles. I was embarrassed to accept these two grenade-shaped sprays and threw them in the depths of the drawer for ash only. At the same time, I invited her to eat Ding Taifeng as a gift. Also beat around the bush and told her not to fall into the trap of pyramid selling agencies. Half a year later, this caught off guard Wechat, instantly kicked me back to reason, this did not take advantage of enough counseling, as expected, came to wipe my oil, gun … And then, no, then. If you can do it, don't make any noise, although Big Bear advised me to study more than once. "the reporter then left on the grounds that he was not feeling well." This practical social technology, however, I really only like the short and easy way to deal with shameless idiots. However, this experience of "stepping on dog shit" reminds me of a series of events that "remember that I was young and I played a stupid son of a bitch".

when I was in college, I was squatting in Xi'an and my best friend bobo was lying in Didu. Separation makes me miserable, but because bobo is in love, sweetness is in my heart. Then, I got a job as a professional counselor. Often I haven't heard from bobo for a month, and it wasn't until one night when she was fighting with her boyfriend that my phone received a text message, "give me a call." I called her on the phone, called her boyfriend again, tried to fight every other time, and was the director of the Women's Federation in the virtual world for four years. As a result, when I came to Didu for an interview after graduation and my rectum was about to fall into the toilet, the response I got from bobo, was: "I'm busy taking CET-6 with my boyfriend, so I don't have time." A ladle of cold water covers his face. Then I asked her 2b, "I'm good to you. Why can't you be nice to me?" bobo clasped her phototherapy nail and said, "you know, friendship can't be rewarded." I spilled a glass of orange juice on the table and left the crime scene refreshed without paying the bill. In the first year of my promotion, the company was looking for a supplier for its activities in Shanghai. I introduced it to my university classmate, Da Wu. The 280000 project is like a long drought for Dawu, a convention and exhibition company with a registered capital of 30, 000, which is on the verge of going bankrupt at any time. Big Wu is grateful and will certainly thank you again after announcing the success of the matter. When it was done, the family of Da Wu Association and two dogs treated me to a kebab, which cost a total of 174 yuan. During the dinner, they complained that it was not easy for the company to operate, so it had to be so shabby. I also burst into tears and gave me a lot of comfort. But things always take a sudden turn-three days later, Wu's circle of friends posted photos of LV bags, Dior sunglasses, omega watches and their masturbation, with the words: "my husband is doing well in business. I bought a small gift for me. I love my husband most." At that time, my blood pressure soared to 180. Phone Dawu: you don't have to give me a present, but don't think I'm stupid, okay? Originally introduced this job, I am really not for money, friends a game, as for so wretched? And you have to form a group with your wife to kill my IQ! Finally, in the name of my friend, I wish Da Wu all the best. Of course, he has never worked with me or the company I know well again. The fact that I no longer use violence shows that my skills in dealing with bitches have improved by leaps and bounds.

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in fact, behind the appearance, my mind is not so chic. After the incident, I cried several times behind my back, and from time to time, I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me and let people take my kindness for a monkey. After mixing with the world for a long time, I found that there are such a group of people around everyone-they will always take your kindness as weakness, take your softness as a weight, take advantage of you is not enough, return no way! Conscientiously working as a "friendship fraudster". They take "black hand reaching out to friends" as the core guiding principle, roaring dogs and thieves, using up half of their life's energy, writing and directing themselves and participating in the life drama of "pits and pits". For such a person, please block it. There is no need to scold, salivary amylase is much more valuable than they are. Someone once pretended to be the Virgin Mary and earnestly taught me: when is the vengeance of vengeance, forgiveness is more broad-minded. I have only one answer-GNMLGB. You know, to be kind to the bad guys is the greatest evil. Your aunt is no longer your aunt, why should I still be your uncle? Occasionally, these shameless fraudulent hawkers in the circle of friends will say many times that they are willing to renew their relationship with you at all costs, but please believe that they are simply ignoring the fact that their customer base is shrinking as they grow older. And then expand the border and open up a wide range of tourists. For them, dogs can't stop eating shit. As for us, no matter how hungry we are, we can't eat shit!