The movies that rekindle our love

The movies that rekindle our love

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True Love first (2003) (Universal Pictures)


Hugh Grant's impromptu dance to the pointer sisters' song "Jump"

doesn't make you faint

then when you see Mark (Andrew Lincoln)

turn the cardboard page by page

to Julie (Keira Knightley) Romantic and respectable

in order to remain loyal to friends, Mark has been hiding his love for Julie.

Classic lines:

Mark: "to me, you are perfect."

Yvonne Villarreal, Los Angeles Times

  "Electronic Love letter" (1998) (Warner Bros.)  

the dialing sound of the modem has never been so moving

Catherine Kelly (played by Meg Ryan)

and Joe Fox (Tom Hanks)  subvert the traditional concept of love letter

by email

Selene Kelly: "I wonder what

NY152 [Joe's screen name] is going to say today."

I turn on the computer.

I waited anxiously to connect to the network.

finally online,

but it wasn't until I heard these short words that

my shortness of breath began to relax:

you have an email.

I turned a deaf ear to everything else.

No matter how noisy the streets of New York are,

all I hear is the sound of my own heartbeat.

I got an email from you. "


& nbsp; 27 dresses (2008) (20th Century Fox)

see Malcolm Doyle (James Marsden

suspicious journalist intuition

you don't feel like you just find your favorite song

is actually describing a sandwich so bad

and he introduces treasures to

. The BlackBerry as a ringtone

compensates for the previous behavior


classic line:

Malcolm Doyle: "come here."

if you watch this movie, you will know the power of this sentence.

  when Harry meets Sally (1989) (Castle Stone)  

Harry's (Billy Crystal)

forever changes people's definition of the relationship between men and women

at the same time, Sally Abbott (played by Meg Ryan)

also changes the definition of people who are difficult to serve

Apple pie should never be made. Line:

Harry Benji: "I love you,

because you still catch a cold when you are 20 degrees outside

I love you

because you spend an hour and a half ordering a sandwich

I love you

because when you stare at me

the top of your nose wrinkles slightly

I love you

because I spend the day with you


because you're the one I most want to talk to before I go to bed

it's not because I'm lonely

, it's not because New Year's Eve

I'm here tonight because

when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone

you just want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. "

& nbsp; "pretty woman" (1990)  

(produced by Touchstone Film and Television)

the red light district and comedian Jason Alexander

will not affect the relationship between Edward Lewis (Richard Gere)

and Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts).

haven't you seen this movie yet?

this is a big mistake!

A huge mistake.

you must like the operetta Penzance

better than the operetta Penzance.

Classic lines:

Vivian: "you're late."

Edward: "you are so charming."

Vivian: "I forgive you."


& nbsp; "Girl Dream 30" (2004)

(produced by Columbia Pictures)

if you cross toTo mean that

can share fructose and swing with Matt Freihaver (Mark Ruffalo)

then we are sure that

there will be more girls who will approve of the idea.

moving lines:

Matt: "Ghana. I've always loved you. "


& nbsp; 's Idol date


it is this movie that will make you

want to protect the most precious person in your heart.

Ted (Josh Duhamel)

is Rosalie (Kate Bosworth) 's crush in the movie.


Rosalie's best friend Pete (Topher Grace)

is fascinated by her smile with multiple meanings.

Classic line:

Peter: "do you know she has six kinds of smiles?

one is that something really funny happens.

one is when she has a plan.

one is her impolite and presumptuous laughter.

one is when she feels uncomfortable.

one is when she is amusing herself.

there is another kind of. When she talks about her friends. "


& nbsp; "Strange fate on Ice" (1992)

(Interscope Communications)

what happens when a perverse figure skater

is with a former hockey player?

both of them have a bad temper.

although the former hockey player's skating skills are very bad,

, he is still irresistible to her.

Classic lines:

Doug: "it's more painful to be together than to split up."


& nbsp; & nbsp; "one Night Love" (1934)

(Columbia Pictures)

it's a clich é,

this film is a synthesis of "27 dresses"

meets "Leap year",

except that the leading actor is Clark Gable.

Classic lines:

Pete Werner:

"excuse me, miss, that seat is mine."


& nbsp; Valentine's Day (2010)

(new line)

A glimpse of the love story of Los Angeles City.

everyone will be surprised to see a

shirtless Taylor Lautner,

and from Jennifer Garner to Patrick Dempsey

to George Lopez.

Oh, and Eric Dane and Bradley Cooper

staged an interesting tangled story.

Classic lines:

Reid Bennett: "this girl. She's amazing!

she's like. Like a touch of sunshine.

as long as she is here, everything will be all right.

I can't stand some idiots bullying her.

I just can't stand it. I can't. "

  & nbsp; "he doesn't really like you that much" (2009)  

(new line film and TV production)

SMS, personal space, email, voice mail-

Drew Barrymore is correct.

there are so many things to record emotional experiences.

even before Twitter!

if the bestseller doesn't let you know whether

that guy really likes you,

then this star-studded film can help you clear the clouds.

Classic lines:

Alex: "you are the only one for me."


Sleepless in Seattle (1993)

(Bruce McBroom /TriStar Pictures).

before they email each other,

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan  find true love with the help of a radio talk show.

Find your favorite and it will remain its fashion look over time.