The "preference" that you can't feel is that you don't like it.

The "preference" that you can't feel is that you don't like it.

Never deceive yourself, whether in love or in life. Do not feel like, do not like, do not feel preference is not love. I hope you can understand: TA doesn't like you that much.

it seems that the older people get, the more they lose. Losing his childhood innocence, frankness, and optimism, he gradually grew into an adult wrapped in armor.

if there is anything that is acquired as you grow up, you may only have the ability to deceive yourself.

"he likes me."

"No contact is just that he is too busy."

"We will be together forever."


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Today I watched the update of the latest episode of "Heart signal 4". The man and Ma Zija are a cancer man who is hesitant about his relationship. (this seems to be a common problem of cancer men? At the same time, he was hesitant about the two girls, Orange and Xiao Kong, and everyone thought it was very abusive, but in fact, it exposed a very serious problem: in fact, this boy had a good feeling for both girls, but neither of them liked them so firmly. But at this time, the girls were already deeply involved, especially oranges. How warm Ma Zija was to her at the beginning, how cold she was now. It makes people speechless and finally makes the girls feel that it is their problem.

I hope men /girls in this situation will understand that TA just doesn't like you that much.

A preference that you can't feel is not loved.

this seems to be a problem that many people encounter in real life, and most people who are caught up in it don't want to admit that the other person doesn't like them enough and thinks there is a further possibility, so they will get hurt.

in the article a few days ago, I just said that the feelings of the little sisters around me provided me with too much material. Today, I have updated an emotional story in my material bank.

the one who was injured was the one who had the least emotional experience among the sisters of my best friend group. Her previous life repeated reading, postgraduate entrance examination, and doctoral education, but her personal emotional experience was as pure as a blank piece of paper.

there are always people who take pleasure in conquering white paper, and the little sister meets such a tasteless man. Out of righteous indignation, my words were a little sharper, but I didn't think the word "tasteless" had wronged the man at all. She was as enthusiastic as fire when chasing her, cold as ice after the home run, and the little sister had never seen the world before. How could she be in such a man's way?

but in the eyes of the little sister, the relationship is not worthless.

this was her first relationship, and that person was nice to her. They read Gu Cheng's poems together and walked under the stars.

the little sister regards this as a "retro love", because these days very few people take a walk with you and talk about poetry, so they are willing to hand over their hearts.

the simpler she is, the sadder I am. There is nothing wrong with her giving her heart, but that person is not worth it.

what saddens me, even more, is that what she saw in the failed relationship was her depression, and she kindly and cowardly blamed everything on herself. She made excuses for the man: was I not good enough, was I not making him feel new, and that he loved me.

she was tortured with no self-confidence, deceiving herself and others. Even after breaking up, she stubbornly believed that the man still liked her, just temporarily tired.

in the little sisters, I can't see the shadow of such a group of people who like to package a relationship so brightly that they ignore the rotten parts inside, just like sweet candy-coated but rotten inside.

what can I do? The sugar coating outside is really sweet, just like the memories of the past, but also like the false imagination in your head, even if it is a Bubble, you do not want to poke it out.

but actually, it's not that humiliating to admit it. In this bizarre world, it's normal not to be liked. Durian and snail lion powder are so delicious, aren't there still many people who don't like them?

never deceive yourself, whether in love or life. Do not feel like, do not like, do not feel preference is not loved.

I wonder if everyone has chased "you are my glory" recently, and whether they have been sweetly loved by Yang Yang and Dili Reba's honorable couple. In the play, there is a plot I am particularly impressed with:

Qiao Jingjing's ex-boyfriend Su Zong proposed to get back together with Qiao Jingjing at the party and apologized to her, saying that the video of her playing Masters was revealed on the Internet. It was revealed by his ex-girlfriend. "but because of this, his girlfriend has become an ex-girlfriend," he said with a "sincere" look on his face. " It was also mentioned that the last time I went to Qiao Jingjing's house to apologize for this as if it was a great gift.

he said he still liked Qiao Jingjing, but Qiao Jingjing could tell it was fake.

the time he came to apologize, more than a month after the video was exposed, it took him such a long time to remember to sympathize with the "victim." this kind of apology was on a whim, seemingly putting himself down, but condescending.

this kind of love is very empty, but on the other hand, Jade Rabbit's teacher is on the way, as long as he is with Qiao Jingjing, there will be stars in his eyes all the time.

maybe that's what I like. I can't cover it up or hide it. Like an iced cola in summer and a cotton-padded coat in winter, it's a state that you will feel very comfortable. How can you not feel it?

of course, I also admit that there are people in this world who are not good at expressing their feelings, and there are also patients who are "incompetent in love". The love they give should be like footprints in the snow and will soon be covered by the new snow. Gai, it exists, but it's hard to find a trace.

it's too tiring to fall in love with someone like that.

all in all, the people that little sisters meet are not in this category. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to be enthusiastic when he chased her.

my only regret is the fact that my little sister still thinks he loves her.

she must have liked that man so much that she decided to humble herself.

but he expressed it so bluntly. He is not sentimentally attached to you, as cold as ice, why do you put yourself down to lie for him, or even deceive yourself?

if you don't like it, there's nothing to hide, whether it's that others don't like you, or that you don't like others.

We have to learn to be honest with everyone and everything in life.

I hope my sister will get better soon and can go out for an outing with me. Forget all the bad mood, walking barefoot on the soft beach, the salty waves over our feet, the golden sun scattered down, leaving a silhouette on the beach, is a very comfortable taste.

then I will hug her: everything is over.