The so-called sense of security is given to yourself.

The so-called sense of security is given to yourself.


A performance artwork I saw recently,

is lovely work from Bea Camacho.

many people say they want to laugh at first sight,

and then inexplicably become sad.

this person looks like a picture in different places.

wraps himself in knitting like a silkworm pupa.

indifferent environments, he does not speak quietly and

lasts about 11 hours to surround himself.

everyone sees this work with different interpretations.

some people see themselves, others see jokes.

some people see powerful loneliness, and

there seems to be empathy for this behavior.

that is, there is no sense of security in the crowd.

there are several sources of a sense of security in one's life.

the first kind is the emotional sense of security, which comes from a lover.

A relationship that falls in love with and maintains a relationship with a loved one.

this creates emotional dependence all the time.

the second sense of security comes from the body.

good health and peace of mind.

the third kind of sense of security, which comes from social relations,

does not offend or be hurt.

the fourth sense of security from income

has a stable income and can meet basic living needs.

I will tell you directly,

I am a special person without a sense of security.

Why? my friend once gave me a test.

there are several manifestations of lack of sense of security:

check the door lock. I always feel that the door is not closed properly. Once I reached the first floor, I just went upstairs and pushed the door. It was only when I was sure that it was closed that I felt at ease. It's the same at night. Before I go to bed, I must check whether the door is closed or not.

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subconsciously avoid. when I walk on the road, especially at night, I subconsciously stay away from what I think is suspicious behavior around me, and away from large cars and strange motorcyclists. Sometimes I hold on to my bag.

take a taxi in the back seat and by the door. I have hardly ever taken a taxi since I had the taxi-hailing app. However, no matter what kind of car it is, I habitually sit in the back seat, and I don't sit close to the inside. I usually sit in the back seat near the right door. It is not inexplicably worried about anything, but once beyond certain criteria, the heart will be very restless.

withdraw money and count banknotes. even if you don't count each other, you will secretly take a peek at a few pictures. Even if you withdraw three hundred yuan, you have to look down to see if there are three, just like ATM will make mistakes, superfluous worries, and worries.

turn on the Rest lights or wear an eye patch. I remember that when I was a child, turning off the light was a sprint drill quilt, so I just turned on a small table lamp. Anyway, there has to be light in the house, or I'll think about it. Let me stay in a room without lights. I think I'll just go crazy. Not to mention walking at night, I will automatically make up a lot of things. Once in Huairou with the group, walked for a period of the night, three people walked together, I was scared weak legs.

Rest tucks in quilts or hugs things. Yes, it's me. My quilt is never used to cover, but to clamp or hug, which also makes me feel safe.

clothes must have pockets to let go, and clothes must have collars. I don't usually buy clothes without pockets. Clothes with pockets are used to keep my hands when I am embarrassed. If the clothes don't have a collar, I feel like I've lost my neck, too.

likes people who are taller than themselves to stand behind. is very simple, because I am a woman. I like tallboys standing behind me, this feeling is that I will not be afraid of slipping.

but for people in their twenties,

emotional lack of sense of security is the most frightening.

when a person is at a disadvantage, he must be afraid of the other person having an affair.

this spiritual lack of sense of security comes from my lack of self-confidence.

I have a friend who complained to me before.

she is a very arrogant girl.

but when she met her boyfriend Lao Liang,

she felt that she was not good anywhere. She always thought Lao Liang would be taken away.

so she doesn't know how to dress.

this girl is always like this.

she becomes what kind of girl her boyfriend likes.

when I was a sophomore, I saw her dressed in a cool black leather jacket.

she became bohemian in my junior year.

the reason is that my sophomore boyfriend likes cool girls, and the junior boyfriend likes casual girls.

I warned her not to change herself for anyone,

and she was always in the game.

the day before yesterday she was sitting in front of me in a pair of white T jeans and Martin boots.

I said who likes this style this time.

she said, no one, I like it myself.

I said you figured it out.

she said,

Yes, a sense of security is given to me

I'm not going to please anyone anymore.


that's right.

Let nature take its course in the relationship.

is not too pleasing or cold.

keep proper distance and space, and

give each other breathing space.

this is the sense of security I can give to the other person and

is also the sense of security that I can give myself.

in life, I try to make money to have a sense of security.

I feel relieved to watch the numbers grow

because at least I have enough food and clothing.

rely on no one.

it is precisely because of the lack of sense of security,

that I always find a way to give myself a sense of security.

I never deposit the money I earn in the bank.

it's all in Baimi's wallet.

an Internet wealth management product

focuses on balanced innovation with security, convenience, and high returns.

the threshold is low, you can start to invest even 100 yuan,

let you never cry about poverty.

looking at the income of funds deposited every day,

there are ten barrels of fireworks blooming above my head.

there are not only earnings but also dividends.

it's time to have some financial acumen.

sense of security things like

feelings can't be given, money can be given.

now I get my salary on the first day of every month.

I put it all in Baimi's wallet.

enjoy a sense of security with a high-interest income.

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you'll meet too late.

remember that

the gift you give yourself

will always have a sense of security.

all reliable sense of security,

Don't count on others, they are all given by yourself.