The small changes that quot; has made for you are all love that I didn't say. & quot;

The small changes that quot; has made for you are all love that I didn't say. & quot;

Have you noticed all these details?

yesterday, on the way home with a friend, the friend casually asked Xiao A: what kind of boy do you like?

I immediately turned around to see Xiao A. Before, Xiao A secretly told me that he liked me as a friend for a long time. I looked at Xiao A's face and blushed, and then said very calmly, "I don't have anyone I like."

there are many people, no matter how confident they seem at ordinary times, one after another, in front of the person they like, they instantly become very timid person. Try it carefully, afraid to reveal your thoughts, for fear that you can't even be a friend when you say something.

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before Kevin chased his girlfriend Amy, they were good friends.

during that time, he always mysteriously avoided Amy, which led Amy to think that there was some misunderstanding between the two.

only we onlookers know that Kevin is afraid of exposing his mindset in the face of Amy, He is also afraid of being honest with Amy. He is afraid that he will not even have a reason to contact him in the future.

it was only after repeated encouragement from friends that Kevin plucked up the courage to express his love. Amy complained angrily that day: you were always avoiding me and not answering my messages. I thought you hated me.

A lot of things I want to say, it's usually difficult for me to confess, like admitting my love for you in front of everyone and stuffing my head into the crack of the sofa. I don't know what this kind of behavior is called, or it could be a disease, a disease that makes it impossible for me to become real in front of the person I like.

once when I had a meal, my friend asked me, "you and XXX are a good match. He seems to like you very much."

I blushed and waved again and again: no, he's not my type.

there is a small voice in my heart saying: what bullshit, what type I don't like, I like it, I love it, I'm waiting for him to find you with my cell phone every night, and I read every word in his moments, and I don't like it.

but I can't help it. I seem to be such a timid person.

I am afraid that my enthusiasm will melt away in you, and I am even more afraid of disappointment. You see, in my relationship, I am such a timid person.

you know, I got up late this morning and sold out my favorite flavor in the breakfast shop. I missed the bus class and forgot to bring my headphones to listen to music. I thought I had bad luck today. As a result, you sent me a message after school that we would have dinner together. I think I must be the luckiest person in the world today.

you know, when I had dinner with my friends the other day, you sat in the opposite corner from me. You jokingly blocked it for me when they made fun of me. I saw you wink at me. You know, the glass of lemonade I ordered was so sour, but it was as sweet as honey.

you know, the night you took me home, I had been quietly watching you driving through the mirror. There was a section of the road where you slammed on the brakes and subconsciously put your hand on my arm, and my little heart tickled all of a sudden. I was laughing while you were focused on driving.

have you noticed all these details?

do you know all these things?

do you know that I like you?