The murder of a female student in Tokyo | who will provide for the single mother who has lost her only child?

The murder of a female student in Tokyo | who will provide for the single mother who has lost her only child?

Just because we don't see a tragedy doesn't mean it doesn't happen all the time; if we see it, we should try our best to reduce the following tragedy in the foreseeable future.

in September this year, my mother and I took the high-speed train back to Shandong from Beijing. The high-speed railway is like this. It automatically matches your ticket according to the city where you get off the platform, so there is a good chance that you will get off at the same station, which means that the person sitting next to you is likely to be your fellow townsman.

when I went home in September, my mother came to Beijing to accompany me for some time. As the only child born at the strictest moment of family planning in 1992, it means that we can enjoy the love of our parents alone from birth. And the loneliness after growing up, also means that we can not have an accident, because we are the only parents, so they will be extra careful, they will tell you I don't want girls to go out alone, order takeout, don't write their real names, tear up the information on the delivery box, and so on.

on that train that day, we sat next to a mother of the same age as my mother. On the seat side by side, she looked at me, smiled, and talked to my mother, asking some questions that would be often asked after the '60s. What about children growing up in Beijing? Married? Oh, not married, don't worry. As a source of conversation, my mother asked her the same question. Would you like to come to Beijing to play or to see the children? The mother's next words surprised my mother and me. She said she came to Beijing to petition. She said that her son, who also works in Beijing, was born in 1989 and fled after being hit and killed by a truck driver on the highway without any surveillance video records. it has been nearly five years since she was alone, and every year she has been trying to find it. any clues to find the killer. "Let my son rest in peace" is now the only motivation for him to be alive, and it is also the reason why she can support her life at present. She is also a single mother who has lost her life.

the recent murder of Jiang GE, a female student in Tokyo, has been criticized by public opinion, which is understandable, but as a self-media, I do not want to bring any public opinion to comment, because justice is in the hearts of the people. There is a scale in everyone's heart about human nature, and everyone can see very clearly that many things in life have a lot to do with their original families. Seeing Jiang GE's mother, I can think of what a strong and beautiful girl Jiang GE is. On the contrary, Liu Xin, I will not comment. What can infuriate everyone has its reasons for lack of humanity. Because this girl had been less pretentious at that time, stood up the first time, sincerely admitted her mistake, and came up with an appropriate attitude to help Jiang GE's mother to deal with the real killer, and then the Spring Festival, or usually, to make up for the vacancy of Jiang GE to her mother, then she might not end up like this.

fear of being able to understand that human nature is selfish, and fear of life and death is always the same, but based on not being able to save people, should we make amends in time after making mistakes, or give a reasonable attitude? this is the question that should be explored. People make mistakes, but not all people take responsibility. This is the scar of tragedy.

seeing the interview of the situation, I very much appreciate Wang Ju's perspective as a professional media person, even in events where it is very difficult for us to avoid emotions and personal conscious tendencies, and try to be neutral as far as possible. let everyone understand and interpret it.

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about Liu Xin, I don't want to say anymore. She directly guided public opinion and complained about everyone's ruthlessness. She can no longer be described as selfish. In the final analysis, she is a giant baby who has no responsibility.

what hurts me is that in the seventh video of the situation, Jiang GE's mother recalled those moments of single childcare in front of the camera. I was deeply impressed because my mother was also a single mother. In Shandong, the preference for sons over daughters can be said to be very serious. I can understand the strength of taking care of children alone in her video, that kind of independent stubbornness and helplessness that can not be looked down upon. Therefore, I feel even more distressed about the feelings expressed in her video, which is the epitome of many single mothers.

because Jiang GE is her hope for her, it is not easy for a person to raise a child to the age of 25, and when she faces this kind of incident, her calmness, and her reason, and tolerance in the face of Liu Xin have gone beyond human nature. This is a very great mother.

in the video, I watched her go to Japan alone with her suitcase to sell her real estate, which reminds me of the aunt we met on the high-speed railway who was also the only one. It occurred to me that "letting her son rest in peace" is the last power to keep her alive. Jiang's mother should be the same now, but what if the final power is gone? It is hard to imagine that a mother who loves her son can do anything she can't think about, especially a lonely single mother whose child is her life.

but now the tragedy has happened. at present, it should be the time to constantly solve the problem. first of all, we should point to the topic. We should look for Chen Chifeng and let him be punished accordingly. Life is not something that can be fooled in this way. if Chen Chifeng does not get corresponding punishment, no one will cherish life and will hold a skeptical and casual attitude toward human nature.

secondly, who will provide for the single mother Jiang Giuliani? Or what can we do after the incident? I am a person who seldom follows hot spots. After thinking about it, I can post ordinary articles today as usual, but I want to help Mama Jiang do something. I think that I still have more than 1 million readers. If I can speak out rationally, maybe this is the only modest effort I can do as a self-media, that is, to try my best to help Aunt Jiang to collect that signature. And encouraged her to carry on bravely.

the aunt on the high-speed rail said that there is an organization for losing single parents in Beijing, which covers nearly 20 million lost parents across the country. Every time she goes there, she can get a trace of comfort from each other. Who will provide for the single mother who has lost her only child? Aunt Jiang never asked for anything, if Liu Xin could reflect on it. After that, she and her family can give an attitude with the last etiquette of being a human being, or she can treat Mama Jiang as a relative, the premise is sincere, not pretentious, and treat Aunt Jiang as a relative. With tenderness for the rest of her life, I think public opinion and Aunt Jiang will most likely forgive her.

Human nature is not bound by the law, but the morality of being a man should not be expected to be restricted.

I hope that this girl can be inspired by someone in her life, and she doesn't have any hope for her original family. After all, neither of her parents has learned the morality of human nature, and she has been imperceptibly influenced over the past 25 years. How can she learn at 01:30? We can't teach her at once, otherwise, she wouldn't have done such a thing, but we still don't give up hope. Maybe we should give her an exit to guide her for the better, and hope that in the end, there will be a thing like this. The best outcome.

understand that as an adult, evasion will only lead to bigger problems, and learning to face and take responsibility is the best way to solve the problem.